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Acina Joy Jul 18
We fill them with love, and love, and love—

then they are filled with love to share with someone else.
Cole Cummings Jul 10
She doesn’t want to hurt me,
But she’s already burnt me.
Flickered flame,
The sound of her name,
I’m undeniably attracted to the pain,
I wonder if I asked her to stay,
Against all odds would she remain?

Guess life’s too complicated,
Just us commiserated,
My thoughts not entirely sated.
I really wish we could have dated,
Remember apartment where it’s shaded,
Not all the feelings that I have are truly satiated.

I want to be there for you,
I just want to be your come through.
Help her learn to tie her shoes,
Like all good fathers should do.

But I’m a mess, you say you’re a wreck,
Something I’ve come to detest.
You say you aren’t enough, not the best,
But I think you are so much better than the rest.

You’ll never be alone, without a home,
This I’ve come to know.
One day your daughter will be grown,
On her own,
And the single tear will be shown.
That’s the life that you live,
The things that you did,
All for a kid.
The most important thing in the world,
There’s nothing more precious than
Your baby girl.
These poems are pretty much all i have left from keeping me from going insane.
Let her go.
You're draining the life from her.
Blood red, petals drift to the ground.
Finding stillness and turning to monochrome.

Let her go.
Slow and lazy.
Its barely there.
The world falls to stillness around her.
The inside of a glass tomb.
People will morn, maybe even you.

Let her go.
Your embrace is too strong.
You don't want her anyway, let her be free.
Controlling her doesn't fix you.
Controlling her won't make you love you.

Let her go.
She's fading to numbness.
A slow thud.
This isn't love.

**But this is loving you
Celina Apr 14
i am watching you play the piano from across the room
your eyes are shut, your lips mouth silent words
i see the melodies flowing through your body
your heads nods to the beat of the song
i hoped you wouldn’t notice
fiery brown meets icy blue
you smile kindly, i don’t
you are a taboo
you belong to someone else,
she is nice and kind like you are,
maybe she will be the love of your life,
i on the other side will be a silent admirer
you will never read this, i will never tell you
i am the quiet writer, you are the loud musician
i am thinking about you while you are thinking about her
a poem about love that wont be returned
Chelsea Primera Mar 2018
Blown away sorrows,
Seep through pillows,
Was I mad was I sad
When I came with no “hi”s
And left with no “goodbye”s

The place is close by,
But I walk back I drive past
I duck away to avoid pests of regrets

Never able to cut open
The memories endeared
In its own empty crust.

So I look toward future with lust
Afraid of the going back
Afraid of the circling into myself
Fastened into idealized past.

Nobody ever come back this way,
Nothing ever stay the same,
None ever let their sentiments sway,
Not my fights not my thoughts not my defeats
not even me.
i don't know. i always pass by this place where i used to know. i keep thinking of the people there. but for sure they will no longer know me. i was the quiet one.  
but how they embroidered the scenes of my memories....
jace Jan 2018
When I made the decision
    To say what must be said
        I found out my love
            Was already dead...
Endless Horizon Jan 2018
You can't love me
The way I want you to
The way that I do.
You can't look at me
The same way that I do
The way I steal some
From across the room
That sometimes you do too.
You can't hold me
The way I want you to
Because I want you to
Hold my hand
And my heart
With you to
Where I'll say 'I do'
And you'll say
'I do too'.
You can't love me
The way that I do
And you won't love me
The way that I do
Because you don't
Share my view
Or see things
The way I do
But now
I'm not
The only one
Looking at you
The way I do
And loving you
The way I do
And I know he can do
So much better
Than what I do
So stop pretending
Not to know what to do
Because you know
And I know too
That you should
Chase that feeling
Grasp it
Hold it
And cherish it
Before it bids
Chase it for me
My friend
Before he, like me
Gives up too.

You can't love me
The way I want you to
The way that I do.
But love him
The way he wants you to
And want him
The way he wants you to
For I know deep down
That you want him too.
how sad
Lunar Aug 2016
I borrowed the book you have been yearning to read, for you, on your birthday. I never returned it in the end, just to give it to you, that you may read it forever.

I bet you have been wanting to hear the lines of that famous book being said to you out loud, by the person you love.

Little did you know that everything in that same book, are the ones which I wanted to read out and say to you.
Another friendzone writing, as i wrote this for my friend when he still loves the girl from a long time ago.
Sunshine Girl Jan 2016
Can't you see that my white flag is folded up
And safely hidden within the recesses of
My deep gown drawer?

I didn't want to be rescued.....

And now, as you smile and you dog and you pine endlessly....
I smile and I fake as I wish it weren't me.

I wish it wasn't me who captured your heart
Who made your heart sing
Who stood apart

I wish it wasn't me who you chose to rescue
But that's just your fairytale
I'm helping you make true.....
Even though it makes me blue.
This ache is for you.
When someone falls in love with you but you don't love them back.....
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