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Nico Reznick Jul 29
I am a
Cold, stiff and
ashen, I am
ready for
autopsy and entropy.
Ariel Jul 2
I want to scream, I want to cry
This ache in my chest is so unbearable
I am so very not okay, and I just want to know why.
I was perfectly fine, not two days before
What was it that tipped the scales this time?

I just wish someone would notice
That I'm dying inside a little more every day
This ache that pulsates inside
It's driving me insane
It's not something I can ignore, it occupies my every thought
Why, oh why, was I made this way?

My stomach churns and I want to hide
At this point, feeling pain is better anyway
This emptiness is saddening and not okay
But I nonetheless rake my nails over my skin, hoping to feel anew.

You’ve left me, love.
There’s nothing left of us here.
I’ve felt this a long time coming, but still it hurts now that I know you’re nowhere near.
You’re never coming back.
Of this much, I’m aware.
I just wish you could have noticed
My awful descent into this despair.

Would you have stayed, if you’d noticed?
I doubt it, I swear
You seem to have lost your care
For this, I despair.

I wish someone would notice
I’m drowning, I’m dying
I can’t seem to breathe.
“Keep going!”—instead I wheeze
Soft thoughts drift across my diamond mind
Unable to escape, this time.

I suppose it’s best that no one will notice.
I’m the strong one, I can’t afford to despair.
No one will notice, this I swear.
They mustn’t be aware of how very broken I am.
I’m here for them! I will never let them know
Vulnerability isn’t an option for me
My broken heart, mind, body—this, they will never see.
(Would they even care?)
“She’ll get through it, she’s stronger than this”
“I doubt she wants help, she likes doing things on her own”
(In the end, I seriously doubt it.)
(After all, we’re all drowning down here.)
Everything hurts and I’m dying

But it’s fine
Chicken May 5
He is a creature
Inviting necrosis to set in
whichever mind he may set foot upon

Only the strong survive
to make it out alive
from beneath his heavy weighted black tar tread

He is a creature.
Don’t forget.
A short about lethargy.

The inspiration came from the study of those who create suffering for others, simply because it gets them off.

Whilst I have encountered both male and female who do this, it has been more male than female, and this short relates to one of them in particular.

The two subjects are linked.
Frozen, completely still
White squares on the walls
You've seen a thousand times before
Innate, familiar, completely new
Emanated by blackness
Dusted over by disregard

The memories of garnered squares
Digested like a populous pit
Halting your pant
for an immense instant

Ignorance is the way to see them disguised
As white squares on the walls
You wish you could conveniently forget.
Ariel Apr 4
I hate days like these.
My limbs are lead and I can’t seem to make a sound
I don’t want to move
But I have no “real” excuse.
My head is heavy and I struggle to stay awake
This is the risk I have to take.
I need to get up, I have to move,
The ground is so much more comfortable than I would have possibly understood.

I hate days like these, but
I must keep going, though I can’t describe my desire to stop
They will never understand these negativities floating in my head.
Tears gather at my eyelids, unshed sadness overpowered by lethargy
I cannot move, and I don’t think I want to even if I could

I hate days like these, I swear
Music blares all around me as I struggle to feel something else
Trying to recall a happy memory that isn’t tainted by you.
Nothing is okay, nothing is as it seems
I smile and hide behind this mask
(Let’s face it, they’d never understand)
Pretend to be happy when inside I’m close to breaking
I can’t give in, I must power through
I don’t know if I can, but I must try.

I hate days like these.
My body is heavy and I wish I could die
But even that would take effort that I don’t have
I feel like a statue, rusted and unable to feel
I don’t know if I can make it
My body betrays me, showing a glimpse into my deadened mind
I want to ask for help, but know none will come
Sympathy is not the same.

I hate days like these. They come without my control.
I cannot predict them, I cannot prepare
They come out of nowhere
I feel nothing,
I feel pain
Physical pain and emotional emptiness
This is not what I wanted to do with my day

I hate days like these.
I have so many plans I need to do, so much I want to experience
Why does this happen at the worst of times?
Why couldn’t it happen in the solitude of a Saturday, when I have nothing to do and no worries to plague me?
Anxiety courses through my mind, but my body won’t respond
My brain screams at me, unable to control its vessel
I’m not in the drivers seat
This is my dilemma, dead and horribly alive all at once.
I hate days like these, but they won’t stop.
CautiousRain Feb 28
They say she has it bad,
Taking down the boundaries
She never really had,
Yes, it’s all a bit lethargic,
following what was said,
Trailing eyes and messages
and the overwhelming dread.

Let it down slowly,
It’s a phrase she has heard,
And maybe they’d realize her turn for the worse,
Lethargy, it’s an eight letter word,
But it rules the innards and the outer,
It’s just something she’s learned.
it's just a state of being sometimes
Mar Orellana Feb 27
Over the years, my stomach became
the grave of a thousand butterflies.
My ribcage filled with moths
craving the tiniest amount of light
they could possibly find in the dark.
So they are poking holes on my flesh
by feeding on my nerves, skin and veins.
And I let them do it.

Deep down I know they won’t stop
until I become one of them.
And deep down, I don’t mind.
Poetic T Feb 12
Play me a melody
           that I may slumber.

Not to count sheep,
     more like to feed
on the carcass of
                 decaying dreams.

For in the lethargy that consumes
            me knows no awakening.

For the sheep no longer jump
          a cloud they are atop
the earth decaying in the nightmares
                           of life's living  
Sherry Asbury Nov 2018
I woke up this morning in
an America I did not recognize
So many years of just drifting,
certain of her elasticity
her ability to shake off
the parasites and naysayers
Now I see a buffoon where
lesser buffoons have capered
Why do I imagine that under
that bleached wave, are the
numbers 666?
Wake up all you who have
slept beside me, drifting
in the false safety that is not
We must dust off our shoes
and march again, doggedly
and without reservation.
We must demand justice and change...
peacefully and forcefully.
For this nation is one person
who stands up and says - "Enough!"
My wheelchair and your legs
must gather others and refuse
to be silent - evermore.
personal rant
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