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Jan 18 · 188
Happy New Year
The uniVerse Jan 18
Happy new year
to all of my friends
I wish you were here
to celebrate the end
the end of a decade
that's already over
so let's ride the parade
don't look over your shoulder
I lost someone dear
and I know you have too
but let's make one thing clear
that all things renew
new relationships
new beginnings
I'm thankful for you all 
so let's see what this year brings
whatever may befall.
Nov 2020 · 158
nom nom nom
The uniVerse Nov 2020
When I'm old and gray, you may feed me with a spoon
like I was a child today dancing around the room
pretend you are a plane dropping food like bombs
or even a choo choo train going nom nom nom
sit down next to me and let's do a jigsaw puzzle
reassure me constantly when I get in a muddle
help me climb the stairs step by step
be the one who cares if I break my neck
tuck me into bed you can read me a story
tell me all the things you did until I am snoring
so when I'm old and gray you may feed me with a spoon
until then just smile and say,then will be too soon..
Sep 2020 · 177
The uniVerse Sep 2020
Listen if you please
to my twisted soliloquy
I’m not from around here
I’m just rumors on a breeze
I come from afar
some say the mountains
others the stars
like an absent friend
you will remember me I promise
or else your names Thomas
mine is Adam the first
I am the atoms that burst
the very fabric of being
the fabric of genes
denim, denial, destiny, defile
I've been here a while
and I will be here a while longer
even though I don't belong here
the oceans don't know my depths
the mountains have not reached my peaks
all these beliefs I have not kept
for there is something greater that I seek
but I cannot utter its name
some may call it love
but that has garnered too much fame
for you've mistook love for what is fake
because it's not something you can take
it's as simple as a breeze
the same that carried me
yet unlike I it has no needs
it's as full as the oceans
and tall as the mountains
I had the notion
that I could just pen
write my own legend
but that too must END
Aug 2020 · 1.5k
The uniVerse Aug 2020
Do you need another poem?
haven’t all my words been sown

I stitched verses together  
to  get  her
forget    her

I cannot

She is at my seams
my lungs scream


I provide it
in brief moments of emptiness

I have no mistress
no muse at my disposal
just memories that act like chains upon my heart

but this is art

No! this is my heart
sprawled across the page

every page

I wage war with myself
just so I can speak

I keep nothing back
you’ve seen the white and the black
a contrast that happens so fast
I almost look complete

I could never accept defeat
not even death could steal my promises

I promised this

Jul 2020 · 156
Starry Night
The uniVerse Jul 2020
A steed agreed to carry me
across the land of foreign hands
so that I could wed beneath the stars
to a maiden who had my heart
although it was an auspicious occasion
she was not committed to this relation
for she had already set her sights
upon those same starry lights.


