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undermyfeet Jul 2020
Buzz of a laughter
Feedback numb
Nothing no more
Just echoes in my ears

Blue sky looked on by
Macabre eyes
The visit passed the limit
She sliced off my

Heartfelt loneliness
Skeptical angels
With their cynical remarks
Trying to get me to feel

Something I don't know what
It is a chip of a bird
That I once quieted for
It is a word of a lover

Who must still love me so
But there is a churning in me
A swirling spiral of nothingness
I hear my time is up
undermyfeet Jul 2020
Doors in my mind
A lethargic breeze
Shutting them closed

Your knocks
Interrupting my monologue
Of solitude

Please go away.
I can't, I can't.

Keep knocking down my words
Keep reminding me of my world
Keep making me want to

Go outside
Face you
Jennifer May 2020
sadness that sweeps the eyelids
into a lead-heavy lethargy,
an awake weariness that
flicks through every bad thought
and pulls me from sleep;
like heavy curtains being dragged
across the threshold of
my vision - where all conscious
thought is a bleeding burden.
i just lie here waiting;
waiting for what? i do not know.
all i know is that i
cannot sleep.
Paper Heart Poet Apr 2020
I’m only myself
When I’m depressed
Into nothingness

Out of this world
Just a cloud looking down
Lost in my own town
Karina Apr 2020
It's been a long day.
Not as a day that's been filled with worries, but as a day filled with fake smiles
plastered together in shallow swathes.
It's been a long, long day
Even if I feel like this, at least I'm fine
If I take a sip of coffee, the coffee's cold
If I reach out, will you embrace me?
To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm reaching for.
The day's cold and the coffee's gone, so I'll leave you with this

The shadow of a tree's leaves in the sunlight is warm and gold
full where it should be empty
and open as a healing wound
Hello I'm very lethargic and cold, but there's some sunlight so we're good. If you somehow stumble across this poem, leave some song recommendations in the comments! I need new music.
Tony Tweedy Jan 2020
Man of greed and narrow thought whose power holds the lands.
By cash alone you compel us all to follow your commands.

And willingly for our own needs we see your world as true.
Bought blindness to dictate our days on a course that profits you.

We close our eyes to the carnage and the killing that you call right.
And we pray for something better than greed and a show of might.

In our hearts we know your motive and the wrongs that you do.
And hope that there is some way we will not need to follow you.

You do not pause to think that you could ever be in the wrong.
And through your reins of power you drag us right along.

I see the world rebelling as by fire nature strikes us back.
With those you opposed, in the news, telling of your foolish attack.

Fear of what you lose compels you to fight change at all cost.
And because we do no better we will all eventually be lost.

Many of us have forgotten the simple things that we were taught.
Such as trust, morality and right are things that can not be bought.

The world when it is sane will come to hate your very name.
But by lethargy and greed the next chosen, sure to be just the same.
I apologise to any innocents offended.... I make no apology to those who are guilty.
Olivia Dec 2019
I miss myself.
She was good, and kind, and
She was not a train speeding along on a track,
Wind whistling by,
Eyes watering and half closed.
She walked alongside it,
Marveling at the cars
Passing by.

Now, she is reduced to
The lethargy that creeps into her veins
And ties her to the car.
Tommy Randell Nov 2019
I saw a man die today
It didn't take long

Yet, for some time
Things had seemed wrong

A stillness, a quietness
withdrawn, a Yawn

I looked back into the mirror
And I was gone
Nico Reznick Jul 2019
I am a
Cold, stiff and
ashen, I am
ready for
autopsy and entropy.
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