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LC Apr 2021
it climbs up their thin veins,
worming its way under their skin,
until it digs into their vulnerable minds,
controlling them from the inside out,
until they twist the life out of others.
the prey become the predators.
#escapril day 17!
Karijinbba Mar 2021
Kiriaki Olivia Eleni Mada-lozi
from Piraeus Greece Billy
ugly Marcia, Sherry Shriki, Darni, Judy Gim, Alb- tch, Jeff Albr.. Henry Robert W
Impotent ejaculator precosē. Charles manson's advocates; Henry Robert narcissistic
your sociopath psychopath nurse from hell in LA CA.
You aren't above the law
Poisoners sterile hainas  
Susan WRat no.
**** human predators human traficants to hell with you all- ratas inmundas! Emilia Velazquez thief IHSS should put you in jail And immigration take your green card stealing my savings and stimulus money cashed. Shame on you rata inmunda ladrona.

Filthy rats
Creeping animals
**** of life
Shoddy monstrosity.

Spectres of Hell
**** vermins
How much damaged you've done to me and my daughter's
Poisoning them with hallucinogenic metamphetamins psychotropics without them knowing
Then, blackmailing them to give up their parental rights to sterile haenas jealous medeas
Add insult to injury to my family forcing psychiatric pill intake to hide your ancient crimes
Your hate crime is now public susan ra-t-ano hell *****

You bought my grown daughter from the human predators I had escaped from
Coward filthy **** *****

Vermin word raitano
Poisonous serpent
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.

Two-legged rats
I'm talking to you all
because creeping creatures,
even being the most cursed,
compared to your evildoers
vermin human predators,
a creeping snake
stands taller than you all.

**** leeches
**** cockraoches
you who infects with bites,
who hurts and who kills.
Slanders trashing whoever
is holy good and precious

You Vermin
Poisonous serpents
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.
I bind to you all my motherly pain I curse you in every life time.
Two-legged filthy rats,
I'm talking to you!
because a creeping creature,
even being the most cursed and ugly, in hell, on Earth
unwelcome in heaven,
compared to you **** brains.
stands much taller.

You're listening to me
Hyena of Hell
How much I hate you and despise you!

**** leech
**** cockraoch
you who infects with bites,
who hurts and who kills.

Poisonous serpents
In everyone's paradise.
Waste of life
I hate you and despise you.

Two-legged my filthy rats
I'm talking to you too ***** donors madalozi charms.bos henry welonek.
because a creeping creature,
even being the most cursed compared to you
You stand even smaller.
By Paquita del Barrio
And Karijinbba.
All Rights.
To my unprovoked filthy enemies
Child torturers may karmic dñnnnebt give you all
an eye for an eye poisonous night shades vampires may my light blast you all out
Carlo C Gomez Jul 2020
Iniquitous priests and cannibals
Then feed
Upon childhood dreams

I cannot breathe
Any longer
In this unfiltered
Parsimonious pond

Push back what entangles

Pull away from a myriad of angry souls

Lift this ill-harboring mind free

He is my constant friend

He reminds me
I'm (somewhat) alive

That one shiny day
Along the suspicious river Difficult
I will finally slay him
BLT's continued challenge - to write a poem using the Merriam-Webster word of the day, parsimonious.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
The wolf ditched
The sheep’s clothing
Shopping online
Was so much easier
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
the children
these mere babes
trust the adults
yet the adults
betray their trust
and do unspeakable things
that repulse decent people
within a society

the children '
aren't safe
the children
aren't secure
in the hands of men and women
who are so

the children
cannot fully blot out
what has been done to them
the sullying of their bodies
and the distressing of their minds
stays over a lifetime

the children
the law's protection
from the
filthy infection

the children
the horrific assaults
which leave
marring results
c Apr 2018
I danced all night in the dress He gave us--

Pins stuck in my hips
Zippered through my spine
I even painted my lips
To match His werewolf eyes

"You're beautiful baby"
He takes in a mouthful
I slink at the waist
Just how He likes me

"Let's get you a drink"
And I feel the sway
He bathes me in blood
He takes me away

Tonight I'll be His **** nurse
His seasoned strip steak thigh
His Only 18
His innocent eyes

Tomorrow I will lick the wounds
And pray He'll call again
Tomorrow marks another night
Of dancing in His dress

Inspired by PJ Harvey's song "Dress"
adira Feb 2018
Some would say the lush green forest on the mountainside is perfect
But I know almost every forest
Lush or grey
Is plagued with disease
Whether it is the tiniest of parasites
Or the most destructive of predators.
everyone has a problem a trouble not everything is all joy and no ones life is perfect
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