Unbeknownst to me and what we agreed
she promised her hand to anothers band
where she would shine as bright as stars
and I would be left with a shattered heart
for this truly would be a rare occasion
to witness the birth of a new sensation
one known to some as love of light
as you look upon a starry night.
This is a mirror poem where the second verse mirrors the rhyme structure of the first.
Jul 2020 · 145
Under the Weather
The uniVerse Jul 2020
I’ve not been feeling too clever
I’m under the weather
head in the clouds
for crying out loud
a catchphrase of cliches
this purple haze
was man-made
not in China
from a ******
I tried to squeeze
into my genes
I guess my but
is too big
can you ever forgive?
- this interruption
the language corruption
just trying to do my best
been studying for life’s test
my final exam
gone ham
and turkey
I like to do it *****
feel the soil between my toes
plant my feet and watch me grow
I am a giant
of egoic proportions
my stoic abortions
killing ideas before they’re born
feel free to yawn
go take a break
I will be right back
for goodness sake
you need a nap
your poetry has become absurd
we used to hang on your every word
now this sloth has found a new tree
yet still, it’s a sin for me to sleep
maybe I should try gluttony
and see what else I can add to this cacophony
am I even still making sense?
- or do I need to be benched
I’ve taken more shots at goal
then I care to remember
still keep missing the hole
despite having a mentor
I meant her
she was my teacher
she taught me time waits for no man
yet here I am
still head in the clouds
she wouldn’t be proud
but then I’m not too clever
I’m just under the weather.
Originally Written July 8th, 2019
The uniVerse Jun 2020
masters of deception
taste your corruption
you take something perfect
and fill it with hate
tell me I’m wrong
that I don’t belong
that’s what you’re good at
twisting facts
to divide and conquer
fill them with fear
I’m not playing my part
I’m not white by design
I’m white by luck
and so I’m stuck
in a war over skin
where to begin
with stupidity
that stupid grin
can’t hide sin
I smell it on you
you stink
of fear and lies
they all rise
like a single hive
they all white
not with purity
but forcefully
trying to scrub
the world clean
till all that’s left
is what reflects
with a pinch of insanity
Written 29th July 2019
May 2020 · 231
A Light Prayer
The uniVerse May 2020
Oh heavenly light that guides us
lead us through the night and disasters
and your healing bestow
upon the young and the old.
May your seeds of wisdom be planted
and the wishes of enlightenment granted
so that our eyes are opened to sight
so that we too may see the light.
"Now all the things that are being exposed are made evident by the light, for everything that is being made evident is light." - Ephesians 5:13
May 2020 · 252
Blood on their Backs
The uniVerse May 2020
I see your signature etched in their flesh
a cats tale for each of his lives
tell me who’s to be next
let me go sharpen my knives
I guess my skin is far too pale
for even just one of your tails
does not mean I’m a slave in my own right
just that my master is out of sight
but not out of mind
my taxes paid but still, he robs me blind
how can you compare one suffering to another?
- you can’t each due is fulfilled upon death
mine is an absent lover
and yours a pound of flesh.
Mar 2020 · 321
Heavens Scent
The uniVerse Mar 2020
I would sleep for a thousand weeks
if those dreams of you I could keep
over and under I wander
my dreamland of wonder
where your beauty never fades
my nights I would never trade, for days
let us live amongst the stars
I would be content just to stare
at you, with you, us two
everything would appear new
from loves point of view
the hearts aperture
needs nothing more
if only the dreams of you to keep
I would lay down my pen
and my tongue no more speak
as your love is heaven sent
you bare the fragrance of heavens scent
I wear your perfume like a second skin
your stardust has become my lint
oh love, my star, my dream
let me keep
I close my eyes and sleep.
Just another poem about lost love.
Feb 2020 · 275
Wayward Child
The uniVerse Feb 2020
Come to me, my wayward child
take the time to laugh and smile
embrace every twisting turn
for life is a lesson you can learn
from experience your knowledge grows
don’t get hung up on the lows
for every dip that you may feel
will come a high just as real
find your heart within the silence
never lose sight of who the child is
as you may grow envious of age and power
but that allure is just a broken tower
built upon a sandy pit
all the glitter and gold please ignore
and focus on what’s been writ
by wiser men that came before.
Feb 2020 · 181
The Living Dream
The uniVerse Feb 2020
Still trying to fathom
the chasm
of reality and fiction
the distance between
the living dream
I've been lost for years
at most the spears
that hold me down
adorn my crown
a constant fixture
jewels of desire
the perfect picture
that’s seldom mired
by light of truth
a lazy excuse
to live like leeches
comfort creatures
from mouth to ***
no need to ask
what happened
why we’re weapons
of mass consumption
our function
to eat and breed
is all we need
from Eden we fled
not even the bread
of salvation
could quench our greed
so heavens door
remains shut
we’re out of luck
doomed to repeat the past
to remain within the vast
expansion between
reality and fiction
which some have christened
the living dream.
Oct 2019 · 584
Chance Meeting
The uniVerse Oct 2019
Her voice was transcribed upon the wind
and carried towards my ears
in thought I had already sinned
but I'm the only one who hears.

I caught her smile as she approached
which stopped me in my tracks
I didn't know if it was mirage or hoax
I couldn't tell fiction from fact.

She offered me a greeting
I can't remember what I replied
all thoughts were now fleeting
as I was still tangled in her eyes.

