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A cup of coffee
and a night of rain
To recall memories of the past
to pass the present in vain

Remembering all the moments
that together we shared
Drowning myself in laments
memories upon memories, layered

I wait for death to take me
And put an end to this pain
Till then..
A cup of coffee
In a night of rain.
William Marr Jan 8
Chewing the cud
can turn a long-lost spring

The older a cow gets
the more it foams
at its mouth
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
You're a tourist in my heart's land,
But you give too much reminiscence.

Your eyes, your body, your voice has become my elegy,
When you left me.

If we never meet again,
My memories of you still remain.

This heart still waiting for you,
And I realized, that I miss you.
Euphie Dec 2018
Things were fine just the way they were,
holding hands and locking lips.
Laughing and crying,
feeling every single emotion a human could.

Here in these hands,
lies every stanza, of my life.

His lips tasted of sour wine
a wine that takes the pain away.
A wine that I would drown myself in forever.
Arianna Oct 2018
"The golds and greens of childhood
Are tinged with the blues of might-have-been."
Janna Aug 2018
I think about you today
I remember the way
Your hand drifted
Onto my thigh
You stroked it ever so lightly
I let you
The air between us
Calm, not too hot
Neither was it cold
It was just right
I remember you now
Like an old sweater lost in my closet
Forgotten amidst all the brand new
But when found again
Deep within the membranes
Of memory after memory
It brings warmth to my body
A nostalgic smile to my lips
I miss you now
What we could have been
What if I chose you
What if I let your fingers
****** above my thigh
What if I let you take me home
What if we could have been more
What if
I can only say
What if
- soulwriterj
That time I let a soul mate go.
Pagan Paul Jul 2018
As his words flow like honey onto the page
with a nod of approval from a linguistic sage.
Long gone are the days when a woman's plays
would look at the poet with a romantic gaze.

His sad verse no longer makes her cry,
his love poems fail to lift her heart to fly.
Her attention wanders like a lonely voice
away from sanctuary, towards more choice.

And as his pen drifts across a blank page
he remembers the ladies, being centre stage,
the looks of adoration in a beautiful face,
deep pools of experience for his art to embrace.

Melancholic he dips his pen again and tries,
imagination musing her gorgeous ****** eyes.
But the words won't flow, so defeated he cries,
and arranges poets tears into convenient lies.

© Pagan Paul (2017/18)
Aihara May 2018
Laying in my bed,
In my head neurosis hit again;
Greetings! Just like an old friend,
That one unwanted, pretentious man.

Got a hint I won't be breathing again,
One last chance to make it last;
Forever green I missed my old grin,
From back when I was younger;
Where I never stop to wander.

I remembered barefoot on my way home,
Alone with no one to walk along,
Mom said I should be capable to be on my own;
Looking back no child should walk alone,
Many could go wrong but it decide to wait for its turn.
part 1
Jayantee Khare May 2018
The reminiscence
not tangible,
Yet perceptible
more than
the presence....
Just a thought... Memories overpower the present tense...
Poetroyalee Jan 2018
Gentle breezes,
dismal sighs.
Vacant sceneries,
darkened skies.

Yearning lovers
in the night,
all is well,
all is right.
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