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Zywa 4d
Grandma is doing

her best to help, everywhere --

she stands in our way.
"Cien años de soledad" ("One Hundred Years of Solitude", 1967, Gabriel García Márquez)

Collection "After the festivities"
Zywa Jul 5
People are too short old
and too long young, they don't
become as wise as brownies

They have little profit
from the lessons they draw
from pain and pleasure, and

from the lessons they ignore
because they prefer to believe
in what the world promises

because they prefer to believe
it is within reach
and the prospect is worth it

to keep waiting
and I can't do anything about it
I'm just a rainbow

that is never there where you are
a gate on the horizon
where all the exits come together
"Girl" (John Lennon, The Beatles, 1965, album "Rubber Soul")

Collection "Lilith's Powers" #20
Zywa Jun 22
I am old, I drink

wine from a small nameless field –

to visit one time.
“Forgotten field” (2011, Remco Campert)

Collection "Blankets of snow"
Zywa Jun 20
Other people's wind blows
along your house and my house
with old songs that we hum
when sweeping the floor

We look at Déjà vu
once more and we dance
in thoughts, in real life
we are off the map

My breath is precious, every minute
twelve times pain and misery
twelve times the gentle wind
that conforms, that snuggles up

against the busy people
as a knowledge that we exist –
a reaching embrace
with always thinner kisses
• “Eleanor Rigby” (Paul McCartney, The Beatles, 1966, album “Revolver”)
• “Déjà Vu” (1995, ballet by Hans van Manen)

Collection "Lilith's Powers" #59
Shwetha sb Apr 23
when all they grow old,
practices and beliefs are getting sold
to their grandchild ,and surprisingly found some accede
looking at the past few years,
they met with themselves and never lived with tears
yeah,they cry sometimes when someone knocked them down
but they never stayed long low on ground

today, lying warm at bed,
smiling at all memories they treasured,
happy to enter for a long slumber,
and waiting to become a dream inside a dreamer...
Grand parents have time for you when everyone else is too busy..
They are like living storybook,who tells you the stories of unseen past...
Tommy Randell Mar 25
I'm a man who has never quite looked after himself.
I have gaps in me teeth & random good health,
But I'm a man at peace with ALL his pieces,
The bits that comply AND the bits with caprices.

Although some days getting old IS a bit of a puzzle.
Which leg for example is joined to which muscle?
Or which arm goes first putting my coat on?
And, how only 3 Buttons can be gotten so wrong?

Is it just me or are people talking faster?
n'When did me tripping-up become such a disaster?
Why are coins so slippery and keys so awkward?
Why aren't memories just there and I have to think backwards?

Conversation has gaps while I find the right word.
My specs covered in fingerprints make everything blurred.
Walking to the Shops finds me sat in the Park
Getting my breath back, like some O.A.P. basking Shark.

In the scheme of things not a lot bothers me greatly,
But, y'know, something WILL drop off and I haven't looked lately.
Yes, when I add it all up, it is a bit of an equation,
Still, just one more decent poem is cause for celebration.

Tommy Randell. -  25th March 2021
O.A.P. is British parlance for Old Aged Pensioner.
Often used affectionately, often not.
Zywa Mar 3
On the beach, we push ourselves
through the wind towards the light
There is no tunnel or holy gate

To catch our breath, we turn
around and take a rest, the wind goes
all over the world, and we are blown

along with the seagulls awhile and
together with the waves, we flow
out over the shiny sand awhile

The airspace is too large for us
almost still, we lean forward diagonally
but it is no longer a game

So we lie down and listen
to the rows of the surf
which is also breaking in our blood
For Dory de Kok #10

Collection “Life line"
Kamal Dec 2020
I am tired of fighting to survive
I am a tired old man
I have lived but never loved
Please take me home
I am a flightless bird crossed the seven seas
I need to rest
Please take me home
My home is the endless blue sky,
the summer breeze,
the full moon over the Mediterranean Sea,
and words of love whispered in my ears ...

Please  take me home!
Zywa Dec 2020
An old feeling, eight

hundred and twelve I would be –

if it were still there.
“El colonel no tiene quién le escriba” (“No One Writes to the Colonel”, 1961, Gabriel García Márquez)

Collection "Glimpsed"
Akhil Bhadwal Nov 2020
They are still burning for me, guiding me forever,
Their shine getting dimmer, but flicker? never!
I am nothing without their light,
I'm bright only because of their shiny sight.

Don't know how long will they be on this plane with me,
But I know for sure, they will always be locked away inside my red *****,
Flowing through every drop of my blood and every thought of my existence,
Guiding me/keeping me sane whenever I'm lost/short of sight.

People say that nothing lasts forever, but true love does,
It was, it is, it will.
Hey, I believe your loved ones never leave you,
They are always inside your soul, guiding you with their eternal light!
Gratitude for my loved ones, especially my parents!
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