She said her name was something
something that I don't recall
I'm sure I replied a dumb thing
if any of this happened at all.
Oct 2019 · 288
Right as Rain
The uniVerse Oct 2019
I'm watching the rain, again
watching how it's driven
crashing from the heavens
towards the Earth
bringing new life, rebirth
such a precious commodity
yet it's treated with triviality
man cannot live without water
but will fight to death for an idea
being heralded a martyr
shedding precious tears
tell me why you fight?
why you need the pain
when everything will be alright
right as rain.
Sep 2019 · 248
The uniVerse Sep 2019
Words they made me
now they break me
fracturing my psyche
treading so lightly
so not to disturb
the words
shadows of sentences
how could I have prevented this
where was fair warning
heralded by morning
now afternoon has come and gone
a battle lost the war not won
deviations delight at dusk
brain reduced to a single husk
barricades hold no strength
the words they come
they don’t relent
beliefs bolstered by burning desire
the mind is jaded it does tire
a saint, a sinner a sentence between
grow faint, it dimmers no longer gleams
eternal this casket
who asked it
to be
this story
has ended
for all to see.
Sep 2019 · 368
The uniVerse Sep 2019
There you go again
your love in
other people
is it evil
to want love back
or at least attract
some kind of feeling
is that just stealing
writing for love
to avoid rejection
my childish ambition
I talk but don't listen
how can I hear
when my heart beats loudly
when my bad thoughts cloud me
I know I'm in the wrong
that I don't belong
in your heart
or even just a part
of your attention
too much to mention
too little to care
I'm completely aware
of my own situation
of our relation
no ship to sail
no friend to fail
just an odd acquaintance
the passing patience
of two souls
we met once
and played our roles
but that scenes done
now I'm all alone.
Jul 2019 · 456
Musings #4
The uniVerse Jul 2019
pitter patter goes the rain
chitter chatter goes my brain
Jul 2019 · 381
The uniVerse Jul 2019
you confuse me
like I like you
but you use me
so I write you
and you ignore me
then we will talk
and I need more
which makes it awkward
and frustrating
and you’re flirting
but not with me
so it’s hurting
so I’m leaving
for my needs
but I like you
because you’re vulnerable
so I write you
because I’m vulnerable
but you confuse me
when you use me
as a way for you to flirt
with another guy
and it hurts
because I won’t lie
because honesty
is honestly all I have
and if you feel like being honest too
then I’m here to hear what is true.
Jul 2019 · 472
Duck Ice-Cream
The uniVerse Jul 2019
I once had a dream
where I ate duck ice-cream
it was drippy and trippy
and all kinds of sticky
there were fairies that hopped
and cherries on top
on top of the duck
on top of the cream
on top I was stuck
on top, I did scream
as I waded through dream
I swim and I swam
through an ocean of cream
melted I felt it
up to my ears
I tried and I cried
my ice cream of tears
but then the duck spoke
and said you're quackers
it was then I awoke
in my undercrackers.
Jul 2019 · 290
The uniVerse Jul 2019
Death does not exist as some distant relative
but rather it remains relevant
as a constant reminder
that without death she cannot live
you will never find her
for herself, to death, she did give
do not call out her name
or try to hold on
she left her body through the pain
she's already gone
now she exists as life itself
not as a concept within her mind
or as a body trapped in time
but as the flow of silence
between echoes of distractions
as one slowly slips through tiredness
towards the light refractions
that's where she'll be
as she waits for me
in eternity.
Jul 2019 · 459
Box of Socks
The uniVerse Jul 2019
I have a box
of socks
but singles
not pairs
who cares?
- for the lost and lonely
I do
I kept you
close to heart
in a box
my socks
I wore you once
or twice
or more
you saw
the light
no more.
I tried to pair
you off
at what cost
to end up in a drawer.
I swore
I still cared
for singles
as well as pairs
but in a box
my socks
the lost
the slain
some souls
have holes
that can't
be darned
once love
is lost
and spurned
we hide
our hearts
a box
like socks
For who cares
for socks
without pairs?
I do.
Jul 2019 · 458
Wizards of Maine
The uniVerse Jul 2019
I licensed my likeness
to the wizards of Maine
but took issue with misuse
of character and name.
A pointy hat and long beard
make an excellent disguise
for someone a dumb one
who wants to appear wise.
Just something random I wrote.
Jul 2019 · 549
Black Dot
The uniVerse Jul 2019
I am a black dot on a piece of paper
a single mark within the infinite
you have already erased her
all that’s left is sin and dirt
this skin does hurt
the pain is real
it’s a slow boring
that’s reduced me to kneel
my words are boring
but I continue to write still
maybe I will find the answers
somewhere between the lines
if only I could have asked her
instead, we only drew knives
to cut away at each other’s flesh
to reveal the emptiness inside
now her surname is death
and I’ve run out of places to hide
so slip your ring upon my finger
let my breath taste like winter
for I am just a black dot
a single mark
what you forgot
left in the dark
a tired writer
she had all the strength
I am nothing like her
I can’t even repent
I know I was meant to learn
from all my mistakes
