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Mar 2019 · 265
faa Mar 2019
Whether it was the sun’s aurelian caress
Or the serene strokes of moonlight lulled
Across its keys carved with much finesse
Monochrome yet its beauty never dulled

A sonata lightly, it hummed, reverberating
Across gently, waves of sound, resonating
The tune seemed to hush the grounds
Effortlessly silencing the cry of hounds

Each tap across the tonal stairs had slashed
The breast of the wounded, whom had clashed
Echoes of nature’s enthrallment seems to linger
The music still bewitching the conducting finger

Corpses waltzing to the nightly sombre dirges
Pleading to allow their rest under the birches
How the sonata tortures all that it imprisons
How the sonata torments all those that listens
Mar 2019 · 217
faa Mar 2019
My state forevermore
I, who became
Broken shards
Of an intentional slip, that i bore
The Sky’s burden
Atlas’ *******
Next to my bruises, my scarred
Shoulders had endured
Scathed, scorched
I was scorned
These pieces
Can never be pieced
Or witness a day of peace
After all
Glass shards
Are no jigsaw puzzles
Sep 2018 · 854
Earthly Venus
faa Sep 2018
with the clock ticking restlessly
as my heart fondly wishes
to rest my palms against your dips
the valleys your waist had created
full of mountainous curves
the arch of your back carving hills
there's no denying that your rivers
so onyx, bringing Styx to shame
cascading down your mid-back
each strand flowing so elegantly
my hands desiring to feel its silky texture
and to finally let our fingers intertwine
the twigs growing on our trees
now blooming iridescent florae
the mundane in you never existed
for the emerald in your irises
flusters butterflies as they flutter
their wings carrying them curiously
to view your angelic ethereality
which was, not so ethereal;
but more grounded, rather earthly
it is unfair to profess you as my angel
as you represented mother nature
you are my Paradise Lost
for Gaea trembles at your divinity
my Earthly Venus, you have captured me
under your trace of beauty
i'm forever under her spell
Aug 2018 · 523
Break Free
faa Aug 2018
i can only break free
from the cocoon i have spun
with silk from the fruits
of my dedication and labour
when the seconds on the clock
tick & tock, tick & tock,
until my anticipated wings
finally sprout with dyes so radiant
and burst me free, soaring
with an outburst so fierce
that my wings intimidate
every other caterpillar
as I have evolved
when they couldn't
Aug 2018 · 271
Pervasive Fallacy
faa Aug 2018
They were avid dancers, masterpieces
Twisting their hips elegantly to the beat
Fingertips against air, gracefully traces
Bodies callous in motion, against the heat

Yet they encircled the melody of clashes
Revelling to the disputes of their peers
On audience cheers and camera flashes
They thrived on their opponents’ tears

On pervasive fallacies they were merrymakers
In distorting realities they were professionals

How they prospered valiantly in our defeat
How they stomped over us and still proceed
How they annihilated us, and can still meet
Our eyes shamelessly, as we bleed
for those who are sinister by choice
Jul 2018 · 285
faa Jul 2018
Your fingers swept
Delicately grasping
The Heartstrings
I never knew existed
The Heartstrings
I thought were split

After so much trauma
After so much agony

As of current
The string are now
Between your fingertips
You tugged
You played
Mildly, wildly
As you pleased
with much caution
Allowing them
To stay intact
And not snap

Regardless of
How suddenly you found
my Heartstrings I lost
I trusted you to play
The same way
You trusted me to stay
Jul 2018 · 8.2k
Fluttering hearts
faa Jul 2018
Her lips constant at the utterance
Of sweet and serene words filled
With adoration, praising him,
He who made endless hearts
do cartwheels and somersaults
Of multiple, millions nigh and far
their hearts loving
As long as he’s living

Nonetheless, changing courses
Of history was what she excelled
One glance, one encounter turned

Her lips managing
to do none but stutter
To his shielded heart
no one managed to flutter

His deer like eyes observing
With admiration, eyes sparkling
every look, crook, nook
Of her smile that shook
The worlds and heavens
Devout in his heart and mind

His earth's plates shifting
His massive planets orbiting
He witnessed it all in one being

The gravity of the universe on her
Shoulders heavy from responsibility
The heavens challenging her capability
Her hardships conveyed as she blinked
their dilated orbs communicating
language barriers unstoppable
To what her eyes held

He understood his needs
To care, to cherish, to love,
Feeling his heart pumping blood
Faster, quicker than light
Travelling the dark domains
Undiscovered, just like her soul
That he felt the need to explore
As his heart finally fluttered
Jun 2018 · 293
Walking in their Shoes
faa Jun 2018
A row of shoes were lined up,
Ready to be slipped on
Each pair unique, telling tales
It’s owner’s burden buried deep
their sufferings carried on

One of the pairs horribly reeked
Of long hours under the sun
Soaked with sweat and tears
That leaked from it’s owner’s eyes
And seeped through the owner’s toes
Exploitation and oppression
Tattered and slipper strings snapped
Which brings into question
Can we dare walk in those shoes?

Another pair was rather extravagant
Bejewelled, dazzling with rubies
The aroma of vanilla spreading
Through the radiant effervescence
Yet it held a vibe so ominous
Perhaps emitting unhappiness
From the riches that brought no glee
Which brings into question
Can we dare walk in those shoes?

