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Sarah Quinn May 23
is eating Ritz crackers
at 2 am
while flipping through your
Pokemon card collection.
Katie Feb 25
As I lay here in the dark,
My head's in another place

It's wondering to a different time,
It's wondering to your face.

To the days filled with laughter,
To days filled with tears.
To the memories we made together,
In just a few short years.
Your skin agaisnt mine sent us to outer space,
No one on Earth existed inside our special place.
Two broken people mended, maybe temporarily,
This past life bliss I'd hope to forget now weighs on me so heavily.

Sometimes, I bask, in the thought of you and me,
I think about what could have been.
Was it meant to be?

I stroke his face,
I rest my head on his chest
What would he do if he knew what's in my head.
Hello Daisies Jan 29
Pacing pacing
Pacing racing
Falling screaming

Staying going
Writing cryiNG


Soemone talk to me
I'm feeling needy
No wait

I feel great
It's 3am
I don't even need sleep

I've slept all day
So tired
I feel uninspired

Wow it's so pretty
I am too
Everyrhing is okay

Listen to me


Trauma trauma
Get over it
Stop throwing a fit

Are you okay
You need help
I'll do anything

Dear god
Am i crazy
Everyone says i am

Look at them
I can't be like that

No wait
I like this
It makes me different

Dear god **** me
It's not unique
I'm a freak

Tears of joy yesterday
Now drops of sorrow
Ahaha love is borrowed

Whisper whipser
calming calming
The storm is coming

I sent you a novel
Dear god my minds dry

Stop talking
Speak to me
So restless endlessly

Oh the day is gone
Where'd you all go

Time is slow
No it's F A S T
Nothing is meant to last

I'm tired now
I can't sleep
Maybe I'll research

Something neat


Okay im sorry
For the harsh tone

Why are you leaving

                        This is normal
I think i need to accept I'm like my father
With a bipolar disorder
My minds gone crazy
Not sure who i was today
People said wow yoyre so funny and happy today
But yesterday i wanted to end myself

I can't sleep again

I wish i was normal lol
Hello Daisies Dec 2018

Sad all the time
Dead until nine
The stabbing starts at bed
My body isnt dead
Emotions must not have been informed

Let me s l e e p

Take this pill
God I'm fragile
Needles in my arms
They're not causing real harm
It's just my lover
I wrote this while trying to sleep i feel numb everyday but when i try to sleep i cry and anxiety burns through my arms :')
Hello Daisies Nov 2018
Sleeping all day
Never washing my clothes
Skin and hair a mess

I'm fine
I'm fine
Can't whine

Forgetting to eat
Getting sick from all foods
Never changing my clothes

Nothings wrong
Nothings wrong
I must still belong

Staring at walls
Headache won't go away
Putting everything off

It's okay
It's okay
There's other days

Crying while watching tv
Repeating my mistakes in my head
Can't sleep at 4am

Just another day
Just another day
Im used to this anyway
Im been feeling down but nkt really ive mainly felt nothing. The kind if depression that i didnt even realize was hitting me. Until i realized i hadn't been eating or showering or doing anything for myself. But even upon realizing it i cant fix it. Now i try to eat and im nauseas. I try to shower and i feel dirtier. Idk. Guess im fine.
Leash May 2018
a wolf
hiding in the skin of a sheep
creeping in the dark
making me unable to sleep

they say if you count sheep you will fall asleep faster
but I find as I count sheep I only become more lost in the pasture
walking through wheat fields searching for a meaning
insomnia slowly killing me brining me to a yield

Im standing on the edge of life and death
wishing that wolf in sheep skin would have taken my last breath
saving me from the dark caves in my brain
making me feel like living is worth the pain
Grey Pryor Feb 2018
I am trying
I know it seems repetitive
I know I'm repulsing
I'm the definition of insanity
Because i keep acting out the same things.
I know I want you next to me
Its just harder than it seems
Especially lately
You need someone in bed with you
You havent been sleeping good
I walked in with you by her
And your soars were like uproars
I know you arent cheating
Not even mentally
I just cant help but feel that lately
I dont want me
So since you sleep by someone else just fine
Ill lay in bed all night with tears in my eyes
I want you to love me
And i know you do
Its just hard to see you want me
When I'm so sick of everything I do
I'm so sick. I need to breathe.
Iqra Sheikh May 2017
It was the door, it was my mind.
My heart is bounding, my voice became blinding.
My jaw is the numbest
No one, not even the rain could've heard me.
Could I have even spoken to myself?
I tried, I tried, I swear I tried.
My voice was not loud enough.
I became aimless.
All I hear is the silence, it is so loud and eager.
My ears tingle with static, my tongue hides in fear.
The shutting of my eyes hurt, it's almost unbelievable how awake I was.
I can not close my eyes
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