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The wolf ditched
The sheep’s clothing
Shopping online
Was so much easier
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
the children
these mere babes
trust the adults
yet the adults
betray their trust
and do unspeakable things
that repulse decent people
within a society

the children '
aren't safe
the children
aren't secure
in the hands of men and women
who are so

the children
cannot fully blot out
what has been done to them
the sullying of their bodies
and the distressing of their minds
stays over a lifetime

the children
the law's protection
from the
filthy infection

the children
the horrific assaults
which leave
marring results
c Apr 2018
I danced all night in the dress He gave us--

Pins stuck in my hips
Zippered through my spine
I even painted my lips
To match His werewolf eyes

"You're beautiful baby"
He takes in a mouthful
I slink at the waist
Just how He likes me

"Let's get you a drink"
And I feel the sway
He bathes me in blood
He takes me away

Tonight I'll be His **** nurse
His seasoned strip steak thigh
His Only 18
His innocent eyes

Tomorrow I will lick the wounds
And pray He'll call again
Tomorrow marks another night
Of dancing in His dress

Inspired by PJ Harvey's song "Dress"
adira Feb 2018
Some would say the lush green forest on the mountainside is perfect
But I know almost every forest
Lush or grey
Is plagued with disease
Whether it is the tiniest of parasites
Or the most destructive of predators.
everyone has a problem a trouble not everything is all joy and no ones life is perfect
Tony Luxton Nov 2017
I watch a small lump of fat
fall to the lawn, surrounded
by birds. A plucky starling
takes it to a quiet spot.

Grandad grew frustated with ploitics
at work. He turned his back,
took his pension,
started working for himself.

Greedy persistent pigeons press
stealing starlings' earnings, pecking,
flapping, asset stripping.

The old man worked night and day to build
business. But the predators swooped,
their beaks and claws tearing at his skin.
They broke his heart. Today we bury him.
looking at the lawn on funeral day
Sayer Nov 2017
Jesus Christ
what's it like to have you heart broken
and your mind spoken for

Jesus Christ
what's it like to love a song for so long
just to know it was a lie all along.

Jesus Christ,
Do I get to live forever, together
with the ones I love most?

Jesus Christ
am I a trial, am I a triublation
a meandering stipulation?

Jesus Christ
Are you there
it's me
Disgusted by my idols

Jesus christ
burn me across these fields of gold running across these easy moving mountains and make me wonder how I even got in this place
a disgrace makes me puke listening to my old favorite song
i have loved you for so long
i wish you were dead instead
To Lacey.
IPM Nov 2017
Thrown into wildness
I was thrown into wildness...

Law of the jungle runs deep in ones veins
food chain topped by vicious prowlers
if blood keeps running cold
murderous minds grow more bold
predators take pride in their
hunter's prowess.

Thrown into wildness
I was thrown into wildness.

Where fights in the dead of night
and greedy hands with high demands
are everyday life
all part of ulterior motives
and rotten plans.

Where pretentious intentions
are the cost of survival
and no saints nor prophets
are offered revival.
It's hard to stay calm...

It's hard to stay calm
when wrath's laid on the tip
of your palms.
Gluttonous man eaters drool
in the depths of the concrete jungle
over lustful people
whilst maintaining an iron ******

Thrown into-

The sad reality of living day to day
and sloth's not tolerated
unless you've royal blood
survival instincts often tempt
a few to stray
their ways forgotten rest
beneath the murky mud.

In the end, envy runs errands
against the common folk
for in the jungle defenceless insects
have no place in the grander plan
or any rights to live humble.

It's a vicious cycle that takes
its toll
being thrown into modern wildness
and when the sun goes down
and follows darkness,
the world is then devoid from
and humanity is swallowed whole.
Inspired by Ka and his unrivalled lyricism. Also by other events.
Knights Jan 2016
With wings to fly
I might just die
Maybe say my last goodbye
Cause honey I
As the prey they might
Chase me as I scurrie by
The predators hunt me tonight
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