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If the soul makes the man
And the flesh a husk
The elaborate hoax of hope
Is the most prolific killer
That ever was
Silverflame May 10
Like many before me
the mirror is my enemy
it shows me things I don't want to be
it shows me a twisted image of reality

It haunts me from within
by planting hoaxes under my skin
burned to my core is the malicious grin
hatched from the depths of my mirror twin
Alec Astaire Jan 22
I never was yours
So love me how you used to
Hoaxing my daft soul.
She really did fool me.
Tommy Randell Dec 2018
This poem is a hoax, okay
That says it's not a poem
But it sure as hell looks that way -

And though its rhymes offer recognisabilty
One hundred likes are needed
To give it credibility, so

Please copy and paste it onto friends -
The more a hoax poem is actually read
The more it reads like commonsense.

It means well in the humour it evokes, so
Please, help these dubious lines become
More poem and less hoax -

Or else I will, I will do my very best,
I will send it to Trump who will cancel Christmas and
Live on YouTube Santa will die a lingering death...
Crego Nov 2018
(Insert satire
about my
You're right, it was a lie, a joke,
It's a hysterical sight when I forget, so I sigh,
It was a hoax...
I love to sleep 14 to 70 hours each day and how much I weigh, That's just a positive gain,
How'd you know I never had pain?
I purposely cancel plans at the end,
Who'd want to keep friends?
I just lie about it to seek attention,
being called a liar was my whole intention...
I am not sick or tired,
I just enjoy being called lazy, it's good for my self-esteem... when I do get out to look pale and wearing no makeup,
I no longer care about.
You can't see the illness on the outside, you can't see my body attacking itself, healthy brain cells killing oneself, so I made up the autoimmune disease by myself...
No need to look forward to remissions, good health doesn't need omission,  
No need to ask for prayer, for what's wrong with me(on my behalf), they'll find a cure, after all , my cells are pure, and you can't see the disease that I have.

Glad I made you laugh,
When God heals and take's it away,
Then you'll know I never had it anyway. -Jencie
I am sick now with an autoimmune disease. I don't even write much anymore. And to write over the web like this is a lot less often. Thank you and God Bless You!!
the man had hypnotic power
he drew people in
they thought he was of charismatic

whatever he'd say or do
they'd so senselessly agree to
as if they were blinded*  
by a beguiling view

gullible they who didn't closely
examine what he was about
below the veneer's surface
lay a slimy feigning trout

naive to his sham

trusting the sorcerer's
pretend magnetism
they'd been attracted
into a shadowy prism

does the mind recall
Jim Jones or Charlie Manson?
The actor was so thrilled to be offered a part
uneasy that two suited men
told  him he had to sign a binding contract
no disclosure or go to prison
realised there was no choice had to agree
but offered him a huge fee!

Pressurised signed was told to wait for a call
they would not disclose details
life put on hold regretting that offer of work
could not contact agency
what had he committed to it blew his mind
wishing time he could rewind!

Several days later his house phone rang
a voice gave a short message
outside ten minutes apprehension grew
picked up his bag and waited
at precisely the time stated a van arrived
from then on freedom was deprived!

A side door shot open abruptly told to enter
once inside the vehicle sped away
within not alone three other men squatted
nobody spoke on that journey
what seemed like hours being thrown about
he was filled with fear and doubt!

At last it stopped they were greeted by a man
smartly dressed and well spoken
apologised  for covert action and no information
found themselves in a large hangar
on one side changing rooms and catering truck
it dawned on him here they were stuck!

It was cold as they were shown to a huge room
chairs were placed facing a screen
sitting the smart man went to the front lingered
until they were all quietly seated
explained he was the director of this project
with those present was about to connect!

From behind them armed guards now entered
please do not be alarmed he said
they are here for our protection and security
you have been chosen to participate
in a conspiracy that must never be exposed
the screen lit up the secret disclosed!

Images of a barren landscape was dispalyed
this is the set built-in this hangar
here the moon surface has been recreated
because we are going to hoax
for the want of a better word the moon landing
with astronauts on surface standing!

This is the first meeting of our brave flight crew!

Just another conspiracy theory?

What is the truth so many unanswered question! Could the moon landings have been a hoax?#TheFoureyedPoet.
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Grand edifices, seem pretty nice
Hoarding up money, such a heist
Pockets full, everything to boast
All that luxury, all that toast

Curtains of wealth, over those eyes
Trapped in such a state of vice
Stockpiles of silver and gold
Deal, a sign, everything sold

Wealth in reality, zero a price
Counting em, this year x thrice
Pretending to be above n bold
The stiff heart you couldn't mould

Crawling over body, ants and lice
Scorpions too, it's nothing nice
Shivering with fear and cold
The pain, agony, all foretold

In the grave, horrendous mice
Game's over for the rolling dice
No one to tell, weren't you told
To that paper now grab a hold

May it be Burj khalifa, all those malls
The huge tall towers, everything falls
Sabotag shall suffer those proud walls
The vast stage, superior than all halls
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Metals when combined, turn into alloys
Men with exceptional perspectives visualize
Retinas uncover hoaxes, merely fake toys
Say witnessing the mirage, awakens realize
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