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Thomas C Sep 14
Wandering through the days, searching for our fulfillment.
Upon the day we find the object that has no limits.
To describe the object would require the observer to see it’s entire life. Yet the object does not discriminate and absorbs time.
Slowly it fades from reality.
Until the memory confuses fantasy for reality.
Amanda May 8
I am standing here in front of you
Yet somehow one step behind
Maybe I did not really catch up
Though eyes are no longer blind

Now that I am gifted with sight
Burdened by what I see
Small details I never noticed in the past
Leap out at all angles screaming at me

How I wish for my eyeballs to be extracted
Each shifting day they cause more pain
Was I happier living in darkness?
Found that light shed only burns my brain

If I had known the accuracy of the phrase
"Ignorance is bliss"
I would not have worked to find the truth
Would have never wished for this

I've been told the truth will set you free
Sometimes it also weighs you down
Sets the wings given on fire
Or tears them off so you crash to the ground

All I asked for was to know you
Who you truly are
I will love you deeply until the day
You forget each tear and scar

You only have shown me fragments before
Now I understand why you concealed the rest
You may have a lot of broken parts
But to me you'll forever be the best
I would go back to ignorance if I could go back and choose without realizing what the bliss I had was. But I could never pick happiness over knowing the truth or reality of any situation because if you dont know what is really happening  in your life then none if those positive emotions are even real are they?

They certainly feel real before the illusions are stripped away..
jcl Apr 1
How would it be if something hideous was precious?

What if you find out now what was concealed then?

Zell Oct 2018
As my heart kept losing over my brain,
I am rather more tempted to feign.
To act as if i do not feel much,
Though sometimes i long for your touch.

But be still, my dear.
Through time you'll finally hear.
For these words to which my lips are sealed,
Are feelings need not stay forever concealed.
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
Amy Lawson Jul 2018
Outside, facing forward,
Eyes glazed yet looking onward.
Hands move constantly,
We’ve lost ourselves emotionally.
Look onwards to a bar,
Lost myself in the backseat of a stranger’s car.

This height I reached through substances,
I was told to avoid.
Yet using them to comfort me,
To fill the empty void.
On the phone seeking empathy for strangers,
Yet finding instead a treasure trove of dangers.

Depression isn’t skin deep,
We are all waiting for something more.
More than the shadow that looms overheard,
More than this feeling that ties us to our bed.
More than snapchats,
The mess in our flat.
More than feeling hopeless,
Thinking maybe we should hope less.

People tell me that I’m fine,
It’s all in my head.
Yet sooner or later they will see,
The happy me is dead.
People tell me that you’re fine,
Yet inside you are dying,
Of an illness they refuse to see,
All because of what is said,
About seeing to believe.

A chemical imbalance has somehow unbalanced my feelings towards art,
This meadow of colour,
Was a thing to be admired,
But now a dying flower represents my heart.
A small mistake I used to see as a trip, a mistake, a fall.
Yet now a mistake make makes me question,
Am I good at anything at all?

Because Depression isn’t skin deep,
Our hearts are on the floor.
Before we face our final sleep,
We must find something more.
Depression isn’t skin deep,
Something we can ignore.
We’re chasing happiness,
Like lost sheep.
No this depression goes right to the core
A Personal Poem of reflection. Hope some of you recognise the message and emotions conveyed!
Gray Jun 2018
I scooped up a shovel full of dark brown dirt.
The midday sun beats down causing sweat to drench my t-shirt.

Soon this will be all over, right?
I guess i’ll feel more at ease when it becomes night.

Another scoop of thick hard soil.
With each motion i feel my burning arms recoil.

I cannot believe i got myself into this.
This is something I’ll definitely never be able to dismiss.

Is it wrong that I am barely feeling guilty?
I think i’m more concerned how my clothes are so filthy.

I roughly once again dig deep into the earth with a large amount of force.
Perhaps there will be one day where i’ll finally feel remorse.

Finally the hole is covered.
Fingers crossed that it doesn’t ever get discovered
Amanda Jun 2018
Could you believe me?
I try to never lie,
I am just not ready
To give up and say goodbye.

You act like you hate me,
But I am so confused,
I do not know what I did,
To cause you to feel used.

I am sitting in Math,
Thinking about me and you,
Figuring out how to fix your heart,
I have no clue what to do.

I have asked everyone,
Why you're upset and mad,
But they do not know,
Help me stop you from being sad.

Please will you explain why
You suddenly want to go?
Ease this constant pain inside,
The heartache concealed below.
K Balachandran Mar 2018
keen eyes scan around,
for the mystery concealed;
unseen but right here!
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