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The uniVerse Feb 19
She grabbed a can from off the shelf
the only plan to save her health
to get so drunk she could forget the pain
she drowned it once now she will drown again
pulling the only ring she will ever receive
still can't figure out why he had to leave
tipping her neck the amber crawled inside her
the sweet sprawl of ice-cold cider
who needs a man when you've got alcohol
swimming seductively within your soul
man shes glad she didn't breed
all she needs is this bad seed.
Bad Seed is a brand of cider.
The uniVerse Feb 4
I am vacant with my desires
somewhat complacent with what I admire
would a loaf of bread suffice
to hold court beneath the knife
to fill a void to play a part
bread fills the belly not the heart
so I’m left with fleshly urges
my body numb as mind it purges
repetition has become my means
a driven madness by routine
I told myself it all shall pass
but I’ve yet set sight on last
a machine is what I’ve become
a madness beating the same drum
a bandleader I am not
I’m just the words that you forgot
you left them here for me to read
on your pastures I gently feed
but what is a man without a mind of his own
what can he reap if his seed wasn’t sown
I will tell you of the weeds that weave
and the words he has that do deceive
a storyteller I’ve become
now my heart has been rendered numb
an ancient vessel who’s lost its way
the winds blow north as the sun does fade
so it’s said that he does sail
towards the sunset where words they fail.
The uniVerse Jan 14
She told me she was heartbroken
that all words that could be said had already been spoken
so I offered her silence, my love, and my kindness
as I knew of her pain
I didn't need her words either she need not explain

Sometimes we break when we leave ourselves open
but we can only grow stronger once we've been broken
for we are not sculptures admired from afar
we are beautiful because of our scars
so witness my bumps and my ridges
each one a story of forgiveness

I surrender myself before you
won't you lay out your pieces
that I may bind then with gold and glue
that I may build you all anew .
The uniVerse Dec 2023
There's beauty in the fall
as it stumbles into winter
to hear the jackdaw call
and the trees that slowly splinter
the crispness of leaves
under foot under trees
paints a mottled picture
acorns hang like earrings
such a seasonal fixture
a squirrel darts
from branch to branch
he looks at me
then continues his dance
Yes there's beauty in the fall
as it stumbles into winter
how I feel so small
beneath the trees that splinter
The uniVerse May 2023
I could have been a scarlet queen
a jack of hearts or noble king
yet instead I turned my head
buried my feelings and played dead
watched the world from behind glass
I closed my ears and hid my heart
but alas the storm raged inside
there was no place for me to hide
no matter what I did or said
my emotions spilled my heart it bled
and so here I am
a broken spirit a desperate man
that seeks solace in what's little left
a kind word a measured breath
whom counts the days till your return
or better still finally learns
that peace is not an acquired taste
but what remains when you no longer chase
The uniVerse Apr 2023
Tell me your secrets and I will draw you a map
to a place where we both can forget
and leave our troubles far behind
live out our days in the land of the blind
I never saw you as the prettiest thing
but rather what joy to my heart you did bring
now time will pass in the blink of an eye
the day will come when we both shall die
know that I forgot all of my pain
and though I need not explain
I will love you forever and forever again
The uniVerse Apr 2023
Remember when we would lay in the sun
when summer breeze and dreams were fun
I can hear your laughter in my mind
and see your smile sketched in the sky
as if painted by a pilots trail
but now those things lie beyond the pale
I wish for calmer clearer futures
for the sun to never set
as I am just a comfort creature
that fills his life with one regret
I regret the days that passed too soon
that I spent mourning the moon
oh alas the days that turned to night
the days I surrendered and didn't fight
for love for peace for emptiness
for you, my heart that's truly blessed
and so sorrow flows with time
a maiden voyage a tempered line
ships they sail from host to coast
and me I fear I loved the most
if only captured by my words
I give them all to you who heard
now my time is surely done
at least I can say I felt the sun.
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