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Jun 2022 · 482
Three Six Five
Y Rada Jun 2022
I must have touched the heavens today
It weeps for me as I remember you.
Sturdy mask hides a broken spirit
Numb heart embraces a crippled soul.
How many seasons do you have there?
I only have two: sadness and emptiness.
I cannot count from one until eternity
I just let my tears enumerate it for me.
They say prayers move jagged mountains
The pills don’t make me fold my hands.
I gained experiences in life but I lost you
How long will I wait to see you again?
Three six five days and counting…

Today is my mother's first year death anniversary. The death of parents is a wound that will never heal.
Jun 2020 · 133
What is Hope to Me?
Y Rada Jun 2020
Hope is that lonely star in the darkest night,

The golden *** at the end of the rainbow,

The sentinel whenever the past drags me down,

The invisible thread that connects me to life.

It was there when my dad was lying on the hospital bed,

It lingered when I saw him drew his last breath,

It was there when I knew of my chronic disease,

It was there when I learned that I had reproductive problems,

It accompanied me when I was on the operating table,

It was there when I almost lost my brother from stomach ache,

It embraced my mom as she tearfully praised the Lord,

It wiped away our fears and tears in each challenge.

I should have let go when it seemed distant,

I should have let skepticism and bitterness controlled me,

"But this is just a phase," I always murmured in haze,

Despite all of these setbacks,

As I battle with my own demons - -

When anxiety wants to marry me,

When insecurity wants me to be his mistress,

When physical challenges want to bind me,

When my faculty wants to ******* my soul's core,

When my spiritual tank is as empty as the blackhole,

When everything else fails in this world - -

Even if my own self is my enemy,

Even if the flames of pain devours my spirit,

Even if I have to eat muck to exist,

Even if I have to crawl on my belly,

I will fight just to grasp that light at the end of the tunnel.

by SanshiQuimbo (aka Yawina Rada)

This is written for @WP
Poetry's contest.


Jun 2020 · 87
Goodbye, Lolo
Y Rada Jun 2020
Ninety-three years seem long
But life is short -
How youth seems strong
But life is short -
How you love and give,
Life is still short -
How "is" a few minutes ago
Became a "was"
Oh, life is so short.
This was what I wrote last night, a few minutes when my grandfather drew his last breath. Although we thank God that He took Lolo
Jun 2020 · 290
Goodbye, Lolo
Y Rada Jun 2020
"Ninety-three years seem long
But life is short -
How youth seems strong
But life is short -
How you love and give,
Life is still short -
How "is" a few minutes ago
Became a "was"
Oh, life is so short."
I wrote this minutes before my grandfather died. It's sad that he went in this pandemic time. It's heart wrenching that we live on the same island yet separated by different region, province, municipality. So near yet so far. And we couldn't get into him and see him being burried.
Nov 2019 · 412
The Four Second Glance
Y Rada Nov 2019
I never thought there'd be the day,
That I'd be meeting your gaze.
It was accidental I'm pretty sure,
Swift like blinking yet so pure.

I've always admired you before,
Your skills make my spirit soar.
Now it seems you are so near,
Every encounter in my brain is clear.

I'm young and the road is long,
And she has your heart all along.
I'll keep my admiration for a while,
And lovingly watch you with a smile.
Y Rada Nov 2018
I was your admirer during college years
Discretely looking at you limping away
To your classes looking alone and aloof

One afternoon at the canteen, I blocked your path
You blurted something while I stepped back
Your words made me feel giddy and restless!

