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Carlo C Gomez Jan 15
I love you I need you I want to do all sorts of things for you to you with you and only you
Maria Etre Dec 2019
I find myself
adding a lot of commas
in my poetry
Could it be
I need more
breathing space?
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Pilcrow, the Blind P,
once said,

"Allow me, ma'am/sir,
  for it looks like
  you could use a break.
  Besides, Hedera is hard
  and annoying, so full of herself,
  and up to her neck in ivy."

That was a Snark.
But who could tell?
Simply forgot to point it out.
Guess it's better to
leave things unsaid.

In the end
there's only enough
room for the Asterism.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
co'brien Jun 2019
im not your antonym—
a double negative
im not a flat rhythm
lacking an objective

and im not unstable
or merely unable
to connect the dots

its just that im
terrified of
what it is we

are we just two
passersby who
shared a glance or
two and never
looked back at what
could become of

“us” is a pronoun
and we are sentenced
to silent eternity
a bit more cliché than i usually like to write but eh i guess it's okay
Chururin Feb 2019
here was me who had been paralyzed in a life like a gear if I was frightened by terror that I could not see right, left, or ahead

The life in the model which is just looking at the hands of the clock is already sighing and I breathe out and I've been getting numbed for days I have been cold

I wonder if my dream will come true

Killing me by the surrounding voice I will be a ghost lost sight of my dreams and it seems to get rotten, "You should say something to yourself without saying" In your words I am still alive today

He sees me after a long time seems not to say that you told me that taking a mummy was a mummy and forgetting both my dream and hope

Why do not you try hard to try again together? I want to make you revitalized even though I can not depend on this

An emotional expression that gave up my dream It seems like a ghostly ghost waiting for myself to die just in exchange of time

In a rubble, you are forgetting your own living things unnoticedly by deceiving the cries of the heart that you hid unconsciously in false emotions

Being stuck with the voices of surroundings Before you gonna lose sight of your dreams and become rotten Before you go bad, "You should say something to yourself without saying" This time I'll save you
Äŧül Feb 2019
You can experience it
Coming from most of
The writers around the
Block of Writers Block
Only to be saved by the
Bunch of Writers from
The Writers' Block.

They can call you names,
Ranging from A ******
To A Grammar ****.
But don't be put off,
Don't be put out,
Just hold on.
Hold your ground.

You might have OCD,
The Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
Don't worry - just channel it well.
Channel it well and play your tunes,
Don't worry about the runes,
They will be all covered with ink.
Yes, the electronic ink.

For all eternity, they say,
You can never achieve perfection,
And it should not concern you.
Just remember your wordlust,
Coin new and better words,
Just play your sweet lute.
Yes, you are so cute.

"What's so cataclysmic about the apostrophe?"
You asked me,
And legitimately so.
It's the difference 'tween us,
Perfection and poets,
Godliness and humaneness.
Divinity and profanity.

"Yes, perfection is sacrilege,"
I say, "Perfection is an ambition,"
"Of humanity and nature."
I take a deep breath before saying,
"In the knowledge available,"
"It's just a figment."
You ask me, "Where is it located?"

I say:
Find it 'fore some letters,
You can find it afta' some letters,
Lockin'n'poppin words together,
The apostrophe is so savoury & flexible
I just hope that I never become,
A Grammar Apostate -
I'll rather be ill instead.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
We poets


           Break free from

These grammatical restrains

Give not a thought
            To befuddling these scrumdillydunderings
                         Shackles don't bind

Our weary hands

Writing when

                     Life tires us
We free ourselves
                     From your rules
Don't give a ****
What you think isn't cool

         Cuz we have our own rules
We don't play by


                      Shatter 'em.
Man, did I have fun writing this. Writing this turned my mood Roald Dahl style. Kinda. Don't give a **** whether what I say makes sense right now. Enjoy :)
Taijitu Jun 2018
I am a work in progress
a public draft
often edited
for the wrong reasons
by the wrong  people
with the worse grammar

low poetry Jun 2018
every person is beautiful
own unique way
search passionately
behind masks

lines have beauty
dare to find
poor grammar
poor vocabulary
creates poem
high thoughts
poor form

words -> boring form
easy realization of thoughts
great realization
perfect one

action -> beauty
take the action
own unique beauty
show beauty to the world

sure you good at something
manipulation of a particular person
walking from A to B
knowingstars/arts/music/history/them/self/dead/alive/animals/series/nature/culture/how to make love/how to give love/how to cook meal/how to kick him/how to make bomb/how to dig tomb/how to switch on/how to vanish zone/how to go out/how to groow tree/how to smoke ***/how to die young/how to climb top/ how to clean dno/ how to be a *****/ how to ******* ritch/how to jump/ how to jank/how to sell stuff/ how to grove up/ how to be cool/ how to play games/ how to **** kid/ how to **** her/ ******* them/ how to be racist/ how to burn atheist/ how to consecrate a car/ how to open the bar/how to speack honestly/how to make mistake/how to kick her ***/how to **** her face/ how to bring pleasure/how to aim/how to **** brains/how to treat/how to threat/how to choose/how to snooze/how to pass exams/ how to break arms/ how to chew gum/ how to write Elizaveta Bam/

do you like knowing?
do you like pass knowledge to others?
knowledge of something else
not about you
we don’t care about you
nobody cares
somebody cares
just for self-profit

**** war
**** tyranny
**** hatred
**** god
let’s share the beauty
hard to understand
                              easy to give up
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