Slipping your feet into a pair
crawling, walking or sprinting
Empathising in their shoes
Shredded from sufferings
Or stitched with threads of hope
What truly matters in those shoes
Is to understand with compassion
Gaining a glimpse of their wars
To interpret, understand and empathise
With “Verstehen” we can learn
And share our battle scars
Then perhaps, we can accept ourselves
And each other in solace
so let us ask ourselves, once again;
Can we dare step into their shoes?
"Verstehen" is a term coined by Sociologist Max Weber loosely characterized by three words; "interpret, understand and empathize", basically walking in someone else's shoes to understand them better. this poem was inspired by this very concept
Jun 2018 · 266
Suffocating Distance
faa Jun 2018
Suffocating between houses so distant
Where oceans tempest in between
An opaque clutch on her throat consistent  
Tears wetting her façade, blatantly unseen  
The further the households grew apart
A greater despair pierced at her heart

Realisation non-emergent in her psyche
Convincing herself that just maybe
She can squeeze in amongst the houses
Within the distance vast yet she browses
To experience being cherished
On what it feels like to belong
Alas, that cannot be accomplished
Bonds hath severed for far long
Jun 2018 · 329
faa Jun 2018
You make me feel
As if I’m encircled
By a million flowers
Varying of dyes
Reds? Perhaps a few blues
Enough to smother me
Binding my figure
With its vines so tight
Around the edges of my hips
Over the bends of my waist
Curiously inhaling
Diverse fragrances
Intoxicating my senses
Dictatorial, my emotions
Now under your governance
Yes, I was enchanted
With no route of escape
Enraptured by your florae
Still stirring my mind
With a spell so dazzling
A spell called “Love”
love is the most beautiful spell
Jun 2018 · 286
Day Dreams . . .
faa Jun 2018
Gusts of your breath like a breeze
Fanned against my lips with each exhale
Your soft lips, grazing the chapped surface
Shivers danced down my spine
In a waltz so furious, my body in frenzy
Revelling to the beats of our hearts
Excitement almost dizzying
Feeling your gentle fingertips graze my cheeks
As you cupped my face, softly
Your eyelashes fluttered
Against my flushed cheeks
As a butterfly would against flowers
The creases of your Cupid’s bow
Finally pressed against my own
Our noses touching, sliding against each other
Lips now melding like seeping honey
Through a kiss so vivid
A kiss that only happened in my daydreams
for all of you who longs for a kiss in your fantasies
Jun 2018 · 403
faa Jun 2018
Face painted with shades
Makeup various in tones and hues
Your face themed in diversity
Often like warm sunsets of gold
Or with the shades of midnight
I saw you, concealed with glamour

Your figure dressed sumptuous for guise
In tux-suits, silk cuffs and dress shoes
Tresses fashioned simply to envy
Not a single imperfection on display
In dressing, makeup and looks
I saw you, concealed with glamour

Your dainty and painted self suddenly
Was purely wiped clean of colours
The blends of sunset or midnight blues
Now, with constellations of acne across your jaw
Dressed in simplicity, cotton cheap clothes
Hair matted with sweat on your temples
Your face now completely bare in form
Lacking glamour, all imperfections on display
I saw you, now exposed of your true-self
that I adore, more than any side of you
you are all the most beautiful without glamour and makeup <3
May 2018 · 207
faa May 2018
It is as if the world
is in a state of Hypnosis
allowing ourselves to succumb
to the 'Moral' Absolutists
letting them carve us
into statues of Uniformity
Masterpieces created
to be subjects of society
that instead binds us tight
with chains, numerous in form
watered down to be symbolized
as proper; Values and Norms
That can never allow us to identify
as who we truly are
May 2018 · 317
faa May 2018
Painting my mask with colours
Reds, greens and blues
Tainting my shell with patterns
Stripes, dots and hues

Wearing my mask I leave
Strutting down the streets  
Inside, my soul miserably grieves
Once I return to my sheets

The mask I decorated so strikingly
The mask I wear so elegantly
The mask I hold so sincerely
Is the mask I fashioned with dishonestly

Painting my mask with cries
Blacks, whites and greys
Tainting my shell with lies
Tears streaming as I pray
My confidence long astray
May 2018 · 269
faa May 2018
Your fingers swept
Delicately grasping
The Heartstrings
I never knew existed
The Heartstrings
I thought were split

After so much trauma
After so much agony

As of current
The string are now
Between your fingertips
You tugged
You played
Mildly, wildly
As you pleased
with much caution
Allowing them
To stay intact
And not snap

Regardless of
How suddenly you found
my Heartstrings lost
I trusted you to play
The same way
You trusted me to stay
May 2018 · 258
faa May 2018
Do my fingers
Find its way
To grasp pens and scribble
Endless adjectives on paper
Until I drain the ink out
And fill all my notebooks with lead
Striving to describe your immaculacy?

Do my fingers
Run their tips across
The keyboard of letters
Pressing out the syllables
Forming verbs and nouns
Struggling to define how much of my heart you hold?

Does my heart
Find harmony in wasting my time
Pondering, writing, loving, day dreaming
The perfection you have become?

Is only all I ever asked myself
But I have never wondered;
How I manage to make the simplest of words
Sound so exquisite
Whenever my hands
Scribble and scribble endlessly
About you

Forever asking the Why’s
And never asking the How’s
The How’s that prove
My own worth along with yours
May 2018 · 321
My Phantom
faa May 2018
Actuality you dismissed with much grace
As a mirage, your presence swept past
Grazing silky skin, trailing behind no trace
My mind in a trance, with the spell you cast

One moment, your company feels vivid;
Sensing the warmth of your calloused skin on mine
Eyes benign with care, coarse skin so livid;
Heart waltzing, chills pirouetting down my spine

One moment, you swiftly rid your own existence
As if our affection and affinity is no more
You deemed us lovers, even with this distance!
And I blindly believed, to our love I swore

Your unpredictability, I questioned with concern
Are you a figment of my imagination? Or of my reality?
No matter what, my whole being will forever yearn
For you, the Phantom of my most mystified fantasy

— The End —