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Y Rada Sep 2023
BER months are moving fast
Making me remember the past.
Never thought August would fly by
Easily disposed making me cry.

Wherever you go, whatever you do
You won't know my heart is with you.
You were the light at the end of the tunnel
Yet you doused the flame - so cruel!

Loving you quietly but my eyes are loud
Your success always makes me proud.
You said we will always be friends
Yet you left me hanging dry in the end.

Adieu, farewell, so long, goodbye
Don't come back even if you try.
I love you still but I won't be here
In silence, I kiss you and dry your tears.
Y Rada Jun 2022
I must have touched the heavens today
It weeps for me as I remember you.
Sturdy mask hides a broken spirit
Numb heart embraces a crippled soul.
How many seasons do you have there?
I only have two: sadness and emptiness.
I cannot count from one until eternity
I just let my tears enumerate it for me.
They say prayers move jagged mountains
The pills don’t make me fold my hands.
I gained experiences in life but I lost you
How long will I wait to see you again?
Three six five days and counting…

Today is my mother's first year death anniversary. The death of parents is a wound that will never heal.
Y Rada Jun 2020
Hope is that lonely star in the darkest night,

The golden *** at the end of the rainbow,

The sentinel whenever the past drags me down,

The invisible thread that connects me to life.

It was there when my dad was lying on the hospital bed,

It lingered when I saw him drew his last breath,

It was there when I knew of my chronic disease,

It was there when I learned that I had reproductive problems,

It accompanied me when I was on the operating table,

It was there when I almost lost my brother from stomach ache,

It embraced my mom as she tearfully praised the Lord,

It wiped away our fears and tears in each challenge.

I should have let go when it seemed distant,

I should have let skepticism and bitterness controlled me,

"But this is just a phase," I always murmured in haze,

Despite all of these setbacks,

As I battle with my own demons - -

When anxiety wants to marry me,

When insecurity wants me to be his mistress,

When physical challenges want to bind me,

When my faculty wants to ******* my soul's core,

When my spiritual tank is as empty as the blackhole,

When everything else fails in this world - -

Even if my own self is my enemy,

Even if the flames of pain devours my spirit,

Even if I have to eat muck to exist,

Even if I have to crawl on my belly,

I will fight just to grasp that light at the end of the tunnel.

by SanshiQuimbo (aka Yawina Rada)

This is written for @WP
Poetry's contest.


Y Rada Jun 2020
Ninety-three years seem long
But life is short -
How youth seems strong
But life is short -
How you love and give,
Life is still short -
How "is" a few minutes ago
Became a "was"
Oh, life is so short.
This was what I wrote last night, a few minutes when my grandfather drew his last breath. Although we thank God that He took Lolo
Y Rada Jun 2020
"Ninety-three years seem long
But life is short -
How youth seems strong
But life is short -
How you love and give,
Life is still short -
How "is" a few minutes ago
Became a "was"
Oh, life is so short."
I wrote this minutes before my grandfather died. It's sad that he went in this pandemic time. It's heart wrenching that we live on the same island yet separated by different region, province, municipality. So near yet so far. And we couldn't get into him and see him being burried.
Y Rada Nov 2019
I never thought there'd be the day,
That I'd be meeting your gaze.
It was accidental I'm pretty sure,
Swift like blinking yet so pure.

I've always admired you before,
Your skills make my spirit soar.
Now it seems you are so near,
Every encounter in my brain is clear.

I'm young and the road is long,
And she has your heart all along.
I'll keep my admiration for a while,
And lovingly watch you with a smile.
Y Rada Nov 2018
I was your admirer during college years
Discretely looking at you limping away
To your classes looking alone and aloof

One afternoon at the canteen, I blocked your path
You blurted something while I stepped back
Your words made me feel giddy and restless!

You graduated first and I grew up also
And I thought I forgot my silly crush on you
Until I saw you limping inside a mall - - -

There were romantic comedy movies in my head
I, the heroine and you the Hero - imperfect pairs
Strangers at the university and ended as one - -

But you had a girl friend, my friends announced
I smiled while looking at you limping away again
My prince was at last taken by someone else - - -

Today I learned from my BFFs that you are gone
An accident yesterday and proclaimed as DOA
You're so young at early 30s and I - - - sigh- - - - -

One of my regrets in life is not telling you about me
That I existed somewhere in your timeline on earth
I wanted to confess and yet was afraid and now this

I admire you secretly and now I cry quietly
Sadly, we only exchanged two words in this lifetime
It was at the canteen when I blocked your path

You said, "Excuse Me!" and I just stood there speechless.
I just learned that my ultimate crush in college died from an accident yesterday. I never expected that I would feel regret for not telling him that I admired him... And I never will... A pity really.
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