You graduated first and I grew up also
And I thought I forgot my silly crush on you
Until I saw you limping inside a mall - - -

There were romantic comedy movies in my head
I, the heroine and you the Hero - imperfect pairs
Strangers at the university and ended as one - -

But you had a girl friend, my friends announced
I smiled while looking at you limping away again
My prince was at last taken by someone else - - -

Today I learned from my BFFs that you are gone
An accident yesterday and proclaimed as DOA
You're so young at early 30s and I - - - sigh- - - - -

One of my regrets in life is not telling you about me
That I existed somewhere in your timeline on earth
I wanted to confess and yet was afraid and now this

I admire you secretly and now I cry quietly
Sadly, we only exchanged two words in this lifetime
It was at the canteen when I blocked your path

You said, "Excuse Me!" and I just stood there speechless.
I just learned that my ultimate crush in college died from an accident yesterday. I never expected that I would feel regret for not telling him that I admired him... And I never will... A pity really.
Sep 2018 · 359
Ghostly Love
Y Rada Sep 2018
Killed there
Invisible here
Heart beats no more
Yet still feels pain.
Jun 2018 · 301
Oh Goddess of Depression!
Y Rada Jun 2018
Oh behold goddess of depression
Embrace my being in your darkness
Breathe to me your life’s essence
That I may sleep for all eternity…

Guide me to become one with you
Let me be your ****** here on earth
Answer through silence and tears
Oh sweet goddess, hear my pleas!

I prostrate in your holy presence
I curl into a fetal position when sad
Take my heart away from the light
And smother me with your love.

I bathe in the muck of your existence
I eat nothingness but silver droplets
From my eyes, nose, mouth and heart
Take me – take me as your prophetess!
Jun 2018 · 317
One – Night Stand
Y Rada Jun 2018
We met that night at a bookstore,
We clicked right there and then
We exchanged kisses and body liquids
And then - -
You ****** me thoroughly on my bed
And I ****** you ******* the floor –
It ended - -
You left the next morning with a note:
“Had a great time with you last night!
Just call me if you need me.
Yours, Melancholy.”
To all melancholics out there.
Jun 2018 · 182
On the Shelf
Y Rada Jun 2018
How utterly unfair for some
Women to have many lovers
And sometimes at the same time
While women like me are placed
On the ******* shelves –
Dusty, dry and lonely.
bitter hahahaha!!!
Jun 2018 · 274
Y Rada Jun 2018
I courted myself many ******* times
And I rejected myself every time - -
hahaha i'm laughing while writing this..
May 2018 · 355
The God Next Door
Y Rada May 2018
You are a friend to other people but are You my friend?
You treat them with special care but do you treat me thus?
You give them all: time, love, effort but why do you give me little?
You say you love me truly or do you really love me?
Or do you love me because you want something from me?

I hear 'Dear Lord', 'Please Lord', 'Help me Lord',
'Forgive me Lord', 'I love you Lord';
And yet in reality - honestly you do not really care...
You call me when you are hurt, discouraged, failed -
Yet you do not think of me when you are happy.

Am I just a Genie or a Santa Claus to you?
Do you even like me -the "me" - the real me?
Or do you come to me because I am very rich?
Do you even believe that I am real and alive?

You cry when your friends hurt you
Yet you never recognized that I dry your tears -
You deny my attempts to bring you closer - -
It's ironic that you say I cannot understand what you feel - -
I created you in my own image, my strength, my love, my emotions, my prayers

When you feel that others do not love you
Remember - you turn away from me many times
And the feeling of unrequited love you have from others?
I oftentimes feel this one way love from you ...
It hurts, isn't it? That you love and they give back a little - - ?

I know the feeling....I do know the feeling...
But I love you even if you are like that...
I made this during the creatives session of Camp Farthest Out - local camp last May 12,2018. I felt that this was God's reply to my questions about unrequited love, friendship, etc. haha
May 2018 · 492
The Groomsman
Y Rada May 2018
I saw you at a wedding once
you're so handsome and slick
so cool with lumberjack looks
my heart flluttered with thrill

Y'never knew that I looked at you
from the corners of my spectacles
You are like a graceful panther
I would be willing to be a prey


I accepted my limitations though
your whole attention was on her
the bridesmaid who glittered
romance budded in the atmosphere

And I stood there to witness...
dedicated to that guy whom i saw at my cousin's wedding hahahahhahahaaaaa!!!!!
Feb 2018 · 1.0k
Bind Up My Hair
Y Rada Feb 2018
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you ******* my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
Jul 2017 · 362
Farm Girl
Y Rada Jul 2017
I am a farm girl or love to pretend that I am one

I graduated with BS Psychology degree in 2009

Yet worked in a retail company for many many years.

