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else Jan 8
No more aces up my sleeve

I've ran out magic tricks to play with you

I'm tired.

So watch me disappear

No smoke and mirrors here
Jo Dec 2019
Window panes and narrow frames,
light this dwelling place.
Shallow pools, of water, keep it cool
like a hidden ace.
Instead of revealing a knotted ball of
disconnects and fumbles.
Here, there are streams of light that
renew and refresh
those who will remain humble,
while looking for the
next clue.
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Stan Oct 2019
When I told you that I dig you
You were scared and shared
That you did not want to do it
And you were at all not prepared

So why not try to diss me
And maybe it will be sometime
When I see you I feel nervous
And my anxiety escapes the undersurface

You did not ace your respective game
And let me be ashamed
My friends cheered my courage
And then felt my pain
I didn’t want to see you
Because I’d blush again

So I finally let you go

As the other devil came
And I will see when we are done
If you’ll ever come back
In the memories, in my brain
For a uni exercise
Arden Sep 2019
Let's make one thing clear
The future is not female
The future is
Nonbinary it's
Genderfluid it's
Queer it's
Trans it's
Natives it's
*** workers, it's
Gay, it's
Bi, it's
Pan, it's
Ace it's
People of color it's
People with disabilities
Kai Sep 2019
a different love
platonic and familial
but never ******
Gray asexuality or gray-sexuality (spelled "grey" outside the U.S.) is the spectrum between asexuality and sexuality.[1] Individuals who identify with gray asexuality are referred to as being gray-A, a grace or a gray ace, and make up what is referred to as the "ace umbrella".[2] Within this spectrum are terms such as demisexual, semisexual, asexual-ish and ******-ish.[3]

Those who identify as gray-A tend to lean towards the more asexual side of the aforementioned spectrum.[4] As such, the emergence of online communities, such as the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), have given gray aces locations to discuss their orientation.
New Series I Am Working On
My love comes in pears:



The Colonel






My two
You didn't intend
To weaponize that word
But my ego's blue and black
With baseball bat bruises

You're still a ******?
"Well it depends" I shrug
"What does virginity mean?"
My usual response

Since dating again
The "****** talk" happens
Every week now it seems
For better or my worse

You were different,
The others opened up
Through prompted doorways I left
Into secret gardens

Your words felt like darts
Thrown haphazardly in
To a minefield of my own
Personal traumas

You asked me a few
Direct questions about
Where my genitals had been
Who had visited them

My diagnosis:
"A ******" defined in
Holy black and white by her
Clear cut as crystal ****

It's just semantics
Not something to cry on
Or feel left out because of
One person's opinion

But when we parted
My rational brain lost
To the tears of a young child
Left out of the cool club
Child abuse
But I still do stuff
Kai Apr 2019
Black eyes look with sorrow
Grey eyes glance back
White smile gleams in the dark
Purple hearts reach out
Matthew Orellana Apr 2019
Smiling faces with glee
as the children see me
Jackman sings with his big sword
As we dance on the green board.
King and Queen smiling fakely
Everyone dances so happ’ly
As the kingdoms unite,
From their shallow card spite.
Lands of Heart and of Clover
Lands of ***** crossing over
And last but not least
Land of Diamond with ease.
That leaves me; I’m the juggler
I’m the card man, the smuggler
Of laughs and big smiles
We all need one somewhile.
Let me tell you my friend
It’s a tiring job,
But no matter the circumstance
My smile stays on.
My makeup is flaking,
My body is aching
No one cares for the Joker
or the jokes that he’s making.
Smile big, mother told
Smile tall, smile proud
Don’t you fret of your worries
And don’t you dare ever frown.
So I stay a performer
lifting faces, sharing laughter
They expect me to smile
But no one cares for me after.
Smile on, smile big,
Wear the mask, wear the wig
Juggle *****, tell the joke
Keep on laughing till you choke
It’s hysterical, it’s so fun
It’s so gracious, to keep on
Tell the joke, scream the tears
Till my makeup is smeared.
They’re all staring; it’s ok
Laugh your worries away
I keep laughing at jokes
Till it’s me that it broke.
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