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Charles Vorpal May 2021
My stupid boy,
When you were young,
You charge forward
Towards what you thought
Was your dream

And now, silly boy,
You have grown,
Old and fat, but not up

You have now become
This sad, strange little man
You have forgotten what dreams are
Depleted of life and energy
You simply recharge nightly
Just to be exhausted again the next day
The only thing you charge now
Is you debit card

You dream no longer
For you have nothing to look forward
Your once youthful charge
Is now replaced by
A desperate march to the other side.
Esther L Krenzin Aug 2020
we are all born
with dreams that have a
expiration date
but some expire
before others

Esther Krenzin
I jumped on one foot
with a stone in my  hand
a smile in the eyes
and the wind in my lips

I walk on heels
in apparent balance
a lost child in the eyes
only silence in my lips
Hoodman Apr 2020
Walking through the dark wood
Alone , in the search of many answers,
Hiding his anger and face under hood
Holding his book full of chapters.

Eyes full of tears and regrets,
Looking at the moon with many questions
He is not afraid of danger but threats
Made him to go for different directions.

Heart full of broken dreams,
Soul with many fresh wounds and scars,
Sealed lips with full of pain and screams,
But it was all hidden by that hood he wears.
This is part one of MAN UNDER HOOD series...there are more which will be more interesting amd please follow like share and comment also ..
Thank u ❤
Danielle Jan 2020
Hunters come back to haunt
who doesn't exist,
his ghost is still penetrating
through her shallow mind,
for a thousand years of playing knives,
she left there, undesired.

She thought "that would be enough"
it would be his revenge or punishment,
her vial was empty but he was a bloodlust,
words could cut and anguish could be unbearable,  but tears will run dry.

The days turn into dust;
those memories she recollect
if he is seem to love again
maybe, she will find her faith
and her place.

She lost in darkness with broken dreams
she knew, it will only leads her to death;
Why do people keep coming back
on those things they left behind?
Sky Oct 2019
We had big plans
You loved me once
I loved you too
I thought you knew
It went away
I chose to stay
Until you chose
Gave up, I froze
I see a dream
You're nowhere to be seen
Your dad is there
He was a friend
Momo's there too
I miss them both but you
Who knew I cared
I think I'm scared
I had a family briefly
Thank you for sharing them with me
Sky Oct 2019
I'm done with you
You're done with me
There's not much more to say now, really.

I wish for you to now be gone,
Out of my sight,
Out of my heart.
LN Sep 2019
Happy moments
And Crazy lives ,
Cheerful days
And never ending nights,
Glittery eyes
And painted skies.

I hold onto them as strong as I can
I hold onto the skies and the friends and the man
For I know when I'll no longer see the dark
This all will fade away
Nd there won't even be a mark.
Dreams and fantasies make me a different person...... And when they break...... I come back to my bruised self to cry.
Amal Abdulwahed Jul 2019
Dreams are not only during sleep
But also in reality, its deep

Broken dreams are not meant to be
Maybe to set me free

Or to teach, but not to break me
The hope to dream again is the key

Staying like a dead tree
Is something i dont want to feel

Counting, one two and three
Witness the dream come true , is satisfying to see
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