I dreamed to be a clinical psychologist you know

As I counted the stocks and boxes in the warehouse

And voided transactions at the check-out-counters.

I desired to help people on how to deal with life's problems

Yet I could not cope up with my own majestic failures

The reality hit like a truck when I did not pass the exam.

I wallowed in the mud of self - pity and bitter tears

As I planted those leeks, basil, onions, peppers and dills

And waited patiently for the babies to sprout and grow.

I sowed dreams yet I nurtured other things like nightmares

And I reaped unrealistic, unhealthy desires and I cried hard

What happened to those teenage aspirations that I had?
Jul 2017 · 334
Twenty-nine (29)
Y Rada Jul 2017
Is it twenty - nine an age really?
Seems many are afraid of it - - -
A last stand of something I guess

People tease mercilessly about it
Hanging on the cliff with one hand
And fall from the calendar in a year

Seeing the 2 before 9 brings anxiety
The number is kneeling and begging
for its life from a masked executioner.
29 here I come yohoo.. lels!
Jul 2017 · 985
One-sided Love
Y Rada Jul 2017
I loved you faithfully for years but you love another,
And told me to stop my feelings because it's a bother.
We were friends yet you chose someone else - - - her,
And said that she's the one,  the road to your forever!

Sometimes you held and kissed her gently in front of me,
I was standing there fighting hard to control my jealousy!
My eyes might flicker, my smile falter and my voice break,
Actions I could hide by sighing but feelings I never fake.

I wanted to shout to you "Please look at me and love ME!"
Or do something to set my emotions, my love for you free.
I wanted to run and passionately rain kisses all over you,
But as always white turned black and red changed to blue.

I am still here standing and that my heart isn't really aching,
Looking at you, I just only hear it  quietly and rapidly breaking.
You never knew that tears fall every night from thinking of you,
For despite all the pains you unknowingly caused, I still love you.
Jun 2017 · 7.3k
Niqab Girl
Y Rada Jun 2017
To the niqab girl whom I met in Cagaya De Oro City
You were in front of me as we waited in line for hours
We smiled first politely and then we began to talk,
We Shared different insights in almost everything:
Your face veiling practice in Islam fascinated me
My headcovering as Christian piqued your curiosity
Conversations turned to fashion, extremism, and Filipinos,
You saw my face and I saw your beautiful eyes
Yet we never asked each other's names or Facebook accounts,
We were different yet somehow we mirrored each other;
Different religions yet linked by passion to serve God
Different ethnicity and language yet tied by nationality.

It's been weeks since the Marawi siege and I think of you
Hoping that every niqab girl I see in Iligan is you
We were strangers that rainy afternoon of June 2016
Yet I grieve for your loss - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Words are not enough to comfort you sister of the stars but
May your Allah guide and protect you in these times
May my Jesus cover you with His precious Holy blood,
To the niqab girl whom I met in Cagayan De Oro City
Perhaps we'll never see each other again in the future but
Thank you for letting me see the beauty of cultural diversity
And that coexistence is possible if we have open minds
And living in harmony is attainable if we open our hearts.
1. May 23, 2017 the island of Mindanao is under Martial Law due to the siege of Maute  in Marawi City.

2. I never knew her name but I called her "niqab girl" every time I think of her. Despite the chaos in her hometown, I really hope she's alright...
Mar 2017 · 2.3k
Dear Sir,
Y Rada Mar 2017
My feelings are stuck in my mind
If you have time to listen - be so kind.
You are unromantic is what they tell
But my heart knows no reasons why I fell.

You pass me by daily without a glance
A glimpse from you is one in a million chance.
My soul cries of craving for you - only you
Please Sir, hear my feelings oh so true!

Do not close the door of destiny on me
Open the ears of your heart and set me free.
I do not dare ask that you love me in return
Let me confess my emotions which brightly burn.