but all I do is burn
amidst all that is fake
I can’t change the world
I couldn’t even change her heart
just a stupid boy that loved a girl
now a black dot a single mark.
Jun 2019 · 3.0k
The uniVerse Jun 2019
I heard a bird
it chirped
with glee
my phone it burped
with urgency
I looked outside
and then to screen
another message
from you to me.
A poem about our relationship with nature and technology.
Jun 2019 · 249
I'm Sorry
The uniVerse Jun 2019
I will mourn for a thousand days
or until I run out of ways
to say
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I loved you
I'm sorry
I still do
I'm sorry
you're gone
I'm sorry
I was wrong
to hold on
can't you see
I was never that strong
not without love
and if I could travel
to the stars above
and beyond
just to tell you
I'm sorry
our bond
got torn in two
then I would
once again
I'm sorry
we're through.
To the love that's lost.
Jun 2019 · 309
Mr. Snail
The uniVerse Jun 2019
I'm sorry Mr. snail for stepping on your home
it wasn't intentional I'm just accident prone
in my defence, it was really dark
and you had stopped short on the path
but really that's not an excuse
for gods, green earth is for everyone's use
so please accept this humble poem
as way of apology for destroying your home.
So difficult to see the poor little snails in the dark after its rained.
Jun 2019 · 232
Open Wound
The uniVerse Jun 2019
She was an open wound
she bled for all to see
sometimes healing is too soon
sometimes you need to bleed
I would offer her a shoulder to cry on
or even just a bed to lie on
to sleep away her pain
but maybe just an ear to hear
will suffice all the same
now I can’t say I know her well
but even still I can tell
she’s worth more than she values herself
not that a person can be defined by wealth
ones true value is what they create
when they live through love and not through hate
so if what she creates is beautiful
that must mean she’s beautiful within
and if she feels the need to bleed
(then that’s okay)
but I hope that she reads
and then begins
to see what others see.
For a friend.
Nov 2018 · 3.7k
The uniVerse Nov 2018
The tree
has no need
to believe
in God
or son of man
no rhyme
or reason
at all
through time
the Kings and Queens
will fall
but the tree
still stands
so tall.
Whilst out walking I observed the old Pine trees that were planted before I was born and no doubt will still be there after I'm gone.
Oct 2018 · 2.8k
The uniVerse Oct 2018
Her name was autumn
her hair a colour auburn
like a fallen leaf
drifting on the breeze
spiraling spiraling
out of control
a free spirit
with a wild soul
for she had no master
a limitless beauty
all I heard was her laughter
as she danced for me.
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
Fleeking Awesome!?
The uniVerse Oct 2018
I wonder how some people's brains work
why their bodies twist and twerk
is it all just attention seeking
and what the hell is fleeking?
now I'm not one to sit and judge
because I never passed the bar
without stopping to get drunk
not quite down in one
more like two below par
this is when you begin people watching
a popular pub past time
I saw a guy who was pork scratching
which certainly put me off mine
a barmaid stood there ready to serve
who just wanted some peace and quiet
but the men they formed a queue to perve
she almost caused a riot
now I guess I am just another fool
that's drinking after hours
barely balancing upon a stool
trying to maintain his mental powers
from the far corner, a drunk begins to sing
before collapsing on the floor
just as the last order bell rings
maybe I'll have another
I only drank two or was it four?
Reminiscing a misspent youth.
Oct 2018 · 682
I Tried
The uniVerse Oct 2018
I searched for innocence
it was not there
I looked for respect
it didn't care
I needed warmth
and got the cold
I yearned for youth
yet felt so old
I asked for honesty
it told me lies
I wanted life
but it had died
Oct 2018 · 6.9k
At Play
The uniVerse Oct 2018
In bed, I lay
upon my cushioned existence I stay
but outside the world's at play
birds swimming in the sky
and trees that gently sway
dancing the day away
and I continue to lie
the distant sounds
of yawning grounds
two parched lips
as the Earth does rip
let the rain come
so we may take a sip
heavens nectar
falls upon a discarded deckchair
striped like candy cane
blotched with the rain
scattered upon sandy dunes
could this be a monsoon
ironically late
but still worth the wait
paid patience admission at the gate
one ticket to wet wet wet
this is what patience gets
just need a raincoat
so I can appear in the matrix
how can you hate this
a neopolitan sky
dripping with colour
if I were a scholar
I could espouse on its many virtues
instead, I turn up my collar
and tip my hat
a little milk won't hurt you
an umbrella swung round a lamppost
and now I'm Gene Kelly
still wearing a raincoat
but dancing
romancing the moonlight
for night has snuck in the back door
like an absent teenager
but this too shall pass
soon the dunes turn to grass
and I too return to task
a new day
at play.
This is what happens when you don't get up straight away.
Jul 2018 · 461
The Three Lions
The uniVerse Jul 2018
I wore my England shorts today
as a form of camouflage
so that I could remain at large
amongst the crowds of yobs
it's amazing how they can afford so much beer
without having jobs

