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Jme Love Oct 2023
I Wonder where
I Might wander to
If i had a friend or
two To wander Too
Words make me wonder. They really  make me think. Did i use it right or is it rite? How are we to know that a k in front of n o w will make the sound no but add a w to no and we have now. Thats the easy part. English is hard.
GaryFairy Aug 2021
was never is, and is never was
accustomed to doing what the other does
is always went left, and was went right
at times in the hallway they'd say goodnight

well, they got to talking one day
it seems that was always comes when is goes away
so the only difference between the two
is that one already did what the other will do

since was, was once is and is will be was
they both do something that the other does
now when is sees was and was sees is
they kiss, because is, is hers and was is his

is and was knows will, but will hasn't met them yet
get it kids? i don't claim to know a lot about spelling and grammar, but more than anyone

disturbing messages from trolls on my fb messenger so i thought i would help them any way i could...i am more disturbed about their grammar and spelling than threats haha
lucidwaking Apr 2021
A flow, a pen, an ink stained palm.
A life, a story, all gone wrong.
A spark of hope in the night, maybe?
No, your hope is grammatically incorrect.

"This is where your sentence could have ended
but it didn't," see?
Nonetheless, it wants so desperately to end.
An incomplete thought, a fragment -
A fragmented existence with an expired due date.

Can you pick up the forlorn pieces?
Use your calloused fingers to avoid getting cut.
You continued the sentence,
But you used the semicolon wrong.
SiouxF Mar 2021
In this age of technology
And auto spell checker,
Is it too much to ask for
In this HePo commune?
There really is no excuse I’m sure,
To come a cropper
With your and you’re.
Possession or identity?
Am I alone
In my frustrating annoyance
At this growing misdemeanour?
So much so I move on
Without even a Like,
For there’s nothing to see,
That makes any sense.
Are you guilty?
A grammar snob too?
Or is it.... just me?
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Math does not enjoy English grammar, like paragraphs and complete sentences.
Juno Jan 2021
I like to think
all these years of schooling and essays and grammar
existed so i could one day adequately describe my Love for you.
Constructing English grammar- a hubby I would say.
Such a thing I do well.
But when it comes to a stage.
I find somethings confusing.

English spelling.... What a task!
With my writings:
Thou, I do try my best
To capture imagery with powerful words.
And to clinch my spellings along to its best.
I do wonder "How?"

Getting it right,... is it "son" or "sun,"  "tier" or "tear."
I often beat my senses on.
To figure which most suitable.

When it comes to writing "4."
Should I write "for" or "four"or "fore."
And spelling "handkerchief" correctly
Is so worrisome to try.

In words like "fiest" and "height."
Should I use "ei" or" ie"
Obviously,  the rules are worth learning.
Since they're levelled up on standards .

There are also some silent letters.
For example; "p" in "psychology."
And" k" in" know."
As "come" ends with a "e."

How often do you notice the "y" in "day?"
Why not written as "dai?"
What of the spelling" knowledge"
Why not save us the stress and writes "nolege?"
What the stress!

Also,  there are word formations.
The noun from "wise."
Is the word "wisdom."
The verb from the word "special."
Is the word "specialize."

How do I explain to my children?
The singular and plural forms of  VERBS
As "writes" states the singular form
And "write" the plural form.
Why not in the reverse just like the noun forms.?

If that should be the case.
I need to learn more on the appropriate use of :
"Write" to "rite" to "right"
Wahala for who no know English Grammar.
Problems with constructing English grammar sometimes are  unavoidable,  and thus, the rules needs to be mastered.
Anais Vionet Dec 2020
I wear my heart on paper
Ink fills my veins like blood
reviews cut like a razor
but I’m addicted to the pen.

I pump words with every heartbeat
I hoard paragraphs in my room
I take interjections like a ******
I wear verbs like a parfum.

I’m feeling the contractions
as I erase awkward phrases
I write sad poems that feel like skin.
and fill sheets of diary pages

I blush at lurid pronouns
that I conjure then,
I consider putting word-play off
but I’m sentenced to the pen
*Inspired by Michael R. Burch's poem: At the Natchez Trace
writing can be a torture almost as bad as not writing
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