Your secret admirer
Mar 2017 · 416
Y Rada Mar 2017
I am a woman...
Oh woe man!
Woman, I am...
Whooo man!
Woman, me...
Wow that man!
Mar 2017 · 341
He Was Available That Night
Y Rada Mar 2017
9:30 pm when my mom called me at work
Telling me to leave for a couple of weeks
My father had less than 5 days here on earth
Dying from pancreatic cancer...

I felt that the walls around me came closing in
I heard my spirit and soul got crushed into pieces
I felt the universe stopped for a couple of minutes
Yet I moved because my shift's till 10 o'clock...

I texted my buddies if they were free that night
I needed someone to lean on or cry on
I wanted someone to comfort me in any ways
None replied except "him"...

The one I secretly called my "Mr. Left" for years
Whom I confessed my love two years prior
Who didn't want my romantic feelings for him to grow
Who I stayed friends with despite his rejection...

"I'm at a nearby park just strolling," he texted me
My heart beat wildly with certain decisions to make
Should I go and accompany him around the city?
Should I accept the comfort he's going to offer me?

I closed the store and blinked back the tears
That starlit night I walked around the blocks in daze
Until I arrived at the park which he told me minutes ago
And then I stepped back and went inside a karaoke bar...

I sang in the darkness for two hours - completely alone
Pouring my grief, fears and heartbreak into nothingness
He never texted me again and I knew then that it ended
A Premonition of a dying friendship with him...

A person gets easily fall when he/she is vulnerable
My mother's words rang between the melodies
He was available that night yet I chose myself
To be with me, to be in touch with my own grief...

Soothing myself, "He would never understand anyway..."
Rationalizing, "I'd fall for him again if I did go..."
Better be alone and cry for many things in the night
Than to mistake his comfort as romantic love...
It's almost five years since that night. All along, I was right not to go to him then. A couple of months after my father went to heaven, my friendship with him died. And it really hurt like hell.
Mar 2017 · 559
An Act of Love
Y Rada Mar 2017
I fell in loved with you eons ago
You fulfilled my deepest fantasies
An ideal man in an ideal world
But reality hit me like a Tsunami -

Passion ... Obsession...

You honed me into someone else
I tried to understand you but I couldn't
Was this how to live in fiery hell?
Save me my guardian angels, please!

Artistry ... Madness...

All the colors in your mystery palette
And my eyes only registered red and black!
What have you done to me this time?
"An act of love" you chanted softly -

Life ... Death...

You wanted to capture my essence
And you buried me under the rose beds!
Blooming flowers made you think of me
Until your next victim came along -
Dedicated to all abused.
And to those women who died under the hands of abusers.
Y Rada Dec 2016
That Night…

That certain night I came to him with reverence
And I was like a goddess and he the worshipper
I accepted his offerings of passion not because
He was the sole pilgrim to my pantheon of love
But since I heard his supplications to cherish me.

My tears mingled with his just like our ardor in a cup
And we will drink it for many days and nights later
My soul and his were in cased in a time capsule
That both of us could easily open in the far future
To fill the lonely winter nights to balance our sanity.

Then I started to wish that summer would never cease
But the leaves started to fall hard just like my dreams
As I looked at him packing his things the next morn
He said farewell and went to war and to his people
But at least I was…

A goddess that night and my enemy was my devotee.
I was sorting and re-reading some of my contest pieces (short story) and a couple of sentences in "He was mine during Summer" caught my attention.

Although I didn't win (I just dabble at short stories just like my poems haha), I found it intriguing to make some of the sentences used in that story into a poem.
Nov 2016 · 3.3k
I Dreamed of You Last Night
Y Rada Nov 2016
My superman, my duke, my demigod!
Ahh your visage was absolute perfection!
"I'm in control, you're in my world now"
I chanted in my thoughts many times -

I approached you with so much confidence
Femininity was my golden armour
Seduction was my double edged sword
Slowly, lustily, hungrily - - - -


****! This dream was my realm
Then why was she here with you?
I gulped down my surprise because
You stared and smiled at me gently

"Oh, my prince charming" I thought
You nodded at me and said respectfully
"My fiance & I would like to order our lunch..."
I didn't hear you because I fell on a black-hole!