a group of them approached
asked if I had a light
I said I never smoked
but there's a torch app on my phone
which is pretty bright

then one of the three
roared at me
It's coming home!!
to which I didn't reply
as I went back to my phone
afraid it was some form of mating cry
I realise that some outside of England won't understand this poem completely however it seemed culturally relevant to write during the mass hysteria of the world cup.
Jul 2018 · 2.1k
Words Are Dead
The uniVerse Jul 2018
Words are dead!
there I said it
words are dead
the words in your head
are in the past
the words that you said
will not last
fireworks that attract the eye
liar's words in the mind
an explosion of language
and then silence
they do so much damage
and cause violence
chasing words
feeling tiredness
healing words
are band-aids on the soul
a soothing to the ears
they're dropped in empty holes
for who hears?
who really listens?
words are dead
we have visions
images of creation
words are no salvation
just pointers
pointing to the infinite
still they loiter
words we can't forget
we hold them to our chest
like lifeless children
we always do our best
but the words **** them
and now all that's left
is dead...
dead words.
Jul 2018 · 3.2k
Back Wars
The uniVerse Jul 2018
It ended before the start
what was the final tour
all it took was a spark
of another man's war
let's begin the futility
it will all be over soon
or just an opportunity
a soldier of fortune
when you can attack
there's no need to defend
it's not as easy as that
When you start at the end
I wrote this poem backward and then edited so it reads both ways.
Jun 2018 · 51.9k
Broken Beauty
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Beauty lies bereft and bound
it cries for help but utters no sound
mascara kisses fade from your lips
etched by lovers worn fingertips
purple rings around sullen eyes
the broken skin it never lies
fists of thunder make not the man
nor the swift strike of back of hand
a thousand apologies can never repair
the displacement of a single hair
for she is not an object for you to own
she is a Queen that deserves a throne
and if she allows you to enter her chamber
it's also her decision if you should remain there.
her beauty is boundless
and cannot be tamed
all those who try
should be shamed

***** I have shared my poems on this website now since 2015 and this is my first daily, it has been a privilege and I appreciate all the lovely comments <3 *****
Jun 2018 · 765
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Still searching for something...

I silently shifted past silhouettes of strangers for I am a shadow formerly named.

Someone said you felt the same, a sorceress seeking solitude inside a spire, a safe haven for all those stolen souls.

She was of the sea and softly spoke to me sowing smoke in weaves but I knew of no vowels that could commit her senses and yet sentences slowly slid from my mouth stolen by gravity towards the south where soldiers slept beneath the sands of sorrow.

