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Lauren Osborn Jul 2018
My head was against your swollen petals
My hands were through your thorns
Your cross was cold, against my chest
When my spine straightened, I could see the reflection of my hope in your eyes.
When your cross went down my thighs, it only made me realize that my hope may never die.
It was too bad you withheld my heart when it melted through your fingertips.
First hidden love with an older man. Written at 17 years of age.
Myka Jabagat Dec 2017
Quite a friend,
Quite a lover.
A secret hidden,
To bound forever.

Was it wrong?
Was it right?
For me to belong,
For me to hold tight.

Such happiness,
To you I only feel.
Every caress,
Feels surreal.

Don't wake me up
From this dream.
But holy ****,
We're at the brim!

So hold firm
And don't let go.
Do you feel the same?
Let me know.
For the secret lovers out there **
Jungdok Nov 2017
It's been 3 years ever since we met
It didn't come to me, that i'll love you till my last breath
'Twas a major revelation for me,

Not for you.

I have to love you secretly,  
Those 3 years i've been with you
My eyes still has the same look for you
Hidden in the dungeons of my heart
My affection for you,
I have to keep it forever,
I don't want to ruin what we have.
The time will come when everyone will know, and that's the time when, maybe, I moved on.
Y Rada Mar 2017
My feelings are stuck in my mind
If you have time to listen - be so kind.
You are unromantic is what they tell
But my heart knows no reasons why I fell.

You pass me by daily without a glance
A glimpse from you is one in a million chance.
My soul cries of craving for you - only you
Please Sir, hear my feelings oh so true!

Do not close the door of destiny on me
Open the ears of your heart and set me free.
I do not dare ask that you love me in return
Let me confess my emotions which brightly burn.

Your secret admirer
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
I have a secret I wanna tell you
But how can I? if it's all about you
This feeling inside of me
Makes me wanna scream because of so much misery

I started to close my eyes
Counting  1,2,3
If you'll hear it, will you walk away from me?

Please tell me this early
So that I can fix my mind clearly
That the feeling that keeps on beating
Will be forever in my heart, hiding
elizabeth Nov 2016
I'm falling down,
                                And I know not where.
                                  All I know is that
                                     *I'm glad you're here.
November 11, 2016
Lin Sep 2016
Hard to keep,
Even harder to let go,
You know it's difficult,
Yet you you want to stay still,
You keep denying this feeling,
Yet you don't know when to give up,
It's neither that you measure how strong you've been,
Nor to test your ability to love,
You know these words so well,
Its strike your heart badly,
But nevermind when you get to see his smile,
Cause all that matter is his happiness,
Even if it has to take yours forever,
It's a voice inside your heart,
That keep reminding you of him,
Keep reminiscing the warmth feeling,
And before you realized it,
You had been fallin' in love with him secretly, deeply, and uncontrollably.
Feeling so blue
emeraldine087 Jun 2016
Perhaps unrequited love
    is so much better than this--
This love behind bolted doors
    and peppered with midnight trysts.
Drunk with these stolen moments,
    you will never know my pain.
I’m just your ***** secret;
    Maybe I’ve no other name.
Isabelle May 2016
Secret love, are you there?
Please take me away from here
Secret love, my escape
Will you take me far, far away?
Secret love, are you there,
Will you answer my prayer?
Refer to Mayday Parade's song Anywhere But Here.
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