I suddenly woke up with tears on my cheeks
I didn't know which was worse actually
My dream last night about you and her or
The reality that you will never be mine - - -
Dedicated to all those who got nightmares like these instead of sweet dreams. Tsk tsk, dreams are supposedly our realms to be with the person we adore. But reality sometimes caught us - even in our dreams.
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
I've Been Alone for Too Long
Y Rada Nov 2016
more than 20 years in fact
more than 10 years without knowing
if someone found me beautiful or adorable
6 years since that first drunken french kiss
more than 14 years of people asking me
"Why? Why don't you have someone?"

I sent myself valentines card
I stole a single rose from a bunch
which my friends received from others
I begged for that piece of chocolate from them
wishing someone would hopelessly give me
a token of their admiration

I've been alone too long that I forgot
what if feels like to love someone passionately
to have a simple crush to make me feel giddy
to send someone love letters and confess
"I Love You even if you don't feel the same way"

I've been alone too long that I'm liking it
and feeling guilty to romance me, myself and I
and I'm afraid that I can't open up for another
because it's been too long now
or maybe it's too late already...
Dedicated to those single people...
the no boyfriend since birth
the no relationship for months or years
Nov 2016 · 755
I Am The End
Y Rada Nov 2016
I suddenly remember watching you
Sobbed heavily while praying for "him"
"He" - who broke your heart many times
The one who contributed those tears

I remember well the day when you told us
All the "what - ifs" on this earth and life
What would I say if you left him - forever?
I answered silently, "I am now one of them"

Those tears were a testament of pain
Of certain sacrifices a mother did
Clinging to something - complete family
And I never understood everything -

I sadly bathe in that pool of your eyes
Wondering if I would become like you
It was then I realized that dreadful curse
Which embraced you and your sisters -

I detested then - everything I knew
Of softness, of dependency, of letting go
My heart was a rock founded by your tears
I vowed never to surrender to anyone -

I would never ever let another hurt me
And I prayed that my womb be closed
That my heart be locked with no keys
That my body be frigid from any touch

Years passed and I am successful with that
Yet a certain longing creeps unto me -
I wallow in the pit of my own curse
But this ends with me - I am the end!
Dedicated to my mother...
You probably didn't realize that I saw your tears
and I heard your cries.
Thank you for being a wonderful mother
and I don't have the courage to become one.

Reading It Ends with Us by Coleen Hoover brought back certain memories that I wanted to forget.
Nov 2016 · 1.8k
She's Beautiful, Isn't She?
Y Rada Nov 2016
Her blond hair is thick and flowing
Like her voice which calms the senses
Her lips are red, pouty and kissable
Her figure is curvy yet proportioned
Her disposition is sweet, polite and kind.

And I am wrong, aren't I?
To let her captivate me even as a woman
Because you noticed what I said earlier
And she glanced back at you and smiled
And I let her take you away from me.

She's beautiful, isn't she?
That's why you made her your wife
And not I...
Oct 2016 · 1.3k
Third Party
Y Rada Oct 2016
He told me that he loves you truly
And also he cherishes me dearly
As a friend or as a lover I do not know
I do not want to know –

He has great plans for the future you see
He mentioned to me his wonderful dreams
I do not know if it includes me or not
I do not want to know –

He visits me on Mondays and Thursdays
He said you deserve the weekends
Sundays are for family he told me
What am I then - ?
Oct 2016 · 539
The Lumbersexual
Y Rada Oct 2016
I looked as you got out from the house
I was suddenly swayed by your manliness
So lovely and rugged in your checkered shirt
Dark beard so scruffy and muscles so rippling.

You slowly walked towards me like a panther
The birds suddenly sang ting a ling a ling ding ****
You slowly stretched your arms and whispered
Huh? But I cannot hear what you say, what is it?

Are you going to **** me at this very moment?
With just your looks you can but I beg you don’t!
You sized me up and down and I was scared but then
Thank goodness you are simply a Lumbersexual.

You opened the zipper of your worn-out jeans
Ooohh! What a huge “hatchet” you have there
You poured everything and I accepted silently
I cannot complain nor retreat for I am just a tree!
Day 6: Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest FB status update in any order.