Surrounded by sounds shifting from silence to song something sang sweetly secreting secrets only the stars dared keep.

So I buried my past somewhere in tomorrow somewhere I would never reach nor no longer seek for slumber is my only ally as I succumbed to sleep for the final time surrendering my soul to the valley of shapes and signs.
Just something I wrote.
Jun 2018 · 679
Make or Bake
The uniVerse Jun 2018
She was a homemaker
a trained Baker
four kids
and a dog named Jude
she dreamed big
of something new.

Always a smile
no matter the weather
willing to go that extra mile
to try and keep it together
but no amount
of gritted teeth
could ever surmount
to what laid beneath.

All the big ideas
and grand ambitions
stifled by fears
and inhibitions
but now was her time
to break the mould
makeover her mind  
and never fold.
To mothers, never give up on your dreams.
Jun 2018 · 1.1k
The uniVerse Jun 2018
I've lived a sheltered life
one home, no wife
just plodding along
day after day
doing no wrong
doing okay
I've not got far
but who's to judge
don't need no car
I prefer to trudge
they say I will live
to a ripe old age
as long as I live
without a cage
one day I might reach
the endless ocean
stretch out on the beach
and cease all motion
but I guess for now
I will keep on going
following the vow
this wind is blowing.
My life as a tortoise.
Jun 2018 · 1.4k
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Let me caress your every sinew
I do not care if you've been used
for many men know the temple of God
but few on holy ground have trod
her birthplace that is creation
yet they treat you with predation
a child that sleeps within your womb
soon your bed will be their tomb
the years of men will surely pass
upon your head I count the grass
they outnumber thee ten fold to one
and yet their bud is still but young
our age is like a moth at night
that travels towards the sacred light
and is extinguished by the flame
Will you remember my name?
your favoured son
Will you forgive the things I've done?
or another knot in the tree become
Jun 2018 · 301
Question Him?
The uniVerse Jun 2018
I could ask a million questions
and receive a million answers
yet I too would still be questing
for I cannot become the master.

Who is it that knows the mind of God?
that can tell the difference between dirt and mud?
for man's nature is curiosity
to try and explain all he can't see.

But it's only through the eyes of the wise
that there's nothing here to realise
there are no problems when there are no questions
just trust in your intuition
have faith in what he has provided
then you will no longer be divided.

For who am I to question him?
let there be no more questioning
with every solution comes a problem
another reason for you to rob them
of money, life and passion
so just let it be
so once again we can see
the real truth
which was revealed in our youth
there's no need to be asking
seeking and grasping
for we are all just passing  
it's life that's everlasting.
Decided to raid the archives, originally written 02/05/2015.
Jun 2018 · 351
Musings #3
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Today I witnessed a man jogging in Flip Flops
it was like watching my Granddad dance to Hip-Hop
pre hip-op
True Story. Sorry Granddad.
Jun 2018 · 367
Stardate 1979
The uniVerse Jun 2018
She said her name was Janet
she was from another planet
so I asked her which one
she pointed past the sun.

I asked her if she missed it
she said she often visits
when she lays down for her dreams
she travels on moonbeams.

I couldn't help but be enamoured
she spoke whilst I stammered
but somehow I gained some courage
and with a sudden flourish
I leaned in for a kiss
but little did I know was this.

That kissing was procreation
I felt this strange sensation
it was a lot of fun
but now we have a son.

We decided to call him Mars
because whenever he would ask
daddy where I'm from
I would point past the sun.
Written to the tune of Up in the Junction by Squeeze which was in my head when I woke up however I could not remember the lyrics so I wrote my own.
May 2018 · 604
I am what I am
The uniVerse May 2018
I am what I am
a man with no plan

but I don't understand?
  you don't have a plan

I don't have a plan
what's to understand?

What about your hopes and dreams?

I just dont know I screamed!
Why do I need dreams to succeed
and what is success anyway?
Why can't I just live my life at play

because you have to take things seriously

seriously, but why?

