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Aden Aug 31
Woke up and a feel rough
Lord knows that a drank enough
In way past midnight
Looking out to the day light
Need to rebuild my energy
Cuppa t is the remedy
When a man's from Yorkshire
No milk is torture
Wanna go back to bed
Have a nap like im dead
Had too much whisky
Scotch is always risky
Then was drinking red wine
Deffo not fee ling fine
"Goes to my heaaaaad"
Is an under statement
My head fell off on the pavement

Never wanna drink again tell me what you think again now I wanna start again shoulda smoked the reef instead

Now I really need hydration
Or maybe migration
Did i say something bad
Did I make someone mad
Woke up and I feel rough
Lord knows that I drank enough
Clearly have a hangover today.
Everybody whom you come across in your life are able to plant seeds thus the indulgence. A seed which only reveals through a conscious state of mind and shall only come out at our full potential, deep contentment.

A miraculous progress fed on our consciousness, a triumph to self exploration and development towards the inner peace we want.
It is a purer form of self growth through self reflection upon actions, thoughts, feelings and experiences of ourselves and others.

So do not drift into shadows after a mistake, change or loss in life. Rather create an inner dialogue, explore your experiences and surround yourself with consciousness, a purer form of salvation shall be met.
Äŧül Apr 6
Harry was the best friend of Henrietta.
Harry cared about Henrietta,
So much so that he loved her.
One day Harry prepared to propose her,
Before he did, Henrietta told him something.
She told him that she loves Henry,
However, Henry was seeing Lisa.

Harry was determined to get Henry for Henrietta.
Harry wanted happiness for Henrietta,
As if she's his daughter, his alter ego.
One day Harry charmed Lisa & lured her into a room,
And all this while, he made a video of them making love together.
Lisa was not aware of the video he made,
Harry beamed the video to Henry.

When Henry ditched Lisa,
He accused her being a cheater.
Yet with Henrietta he did not indulge,
And Lisa tried to woo him back.
Lisa apologized and felt it too,
Bad for Henrietta, Henry forgave Lisa.
This left Harry helpless & hapless.

Finally he loudly spoke up an ode to her,
Harry to Henrietta that be,
"Can't you tell that I love you,
Oh how much I love you?"
I slept with Lisa to make sure Henry,
The guy you want so badly,
Broke up with her.
She apologized and he accepted her back,
Their love is flexible and true.
Yet you don't see me seething with resentment and pain,
How I wish for you to see that I love you so much!"

Henrietta's eyes brimmed with tears,
Tears of realization and happiness.
Harry & Henrietta stared at each other,
In a moment that was so pregnant,
All the ambience was so stagnant.

Then both Harry and Henrietta lunged for dear life,
And they jumped towards each other to let the lips lock.
They kissed each other and caressed the partner's neck,
As if life is forever here to stay and they can play the leisurely fife.
Stupid Cupid Indulgence.
A short poetic romance young adult fiction work. Do tell in comments what part of this story you like the most.

My HP Poem #1740
©Atul Kaushal
shanika yrs Feb 16


Not you, the witch
I need a hug.        
came a long way.


She knows, she does

She is not here

never mind
' be outside
that bench there
in cold

Till she comes?

© shanikayrs
Amanda Jan 10
Everyone says I'm a sweetheart
I am always making others smile
They don't know that I need to make someone else smile
Before I am allowed to wear my own
Happiness is contagious
Molly Jan 1
In 2019,
I want more.

Want more sunrises
More rolling out of bed with a purpose

More afternoons curled in a love seat

I want a garden
inside me and in my backyard

More friends
More nuzzles from dogs

More oceans

More allowance to make mistakes
After all, you were brave enough to try.

More stillness
More belly laughs
More love letters

More sway in my hips
Cool breeze on my lips

More looking in the mirror to see my smile
not the width of my thighs

More finding shapes in the clouds

More moments that leave me breathless

More life
All the painfully messy beautifully chaotic morsels
dripping from my chin

In 2019,
I want more.
Dream Dec 2018
When man meets nature,

It reminded me of how you met me...
Van Byrde Oct 2018
Her heel is adorned with rubies
her temple with sapphires
her calf is painted in gold
and her glorious thighs in kohl

The curve of her hip is tucked in lapis
the swell of her breast is caressed by jade
skin so rich she shines like onyx
eyes so warm she can make a man

This is all she wears
Rick Warr Oct 2018
i am gloriously indulgent
when left to my own devices
lashings of stylish fulfillment
in a mix of virtues and vices

i have my sense of order
though i am craven to desire
drunk with a sense of beauty
to torch blandness with fire

poor dear mediocrity
your time is not with me
you are my sworn enemy
find others for company

i burn for what is art
and those, who do it for love
they are my choice of company
together, we'll rise above

This is just how I feel.
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