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Zadkiel Oct 2020
There are many things in this life
that you may
and the synonyms of such

But bear mind,
That which the Gaia is unfair
for us man
do not always have a white salted beach,
but bear in mind, which is subjective

For even if life gives us
the orchard
the farm
the tree that has been passed down
as life;
we are but just one moment
one moment that makes us wonder

"why is life such a big bruh moment"
Anita Sep 2020
Smother the Smoldering flare inside.
Simmering, Seething ***, kettle scorched black.
Subside wrath, suppress anger, succeed.

Be still.

Coldness, chilling ice, constant hush.
No thoughts, no collateral damage.
Control it. ||How can I help?||

Space, slight, broad.
Inexhaustible darkness with few stars enticed.
Burning, ashes caught in the back of my throat.

Shhhh. ||What are you feeling?||

Boundless frost
Desultory embers.
Be nice, be kind, breathe, exhale.
1, too, 10.

Go to sleep.
We all cry from time to time
In between sheets and behind our eyes
When the heaviness of everything weighs on our minds
We scream out in agony these very lines:
How could the world be so unfair to me
When I was born a baby with nothing to share or bring
Yet it placed its weight down on my bare skin
And gave me the sharp end of all it has to give
And while I haven't yet cause any sins to be punished
It made it its business to show me whats ugly
And even though there are those who suffer much deeper
Pain than I have ever come to witness
I know that there are those living abundantly
Who have done things thats deserving of this suffering
I may be no saint but I am no demon either
So lift up your reigns and give me my freedom
When things feel unfair to me and I suffer more than any suffering I've caused. I remind myself that sometimes you're just unlucky
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2018
I'll **** my own pride
to go on this fairytale ride
to become a distressed damsel
to live a life stable

There are no fancy knights alive
no one teaches them what's right
we'll be waiting half our life
then proceed ahead on our right

Little late on this race
there is not enough space
running knowing no better
getting a place whenever

The world not shy to show the unfairness
same status, more the less
crowning someone else the royal prince
it has this same ending long since.
1st persona
Inequality is good, a wise friend once divulged
It was a good thought that has a hint of truth
Why? I asked to uncover its mystery
The he replied and informed me gleefully
2nd persona
Perfect liberation is too far to achieve for foolish men,
In the present time I witness what I believe
Blissful faces all around and its probable not their last
And ain’t we living now in an unequal world with future to trust?
1st persona
I ask, but what about those people lamenting in the dark?
2nd persona
I’m sorry to tell you bro, in a senseless quest I won’t embark
Isn’t it those happy people the cause of their misery?
Which we are a part of, this is ours and that is their destiny

Of course I won’t impede your stance in this matter
I believe you ain’t too foolish with your freedom and liberty
It’s just that some people get what they want on a silver platter
While some work their ***** of just to receive their miniscule pay
1st persona
I understand my friend that harsh verity
2nd persona
Harsh? Yeah to some people it is full of cruelty
That’s why they want to overturn the norms, the world’s ethos
I admire their courage but that is a matter I don’t intend to poke my nose
1st persona
Speaking of unfairness, I have a thought of mine
Why do people complain of what is absent
When compared to others they have a lot present
Is it because man's greed knows no confines

And some people grumble about their problems that  
When compared to other's crosses are just shallow vats
2nd persona
If it is what you said then what use is contentment?
And the second problem’s just like a game in my discernment

Level by level we are differing with every other
It is by which our environments determine our given attitude
A level one complains to a level seven, a higher number
And a level ten complains to a problem of greater magnitude

By which sometimes the level ten see level one in annoyance
For how lucky he is yet grumble of his misfortune
See, its just a matter of perspective and vision
Now why are you looking at me in askance?
1st persona
Your logic has something wrong, I’m just pointing out, not debate
Why can’t a level ten, over a level 1 problem, grumble?
For its just a matter of perspective as you did articulate
And if it is the case then what use is the level of the people?
2nd persona
Hahaha, you got me right my friend
My view is flawed as I am
Please do share thy thoughts so all this will end?
For we have talked till the cows to home, come
1st persona
My friend, I dare not belittle the view you conceive
For I think it has a hint of truth, even though with a flaw
You have a wisdom that exists only on a chosen few
So let me add a bit of my subjective perspective

The great may whine of a small barricade
The lesser may smile to the towering obstacles ahead
In every individual there are many factors of multitude
This is what you have missed, the peculiarity of humans

Not just discernment,
There is also temperament
We not only have perspective,
There is also attitude that we give

Many matter in life, I thus conclude my statement
2nd persona
So that’s it! Thank you for the enlightenment
Those factors really do affect our actions
As long as we are humans, there are no exceptions

To persist, to cower, to grumble, in traversing the rain
To take it easy, to seek help or to accomplish it on our own
Despite all these choices, one truth remains
That in life we most likely will reap what we have sown
Sleepless nights and alcohol
Prolonged days on caffeine and adderall
Running too fast
I'm out of breath
I sit down to recollect myself
Ponder about death
I swallow a breath of fresh air
And think to myself life isn't all that fair
We live to die
And die to live
As I sit there
I realize life is about what I give
I continue about my days
Sometimes I dwell about my thoughts in a negative haze
I destroy all aspects about the world up until this time
And create a new world
A world in which I shine
Duality is essential to the way I live
A black pool of space
Five shining stars thus take that place
A never ending cycle of give and take
A world that isn't fair
And that's more real than it is fake
G A B R I E L A Jul 2018
It is curious
that the most wonderful of all
last so little.

When the caterpillar blooms
and begins to revolutionize the world
casting small light to endless darkness
dark haze absorbs the glow into nothing
and the butterfly cycle comes to an end.

There is a small amount of spark
deep down in the nothing
that not even the rulers of this world expect
but with the courage of the soul
another butterfly will burst to life
and rattle the darkness.
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