My FB status is: "ooohh Lumbersexual is in the house"

Thank you lumbersexuals or urban lumberjacks. Why oh why was this my latest FB stat? Gaaaahhh..!! I tried my best tsk tsk...
Oct 2016 · 1.5k
About Lemons
Y Rada Oct 2016
Your name sounds like John Lennon
But you make my mouth water more
I feel giddy when squeezing you hard!
Day 5: Write a three-line poem about lemons without using the following words: lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, ****, juicy, peel, and sour.

I can't believe how hard this is hahaha! And this poem ***** - i know haha.
Oct 2016 · 998
War today, Peace tomorrow
Y Rada Oct 2016
March for freedom my dear countrymen!
Let our love be spilled on our motherland
Our sweat and tears shall fall on her *****
Marks of our valor shall grow in its gardens.

Raise highly the red flags in our battleships
Waive the colors that symbolize our passion
Men, women and children stand up to fight
In unity we will sing our songs of freedom!

Drop the bombs of hope from our planes
To be discovered by the future generations
Their mouths shall be filled by our melodies
They shall enjoy the peace that today we fight for!
Day 3: Find the nearest book (of any kind). Turn to page 8. Use the first ten full words on the page in a poem. You may use them in any order, anywhere in the poem.

I took it from Agatha Christie's "N or M?"
page 8. “men on the battleships and in the planes and in…”
Oct 2016 · 390
Maria Joyce
Y Rada Oct 2016
Oh dear cousin who is a sister to me
With a name sounds like a Marian nun
Who works for the poor, with the poor
But who is never ever poor in everything
Guide me with your kindness and affection.
Day 2: Who was the last person you texted? Write a five-line poem to that person.
Oct 2016 · 321
Y Rada Oct 2016
Love is a horrible and terrible word
In war and peace do not bind the cord
Volatile and futile strings of golden discord

Dawn of confusion and occasional madness
And some dose of perpetual sickness
Wandering soul and mind in darkness
Never let it take the scales of your blindness.
Day 1: Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an Acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.
Oct 2016 · 441
Six Packs
Y Rada Oct 2016
My heart flutters wild
When I gaze at your six packs
**** your cigarettes!
Day 4: Write a haiku (a three line poem where the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables). Haikus are often about nature, but yours can be about anything.
Y Rada Oct 2016
No matter how painful they are


At least you are there
To inflict emotions on me.
Y Rada Sep 2016
And all the journeys I made were worth it:
The offerings to the Gods above
The whispers to the Gods beneath
The curses to the humans on earth
The idolatry of my heart to others
Fornication of my dreams with impostors
Robbery of my hopes from other couples
Almost ****** of the thing called "love"

You awaken me from the slumber with a kiss
Tears cascaded as your lips brush softly
But the silver droplets belong to you
"Why are you crying?" I asked of you
"I thought you were lost to me" you reply
If this is what it feels to kiss you my love
I will hold on for another decades for it
I will endure another 500 years of waiting
Sep 2016 · 720
Little Game with God
Y Rada Sep 2016
I put little folded papers in a jar –
Yes and No in minute scribbles
Let the game of human and God begin

Will I marry in the future?
Shake! Shake! Shake!

My heart flutters in anticipation
Surely a Yes will come out
Let my supplication be answered


Another round with the same question.
Shake! Shake! Shake!

Hope still embraces my beating heart
This is still the second round
Chances of having a Yes is great


Another round for “Will I ever marry?”
Shake! Shake! Shake!

I am anxious now for the next result
Third is the final answer
But I want to experience love.


Oh, let’s play again Lord next year.
Y Rada Sep 2016
I told you I didn't do anything wrong,
Yet you believed their lies all along
I was the love of your life remember?
You promised to cherish me forever.

One mistake - and not even on my part,
Tales told viciously just to break my heart
I was on my knees on that 23rd of July
I begged you to listen to my soulful cries.

What did you say on that bleak rainy day?
That I cheated on you and I must pay
Again You never wanted to see my face
And You would never offer a saving grace.

