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Third Wheel is OKAY
Third Party is not OKAY
But Third Wheelin'
While Third Partyin'
Y Rada Oct 2016
He told me that he loves you truly
And also he cherishes me dearly
As a friend or as a lover I do not know
I do not want to know –

He has great plans for the future you see
He mentioned to me his wonderful dreams
I do not know if it includes me or not
I do not want to know –

He visits me on Mondays and Thursdays
He said you deserve the weekends
Sundays are for family he told me
What am I then - ?
Chan Dy Jan 2015
It's been three months
since the very first day
you said "Hi." with a smiling face.

It was until three in the morning
and we're still up
talking about the most stupid things on earth
to most earnest matter
There's no inbetween

Three days have gone and past,
You are a rabbit hole
And i am Alice-
I fell
I know
I did

It was your three words that caught me off guard.
Little did I know,
It was a love shared by three.

instagram: @chandyspoetry
Alyssa Sunico Sep 2013
I walked the road closed off
With one who is pre-engaged
Absorbing the rays of sunlight
Listening to the chants of our conscience

You led me through with good intentions
Sliced away with a bitter malice
A walking temptation you couldn't pass
You shattered the barrier with your bare hands

In a moment the music seized
All that can be heard are the mumbles
The desperate cries of help
Shuffles of clothes being shed

A war of dominance over temptation
Not one giving into cries of pain
Friction towards the seduction of defeat
But there will be no surrender

After the signs of blue and red
Condensation of ****** heat
Wrinkled sheets of a ****** war
A silent deal to those unsuspecting relations

We went through the road together
Each step matched each other in gait
A knife on one hand while holding the other’s
It hasn't ended, it has only begun.

— The End —