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Imogen 5d
"The golds and greens of childhood
Are tinged with the blues of might-have-been."
HK Oct 7
The tunes transported me back
to a certain place and time
a fondness I hadn’t felt in years
as if something warm poured into me
each note collected with joys and cares long forgotten
filling the air with love, gaiety and merriment
Janna Aug 1
I think about you today
I remember the way
Your hand drifted
Onto my thigh
You stroked it ever so lightly
I let you
The air between us
Calm, not too hot
Neither was it cold
It was just right
I remember you now
Like an old sweater lost in my closet
Forgotten amidst all the brand new
But when found again
Deep within the membranes
Of memory after memory
It brings warmth to my body
A nostalgic smile to my lips
I miss you now
What we could have been
What if I chose you
What if I let your fingers
****** above my thigh
What if I let you take me home
What if we could have been more
What if
I can only say
What if
- soulwriterj
That time I let a soul mate go.
Pagan Paul Jul 18
As his words flow like honey onto the page
with a nod of approval from a linguistic sage.
Long gone are the days when a woman's plays
would look at the poet with a romantic gaze.

His sad verse no longer makes her cry,
his love poems fail to lift her heart to fly.
Her attention wanders like a lonely voice
away from sanctuary, towards more choice.

And as his pen drifts across a blank page
he remembers the ladies, being centre stage,
the looks of adoration in a beautiful face,
deep pools of experience for his art to embrace.

Melancholic he dips his pen again and tries,
imagination musing her gorgeous ****** eyes.
But the words won't flow, so defeated he cries,
and arranges poets tears into convenient lies.

© Pagan Paul (2017/18)
Aihara May 19
Laying in my bed,
In my head neurosis hit again;
Greetings! Just like an old friend,
That one unwanted, pretentious man.

Got a hint I won't be breathing again,
One last chance to make it last;
Forever green I missed my old grin,
From back when I was younger;
Where I never stop to wander.

I remembered barefoot on my way home,
Alone with no one to walk along,
Mom said I should be capable to be on my own;
Looking back no child should walk alone,
Many could go wrong but it decide to wait for its turn.
part 1
The reminiscence
not tangible,
Yet perceptible
more than
the presence....
Just a thought... Memories overpower the present tense...
Poetroyalee Jan 31
Gentle breezes,
dismal sighs.
Vacant sceneries,
darkened skies.

Yearning lovers
in the night,
all is well,
all is right.
Lucy Ryan Jan 23
I am finally starting to understand winter nights for what they are:
sterility of a black sky, inner warmth that never quite touches skin, shivering on the side of the road after tequila and laughter have laid waste to four AM and it is only the traffic lights left to reflect you.

Maybe that's why we listen to the downbeats of summer, the slow songs made for rooftops but more devastating in the pitch dark of seven PM on a main road somewhere in the city, all alone and au revoir and sepia memories of honey-warm light leaking through the kitchen we used to share.

internal warmth and windchimes outside sing hellfire for the passing storm.
They're both happy together; but suddenly, everything has changed and he had mistake---
The man, who had been guilty for some several times; but the day came by that they don't want it to happen.
The woman asked him; and said "Can we have a break?"---
The man was surprised at the question of the woman. So he didn't realized it immediately; and then the man asks. "Are you planning to curtail our communication?".

The man suffers from loss; every night he's crying while remembering the past--
It was their last conversation; and their last encounter that would weaken him. That caused him many times he tried to **** himself.
A few months ago the woman heard about him; that the man has passed away for so fast--
The woman went hastily through the grave of her dear man while blaming herself; She is crying now in front of the man's grave and talked that  "I shouldn't give up on you, I shouldn't depart you and I know you won't do such things to yourself."
This is have a part 2
The sound of my voice will only be in your heart.. the twitter of my giggles will echo in your mind.. The spout of my breath will only be a fantasy..like I just faded away..so if I do, just let me..

When I would be lying in peace.. the box will be my happy place, which was once your arms.. the darkness will be my solace, which was once your smile.. And it will be that day, when you give your hand out, and I won’t be around to hold it..so, if I fade away, let me..

The night when you turn over and I won’t be by your side to warm you.. All those times when you held my hand and crossed roads will be too distant.. it will all seem like yesterday.. The dances in the rain. The smiles in the pain. The long walks, the dinner talks… or the calls through the night.. those silly puns and the grimy jokes.. will all stop like I did.. Uncalled for, but there will be a time when I’ll fade away..let me..

The desire of holding me tight for one last time, will seem like a dream that wouldn’t work out. But don’t you cry, for I won’t be there to collect those precious tears.. Don’t lose hope, for I won’t be around to boost you up. Don’t miss me at places and moments, for I won’t be able to be there for you, with you.Just keep me in your mind, with a warm smile..may be then, my care will pay off.. my love will mean something..so if I fade away, please let me..

When you look back, I would be glad to see the way you miss me, but please stop looking, for I won’t get to be by your side.. for my happy place is the darkness the that coffin now, and I will have the desire for sunshine and smile in yours.. I will be there as a twinkle in the sky, looking over you.. but if I fade away, just let me..
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