I accepted your harsh decision in blind tears
My heart bled from your punishment severe
I bowed my head not in shame nor regret
I had no dues to pay nor did I have debts.

Years passed and we met accidentally in a store
Your look of shock or surprise I just ignored
I pretended that I never saw nor heard you
But my heart beat faster for you oh so true!

Two years I suffered in silence and fears
Clinging only to my twin boys oh so dear
Proof of our affair to you was suddenly revealed
My pride won, I've my sons from you to shield.

Tell me frankly, what did I ever do to you?
You have your eyes set on me to pursue
Grayish pupils which always left me on trance
Now, You are asking for a second chance?
Sep 2016 · 870
Y Rada Sep 2016
Dear Lord,

I know you know by now the news -
I did not pass the board exam
You made me feel that I did -
I dreamed I was on top six
Was I a fool to dream and believe?
I actually never made it
The peace felt before the results
The calm before the storm
All successes are from You
And failures came solely from me
And it's all my fault.

I just received the news that I did not pass the licensure exam.
Aug 2016 · 1.7k
Beautiful Stranger
Y Rada Aug 2016
I sat by the window side at the bus
And ate some chocolate cake with gusto
Headaches from last night's partying
And suddenly I dozed off while eating

How strange...

Someone tapped me on the shoulder
I ****** and opened up my eyes
And saw you with your gentle smile
My face with smudges of chocolate

How embarrassing...

You asked if the seat beside me was vacant
I nodded unable to speak for shame and fear
Of opening my mouth full with chocolate cake
Too conscious how my teeth would look like

How pathetic...

Side by side, hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder
Instantly felt the warmth of your smooth skin
You glanced at me and smiled again very slowly
My cheeks were blushing of my indecent thoughts

How pitiful...

You asked softly if where my destination was
I answered politely afraid of looking directly
Too distracted by the musky scent you have in you
I wanted to ask what perfume you were wearing

How awkward...

The journey was tediously long and I had hangover
We sat there for five hours in companionable silence
But my insides were screaming with excitement
By your mere presence, I felt I was safe and sound

How weird...

"Excuse me sir, may I pass?" I nudged you respectfully
Your eyes widened a little bit and nodded in silence
I got off the bus and stared as it continued on the road
Regretted that I never even dared to ask for your name

How hopeless...
Dedicated to that beautiful stranger who was my seatmate at the bus. He was really handsome, with beautiful eyes and wonderful smell. One of the things I regretted in my life was I never asked his name. And four years later, I still wonder about that 5 hour drive.

I know I will never meet him again.
Aug 2016 · 940
Looking Glass
Y Rada Aug 2016
You’re terribly and dangerously wicked
With a pair of wandering lips and hands
Journeying towards my centremost being
You laughed as I flinched at your touch

The looking glass was our sole witness
As your ******* discovered well
From above the hood unto the entrance
Wet and slick with juices of my passion

Your hand journeyed back and again
To the very top and flicked the bud
I whimpered as you repeated the deed
Until I squealed, “Whoooo! Whoooo!”

You ceased and I got frustrated
But with your other hand you spread me
That rakish finger explored again
Focused on tapping the bud til I cried

“You enjoy that?” your eyes met mine
I looked into your reflection and sighed
“Give me more” I breathlessly begged
You kissed my nape and replied, “Alright”.
Aug 2016 · 863
I Met You at Last
Y Rada Aug 2016
Hello, how are you? I’m fine thank you
What? Oh yes, this is our first meeting
I’m amazed how destiny plays a trick
My friend is lucky to have known you
And you’re blessed to have met her too

But you’re a sly one if I may say

I heard that you had plans hand in hand
You know those building futures together
Flowers she wanted to use for decorations
Red shoes she desired to catwalk the aisle
Kisses she wanted to plant on you daily

Castles in the air that’s all she has now

I want to be bold and shout at you mightily
How can you leave her without saying goodbye?
You’re jilting her at the altar of her dreams
My shoulders are stiff from her silent crying
I want to be angry with you but I know I can’t

