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Brittany Hall Aug 2018
Stir me gently in your ***,
Be careful not to get me too hot.
Thick and creamy,
Oh so dreamy.
You can't deny,
You know you need me.
Juicy, red, strawberries to dip,
Or taste me from your finger tip,
Eat me quick before I drip,
And lick me off your guilty lips.
Pleasure, love, and satisfaction,
I expect no other reaction.
Äŧül Feb 2017
Oh Doughnuts!
Oh oh Donuts!!
Oho delicacy!!!

This is how I long for you,
To drop into my mouth,
To slide down further.

Long enough now it is,
Your sweetness lingers,
On my mind ever since.
My HP Poem #1411
©Atul Kaushal
Y Rada Jul 2016
My eyes are closed and yet
You delight my very senses
You are so soft and so smooth
Heavenly scent awash my soul
You are created solely for desire
Come and fulfill my cove of lust
I surrender to dark temptation
Fill me with your forbidden flavor
Oh Chocolate I will marry you!

— The End —