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Maria Etre Apr 18
I feel like
I have lost
the battle
in a one-warrior
I used to only read factual books.
I gorged on their secrets about this world.
Fiction books only told of secrets in someone else's mind.
A glass door to a lonely fantasy world, forever closed.

But somehow I got caught up in my fantasies of you.
I read your favourite stories to understand your mind.
Now I wonder wistfully through a fictional abyss, longing for you.
And when this story comes to a close, you'll still be a glass door.

Forever closed.
Asher Jan 17
we don't match
we can't be together
please stop calling me a catch
we’ll never be “birds of a feather”

you can't please me
it's not "written in the stars"
i dont believe in destiny
but this sure as **** isn't ours
Asher Jan 17
we both gave our all,
or so i thought

an unreciprocated fall
where you prevailed
and i failed
Maria Etre Dec 2018
I broke
my heart beat...
I looked out
and saw the rain
SG Rose Nov 2018
Ensnared, tangled and captured
I swam into your fishing web
knowing good and well
You'd use my life to feed yours.
Maria Etre Jul 2018
I can make cake
make smiles
happiness too

I can make meals
heart beats
I can make love

I can make drinks
and poetry

but I can't
make you
amber Apr 2018
I'm drenched in emotion,
While you remain still,
Seemingly unnerved.

How are you sitting so calmly,
As my face reveals every nuance,
Of agony flooding my head?

Your appearance screams indifference.

In reality,
I have no clue how you feel.
AstralPotato Mar 2018
Not a love song
Not a sad song
Just words to express
Things I've tried to supress

Not a love song
Not a sad song
Nor any kind of song
Its a melody untold
Trying to rummage upon my old poems and found this
Idiosyncrasy Jan 2018
Listen when I tell you
Because it isn't at all easy for me to say
That I still love you
When you no longer feel the same.
Not another time.
Not once more.
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