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Amanda Sep 24
I make the best of whatever life throws at me no matter how much it puckers my lips  
Tangy drops of nectar meet a H2O sea with a sugar beach and ice cube glaciers
Garnished as always with a bit of bitter zest and vioĺa! That's how I make Amanda's Unlucky Lemonade
Day 5 of the 30 day poetry challenge
Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the words lemon sour peel fruit round yellow citrus juicy ****
Amanda Sep 24
Sanctuary found
Support and recognition
Second family
I have been encouraged and appreciated more by these people than I have ever been by my own family. I love every one of my Roadhouse family members from Trisha the owner to Josh the maintenance guy and even all the foreigners and other workers who didn't make it to the end of the season and I am so grateful for the overwhelming love I receive there every single day.

Day 4 of the 30 day poetry challenge (because I was a day behind) write a haiku

Now I am caught up once again
Amanda Sep 24
Welcomed by Mother's well-meaning embrace
Touch tender as a trap could be
How could my poor mother know?
The path laid for her precious baby?

Naivety must have rendered her blind
To awful truths of this life
Pain is inevitable for everyone
No one escapes sorrow and strife

A happy bubble flourished years I was small
Raised a sweet girl who made her proud
Four members of a perfect family
Tucked in each night warm, safe, and sound.

Had riches beyond measure when I was young
I treated it like dirt
Ungrateful for blessings owned
I'd never experienced hurt

Time unwillungly thrusted me forwards
Stole innocent hours one by one
After that problems rushed swiftly in
Unappreciated happiness forever done

Heartbroken heaviness settled in my bones
Weight growing larger still as days go by
If mom had paused to really think her decision through
Would she have chosen to birth a daughter who would rather die?
Day three of the 30 day poetry challenge im trying to keep up with

Pick up the newrest book and flip to page 8. Use the first full ten words in a poem in any order and anywhere you like.

My words were: small sweet innocent tender young still unwillingly taken mother's baby
Amanda Sep 23
Working hard is what we do
Each day this place we show up to
Selling pie and pastries too
Wiping tables when we're through
That's just life for me and you
Day two of my 30 day poetry challenge: write a five-line poem to the last person you texted (or fb messaged in my case since i lack a cell phone)
Amanda Sep 21
Autumn is a subtle thief
Moseying in then out so brief
A swift taker of all things emerald and bright
No burglar alarm will keep safe the light
Daring to steal the warmth off your face
A cold Winter the only item left in Summer's place
This is my first poem for the 30 Day Poetry Challenge
An acrostic using the letters in your first name. Can be about anything EXCEPT you or your name.
Y Rada Oct 2016
I looked as you got out from the house
I was suddenly swayed by your manliness
So lovely and rugged in your checkered shirt
Dark beard so scruffy and muscles so rippling.

You slowly walked towards me like a panther
The birds suddenly sang ting a ling a ling ding ****
You slowly stretched your arms and whispered
Huh? But I cannot hear what you say, what is it?

Are you going to **** me at this very moment?
With just your looks you can but I beg you don’t!
You sized me up and down and I was scared but then
Thank goodness you are simply a Lumbersexual.

You opened the zipper of your worn-out jeans
Ooohh! What a huge “hatchet” you have there
You poured everything and I accepted silently
I cannot complain nor retreat for I am just a tree!
Day 6: Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest FB status update in any order.

My FB status is: "ooohh Lumbersexual is in the house"

Thank you lumbersexuals or urban lumberjacks. Why oh why was this my latest FB stat? Gaaaahhh..!! I tried my best tsk tsk...
Y Rada Oct 2016
Your name sounds like John Lennon
But you make my mouth water more
I feel giddy when squeezing you hard!
Day 5: Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, ****, juicy, peel, and sour.

I can't believe how hard this is hahaha! And this poem ***** - i know haha.
Y Rada Oct 2016
March for freedom my dear countrymen!
Let our love be spilled on our motherland
Our sweat and tears shall fall on her *****
Marks of our valor shall grow in its gardens.

Raise highly the red flags in our battleships
Waive the colors that symbolize our passion
Men, women and children stand up to fight
In unity we will sing our songs of freedom!

Drop the bombs of hope from our planes
To be discovered by the future generations
Their mouths shall be filled by our melodies
They shall enjoy the peace that today we fight for!
Day 3: Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

I took it from Agatha Christie's "N or M?"
page 8. “men on the battleships and in the planes and in…”
Y Rada Oct 2016
Oh dear cousin who is a sister to me
With a name sounds like a Marian nun
Who works for the poor, with the poor
But who is never ever poor in everything
Guide me with your kindness and affection.
Day 2: Who was the last person you texted? Write a five-line poem to that person.
Y Rada Oct 2016
Love is a horrible and terrible word
In war and peace do not bind the cord
Volatile and futile strings of golden discord

Dawn of confusion and occasional madness
And some dose of perpetual sickness
Wandering soul and mind in darkness
Never let it take the scales of your blindness.
Day 1: Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an Acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.
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