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Lyda M Sourne Aug 2020
I thought I'd lost you
To harsh words and lies

Each day was a mess
With no one to talk to
No shoulder for my head to rest

We pass each other by
Wondering when our war would end

Not a war of fire
But of cold, cold ice

You smiled at me one day
And I smiled back

It was a start
For today

Where we finally talked
And you didn't hate me

And my fears
Were your fears
And we had thought our friendship was gone

But it had ended
The wall between us

I could finally hold your hand and say,
"It was terrible being at war with you."

And you replied likewise
I talked with my friend for the first time today after a year. I thought she hated me and she thought the same. But in the end, it seems that friendship can still sail through the storm. There is still things that needs ironing out, but I hope we keep what we had lost and now found again
Yashashvi Jul 2020
Throwing down the band on her hand
She said, "it all ends here"
who said the only reason for pain is love, believe it or not friendship hurts more than anything when it's done whole heartedly
Nissa Dec 2018
I am falling out of it,
You cannot get my soul back.
It is too late,
A door that cannot be opened again,
Shut tightly,
I can never return back,
To the time,
Where we both were in,
No more,
Everything is gone,
Surrounding looks ghastly,
All empty,
There is no more direction.
No turning back.
I just realize that after the break up, both me and my ex can never get back together as friends after all the things we have done. We have messed each other up. Completely and our friendship as well has been tainted. That is frustrating and sad and painful BUT that is life... and reality.
Joie Yin Nov 2018
Two friends met each other
One rich the other was poor
The poor looked up at the rich
She was impressed by her speech.

They grew closer as time flew
In poor girl's heart she'd never knew
She fell sick and yearned for a company
Waiting continued as she stayed lonely.

She poured her heart out
Made all efforts come about
Without expecting a gift in return
Merely needed a friend's attention.

Rich's life was colorful as rainbow
Too bright to notice poor's sorrow
Beautiful lady who had everything
Compared to the poor ugly duckling.

Time and distance torn them apart
Life's cycle is never an art
While rich moved on and left
Poor slowly adjust to her lonely nest.
Joie Yin
Keyan R Oct 2018
How could I have been so close
Yet so far away
The gap in the distance is more intense than I'd actually like to say
It feels like almost yesterday, where the smiles or frowns that came around
Never settling in the crest we call a "face"
It wasn't as fake as it was now
The warmth of your smile turned the mood around
Even if it was disappointing I couldn't help but try a bit harder for the sake of being friends
Cause that's what they do, staying true,
yes true
Not saying I've caught them in a lie
It just feels a little blue, on the other side
I wish I could hold your hand, just to adore
This, space that we once had
It's not the same years later and I know things have changed
Again this isn't a plead for help
Just my old thoughts into an expression
Takes it like the old way of written out confessions
If I had to be convicted Id be in for a long sentence
Like the, I broke a promise and left without saying a word,
Sad how we make it seem like it was the another's fault that we're this way...
Though in the end, it was selfish actions... selfish actions...selfish actions...and self-indulgence
That pushed the gap and broke the space apart
Id like to say sorry as a start in the right way
Though I don't think that would mend the nasty tear that's been every slowly gashing
We've been on the rocks thrashing about in a glass cup smashing with fruit juice and *****
I remember the sweet cheers of that kiss and the hard rocks on the bed
I understand it, I do
I lived in the misery of your happiness that shined through
I wanted to use your opening and vent without considering what your feelings meant
That this was a special event, and I wasn't just getting experience but giving it too
Where sweet words never left the heart
Where promises were meant to last
I formally apologize,
I can't take it away for what has happened
But I'll keep moving forward regardless of forgiveness
I don't expect to walk back into a life that I created so many problems for
And I understand completely if these words cannot pierce through like a sword
It's no point that way
I hurt someone close to me. I didn't consider their feelings after being so close. And it cost me a lot.
The Misconstrued Jun 2018
My feelings for you resonate in the rainy skies today,
A storm of emotions that threaten an outburst beyond my control,
And like every rain that falls upon this earth,
I let out my deep anguished cries but for a while,
Until its time to stop and let the sun shine and pretend to the world I'm fine instead.
will the rains ever end?
lu Mar 2018
i have been writing a lot recently,
all about the same thing.
i can't unsee your bright blue eyes
or the small gap between your two front teeth,
that you hate so much but i love so dear.
i can't forget the words you said,
and the song you named after me.
those words which are now out under a different name
for the rest of the world to hear.
the words that used to be my favorite song became the melody
i hated the most.

at the same time, i'll do anything to hear your voice.
and no matter how mad i am, i can't stay that way forever.
i see you smile once and i fall all over again.
i don't think it's fair that i think about you,
when i know **** well you aren't thinking of me.

i spoke to your mom recently.
she said you've been doing just fine.
how nice.
she also mentioned how you talk about me.
why talk about me instead of talking to me?
i know you write about me too.
she told me one of your band's new songs is about me,
and i have a feeling i know which one it is.
it made me cry the first time i had heard it.

i've tried moving on.
i've tried singing it away.
i've tried writing it away.
i even tried seeing other people.
but somehow,
my mind always comes back to you.
it's always going to be you.
i love him and that's what hurts the most.
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
My cap hides papers in its bill.
I find a new message each day.
They always give neat information.
How it knows these things I cannot say.

It told me why the stars twinkle.
It told me how most caps are sown.
Yesterday it told me you hate me.
So I guess I should leave you alone.

My thinking cap just informed me:
That you beat it, so it would die.
Why would you do that? I hate you too!
You can't fool me! My cap wouldn't lie!
KJ Dec 2017
Do you believe what comes out of your mouth?
Words and lies bubble over your lips,
I wonder if you can even help it.

Maybe you were born to lie.

Born to deceive and hurt
everyone around you
including yourself.

Words spurting out
spilling over
are like acid in my heart

My stomach sinks down
My heart bursts in my chest

The fragments leave a wreckage that cannot be fixed.

The heartbreak leaves me ice cold.
Colder than the dead

And that is how I feel

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