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Spadille Sep 3
A detective woke up from a deep slumber
To only get a glimpse of his wife
Bathing in her own blood, lifeless
It was truly a ghastly sight

Stunned by what he saw
It took him a long time to comprehend
And when he did
He weeped and mourned
He ought to bring her justice

A million questions
A thousand interrogations
Hundreds of suspects
Numerous clues

Time passed by
And the culprit hasn't been caught
Fraustration ate him
And he screamed curses into the abyss in vexation

The day finally came
He now knew who it was
He knew who the monster was
He miscalculated everything

The culprit is starting at his soul
With ****** hands and a devilish smirk
"Good job" it whispered to him
As he started at the reflection of himself
Bhill Aug 1
who set the temperance in the square-faced clown
he was dancing and strolling and roaming around
he was scary, he was strange, he was really quite large
no one knew how he got there but he came out in charge
his hair was was chaotic, his skin an orange hue
he wanted to tell stories, all of which were not true
his stay should be over, in that fact we hope
the square-faced clown, it appears is a hoax....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 210
someone once told me

-long before when i used to play music so loud
so loud to help keep the whispers at bay
      the monsters hidden within
            the unanswered questions, doubts, unanswered,

that to be able to appreciate music,
lower the volume, take it in, softly, gently, and
hear it calmly.

but then,
        the whispers
            the monsters
                the unanswered questions

 ­  are louder, s c r EA mIng,
                   loud, louder than

     the heartb e a t,
       dum, dumdum, dum.....
                    too soft.... too..

i wanted to, but i can't hear the soft music in the screaming of what's within.
Anais Vionet Jul 22
The virus will fade in the summer heat.
It's Trumps hoax folks - it’s a joke folks.

Drink your Lysol and get back on the street.
Look, it’s a hoax folks - it’s a joke folks.

We can trade those masks in for some caskets
Yes, it’s a hoax folks - you’ll be ok folks.

Send your kids to school - some will die, but that’s cool.
This is no hoax folks - some kids will die folks.

Or they’ll bring the virus right back to you.
Safety’s a joke folks - do the republican choke folks.

The average bill for ICU care - is 20K folks
chump change folks - just pay the man, folks

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand dead
But vote for Trump folks - if your family's alive folks
Trump is crazy, his foolishness has wrecked the economy - now he wants to endanger children
nance May 12
You soothed my raw skin with lotion,
but I know underneath your heart meant war;
so here's to the selfish, demimonde ******-
to the ones who'd **** up their own lives,
including yours.
They can talk all they want,
but at the end of the day, face-to-face,
they would kiss my *** and greet me with praise.

they talk behind your back until you come face-to-face.
quite sad.
Amanda Apr 10
Who knows when we will find happiness?

Or where it is stashed away?

Why it takes so long to reach?

If we discover it at all?

My confused heart aches

Are we to stay lost forever?

Happiness appears to be nothing-
A hoax to me
Like bigfoot or nessie
Carlo C Gomez Jan 25
If the earth is flat as a pancake,
how come the sun and moon, and pretty much every other celestial body, are round like a Belgium waffle?

If the moon landing is some giant hoax of trick photography,
who did it? and how?
I mean, Industrial Light & Magic didn't get it's start until nearly a decade later!

Come on!
The uniVerse Oct 2019
Her voice was transcribed upon the wind
and carried towards my ears
in thought I had already sinned
but I'm the only one who hears.

I caught her smile as she approached
which stopped me in my tracks
I didn't know if it was mirage or hoax
I couldn't tell fiction from fact.

She offered me a greeting
I can't remember what I replied
all thoughts were now fleeting
as I was still tangled in her eyes.

She said her name was something
something that I don't recall
I'm sure I replied a dumb thing
if any of this happened at all.
Hammond Colson Jul 2019
If the soul makes the man
And the flesh a husk
The elaborate hoax of hope
Is the most prolific killer
That ever was
Silverflame May 2019
Like many before me
the mirror is my enemy
it shows me things I don't want to be
it shows me a twisted image of reality

It haunts me from within
by planting hoaxes under my skin
burned to my core is the malicious grin
hatched from the depths of my mirror twin
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