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The uniVerse Sep 2020
Listen if you please
to my twisted soliloquy
I’m not from around here
I’m just rumors on a breeze
I come from afar
some say the mountains
others the stars
like an absent friend
you will remember me I promise
or else your names Thomas
mine is Adam the first
I am the atoms that burst
the very fabric of being
the fabric of genes
denim, denial, destiny, defile
I've been here a while
and I will be here a while longer
even though I don't belong here
the oceans don't know my depths
the mountains have not reached my peaks
all these beliefs I have not kept
for there is something greater that I seek
but I cannot utter its name
some may call it love
but that has garnered too much fame
for you've mistook love for what is fake
because it's not something you can take
it's as simple as a breeze
the same that carried me
yet unlike I it has no needs
it's as full as the oceans
and tall as the mountains
I had the notion
that I could just pen
write my own legend
but that too must END
Steve Page May 2018
you've heard about me
is true.
- Apart from that thing with L3.
We were just friends.
You just gotta love Lando Calrissian.
Jordan Fischer Jan 2016
You've heard the rumour?
It's true
I do sleep with one eye on my heart
Why do i do this?
I have let my heart get stolen
One too many times
And we all know thief's aren't the most careful people 
and wouldn't you know, It's been broken
More than once 
How do i keep an eye on it?
Let's just say
It's easy to watch something that has been
Torn out and stepped on
You are probably wondering
How my heart has survived all these years?
That's easy
You can't **** something
That was never alive.
Sa May 2015
A newborn rumor.
Feed it fiction
or maybe a fact or two.
And it will grow bigger and plump.
Some will laugh, fret
and some will cry.
it starts to fade & gets boring & old
a day will come when
****! It's no more.
luke Nov 2014
One night is not enough for you to
fill the next highlighting their scars
you should not throw rocks at his window
then hide your hands in your pockets
and said he's the one trying hard
I didn't mean to say you shouldn't write it
you could write a manuscript
even two for all I know
just make sure the pages are free from spilled inks
before you proceed to the next page
cutting the colour of his hair to paste in it making fun of it
well you got a messy web in your bleached hair
while you're blindfoldingly labeled him with words
it's those words that he seemed to laugh off but kept him up all night reminiscing
just what went wrong on that *one night
You can write about how things went and what went wrong along the way but never never never write about something one can't change like physical appearances and things. That makes you just the same level as him when you said he wasn't a nice guy. That makes two of you if what you're saying is true. Words ****.
Serenity Elliot Sep 2014
I returned to find my name had been stepped upon
Through no fault of my own
Through nothing I had done

Boys had interpretted something that they heard
And spread my identity around
Tinged and blackened with what they preferred

I am innocent in all of this
I wanted to fight back
But people told me not to bring it forth
It would make it worse, to cut them some slack

If I was a man this wouldn't be an issue
Please can people stick up for those who have been trodden on
This is a fight one girl cannot make alone

— The End —