Imagine all the regrets you will have when you die

regrets about not having a plan?
but what if I die before I can fulfil my plan
now its me that doesn't understand
how can I write a story
if its constantly unfolding
it sounds kinda boring
to already know the ending
I would much rather sing
and why do I need a career path
when I would much rather laugh
all this planning seems so daft!

But you have to be a responsible adult

you mean like a banker that steals?
or a soldier that kills?
or a politician that lies?
or a butcher that cuts up animals with knives?

no! no! those are just the extremes!
you got to have dreams!

I do dream
of being free
of being me
no judgements
no labels
just what you see

But what about a vocation?
a location?
somewhere to hang your hat!

life is a vacation
I don't need none of that!

look I am what I am
a man with no plan
you don't have to understand
as long as you can

can what?
just can.
Something I wrote whilst eating my porridge.
May 2018 · 427
Mother Nature
The uniVerse May 2018
How many more times will the trees dance outside my window?
How many times does the wind blow?
- calling to me, calling my name
tell me when will it rain, again
to wash away these memories
the clouds have no enemies
just drifting without a care
how I sit and stare
at mother natures beauty
come and watch with me
all these dancing trees
watch how they weave
telling stories with their branches
see how they dances.

Let's run away together
you, me and the weather
sailing on a cloud
can love ever be found?
- or is it only given
true love is heaven
our destination  
heading to revelations
the birds cry out in song
angels in their throngs
listen to them sing
listen to their hymns
praise love and nature
provided for us sailors
let us now atone
we are on our way home.
May 2018 · 411
If only.
The uniVerse May 2018
I could split the earth in two with my bare hands
I could tear the sea from the sands
I could devour all the pain that's in the world
I could soak up all the anger that's been hurled
I could crush all the demons in the palm of my fist
I could destroy all the murderers that enlist
I could silence all the bullies with a single glance
I could halt all the deviants before they advance
I could protect the children from all that's in store
I could save the innocent from famine and war
I could stop all the tears before they did fall
I could halt all the tyrants before they could rule
I could heal all the sick so that they had perfect health
If only I could save myself.
The uniVerse May 2018
She was kindness and light
he was the darkness of night
lucky black was her favourite colour
there were no lies he could tell her
she stole the truth from sealed lips
a most unusual friendship
but even friends dip
in and out of courtship
oh such fanciful names
for those wicked games
they would play

☽ ―⊰ Night and Day ⊱― ☀

Chasing each other's shadow
but the night was left a widow
where is the light in mourning
who's lost sight of morning
it's become eternal darkness
since night lost his heiress
no child of light was ever seen
for the Knight had lost his Queen
in the dark nothing grows
as life is set upon by crows
he tried his best to stay awake
but everything had turned opaque
black was his heart
without the light of day
black as the sky
without her rays.
May 2018 · 521
Musings #2
The uniVerse May 2018
Lovers are like vampires they either bleed you dry or grant you immortality with a single kiss.
Apr 2018 · 1.7k
To Mimic a Butterfly
The uniVerse Apr 2018
How fragile the butterfly
as it dances in the sky
trying to find its way home
to a place not carved of stone
soon all this will be dust
so it asks what's all the fuss?
what is all the fighting for?
silly soldiers and their wars
silly man and his laws
the only law is mother nature
for no man can escape her
she who birthed us all
she who waits when we fall
for how the mighty will crumble
as the fools they do stumble
upon the stolen hands of time
each of them suffering for their crimes
and yet the butterfly it worries not
for all that it is, is all that it's got
beauty set upon wings
it's beauty that truly sings.
Apr 2018 · 517
The Word of God
The uniVerse Apr 2018
Oh learned friend where did you go?
t'wards heavens peak beneath the snow
to bury your heart atop a mountain  
where bitter wars had once raged
there many men were also slain
a battle yourself had been engaged
in loves fair and fortuitous name
hurry not to claim a maidens hand
for though beautiful the pursuit
all is and will render to the land
and any requests silenced like mutes
for if words can no longer be spoken
and the ink of quills runneth dry
then hearts will no more be broken  
nor can such lips utter another lie
only sweet truth radiates from being  
as will loves voice finally be heard
for all that remains is the seeing
of God's unadulterated word.
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