You’re there lying peacefully in your coffin.
Dedicated to one of my best buddies. She called up 2 days ago and broke the news that her boyfriend (perhaps fiance) died of cardio pulmonary arrest secto pneumonia. It was all sudden. She's still 28 and he is not 30 yet. I never met this guy but I believed he was a good one because he made my friend happy all through out their relationship (more than 2 years).
Jul 2016 · 1.4k
How You Like Your Fruit
Y Rada Jul 2016
You are so **** and hot to look at
When you gorge on that strawberry
I remember the time you showed me
How you like your fruit to be -

You licked it making sure it’s wet
I gasped when the coldness hit me
You nipped and peeled the skin gently
My ***** heaved wantonly at the touch
You ****** with ardour all the juices
My mind ran havoc not knowing what to do -

You stare and wink at me naughtily
That devilish grin now you just make
You know that I recall what you did
When you tasted and I was your fruit
Jul 2016 · 3.1k
Y Rada Jul 2016
Please scratch it
Slowly tickle it
A Lip bite
What is that?
Do not stop
Do it again!
Jul 2016 · 946
My Galactic Lust
Y Rada Jul 2016
I ****** towards the universe
Expecting a big bang theory
Your milky way is protein rich
And I slurp it with great relish.

Am I already in heaven now?
I see music, I hear psychedelic hues
You slam against my Andromeda
My solar system burst in flames.

After eons and all the light years
I have reached the pinnacle of cosmos
But I will be back again and again.
Jul 2016 · 952
Y Rada Jul 2016
My essences are stirred by different levels
Welcoming me to the barred desires
Animalistic urges calling through the night
The world inside me awakens during full moon.

I am letting all forbidden in all orifices
Soul of rationality is despised in the moment
Guided by scents and pain and numbing pleasures
Beyond the breaking point of a woman’s capacity.

Seeing redness to whiteness into blackness
Oozing liquid of passion on the physique
Questioning the saneness of the activities
No known other emotions but hedonistic feelings.

Not just one or two but three to five
Pushing me to the limits of hell and heaven
Pulling me up through the veil of my tresses
Waxing me with unknown or poisonous berries.

The human in me denies any strings to normalcy
Slaving myself to reach my very own end
Submitting to any lustrous worldly position
Monsters are claiming my very life and spirit.

Coaxing me to release any hidden thoughts
Marking me with words and unclean actions
But the breath of me acknowledges no light tonight
Tasting an overflowing cup of the abyss frees me.
Jul 2016 · 1.8k
Will You Still Love Me?
Y Rada Jul 2016
Will you still love me
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still say that you adore
and cherish me forever more?

Will you still kiss me sweetly
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still comfort me in embrace
and in your arms I find a safe place?

Will you still hold my hand gently
with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still give me white roses
read silly notes while bumping our noses?

Will you still want to have a baby
even with my special disease: Hepa B?
will you still be my man in the future
and love me even if there's no cure?
**Dedicated to all victims of this silent killer: Hepatitis B.
May God give us strength from any pain..
May Jesus' name shall reign forever in our hearts...
Life is still beautiful..**
Jul 2016 · 2.0k
Oh Yeah!
Y Rada Jul 2016
wet and wild
a sticky ride
heat hot heat
tickle hurt tickle
burst white flame!
Jul 2016 · 807
Chalk – oh – Late!
Y Rada Jul 2016
My eyes are closed and yet
You delight my very senses
You are so soft and so smooth
Heavenly scent awash my soul
You are created solely for desire
Come and fulfill my cove of lust
I surrender to dark temptation
Fill me with your forbidden flavor
Oh Chocolate I will marry you!
Jul 2016 · 563
Ten Years After
Y Rada Jul 2016
I was a flower starting to bloom, curious on life, wanting to love, starving to dream of worldly and unworldly things. The little girl inside me was dancing with glee as I waited to be eighteen. An age to be an adult.

I wanted to be free.

My flower withered in these ten years past. I wanted too much of everything yet I never saved anything for myself. I gained something and I lost a lot. I reached almost the peak and here I am back at the beginning.

Freedom has its responsibilities.
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