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Lance Mar 2022
My heart always skips a beat
Each time my eyes find you
It's sweet
Yet I hope you knew

I love and wish to spend every waking day with you
How I wish you knew
Yet you like someone new
And no longer see me

Longing and hoping
To have reciprocation
But alas

You may like someone new..
The feeling in your chest that whenever you see that person you like but could never have. The smile in his face knowing you aren't the person making him smile. And lastly knowing that he is falling for someone else.
Ingram Jan 2022
All it took was one look from me
and you would have bent over backwards so easily.
I took advantage of the love you had
because I needed to fill a void so bad.
It’s true you knew how I felt for I wasn’t fooling anyone
but I still feel guilty for everything I have done.
I can see that you try and try and try
but this time you will have to tell me goodbye.
I will stop you from coming back and begging for more
because I need you to move on and realize you don’t deserve this unreciprocated love anymore.
Diana Santiago Aug 2021
I waited in vain for your validation
In hopes that maybe you’d see me
The way I saw you, beloved
Sadly, you viewed me like thin air

While I was mesmerized by your cappuccino skin
And the way your hair danced in the wind
You couldn’t give a **** about me
I was just one of many who looked your way

Even as I would ignore you in plain sight
I would beg for your attention in my head
But you only threw crumbs at me
Like I was some lost street pigeon

Keep your linty crumbs for someone else
The hell you think you are?
I am deserving of so much riches
Yet I feel like some vagabond
A Howell Jan 2021
to say the least
i’m a little confused
why i gave you

all of my nickels,

all of my dimes,

and every last penny,

but in return i get
nothing but a neon

because like your heart
this machine is out of order
xandra Dec 2020
every time i imagine your name
or your face,
or any daydreamt aspect of you
interacting with me,
instead of your name,
i will think,
"for what?"
and i think,
it's better this way,
~for both our sakes
xandra Dec 2020
was it how you made me laugh,
or how that laughter decimated
my sense of uncertainty
and lulled me into a temporary constant,
in my ignorance,
a real version of me
fell into a faux version of you.
xandra Dec 2020
there was
one version
of you
who wanted
a version of me;
it was only ever
in moments
like the one where
you let me invade your
the same way you wriggled your way deep into
my subconscious thoughts. there was
one version of you
who wanted a version of me
~but not the way that i wanted you to~
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