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Willow SR Apr 2021
   You okay,"
  They ask. "Of
Course," I always
reply. And never once
has a single living being
ever taken the time. To call
out my blatant lies. Until
today. And suddenly
the tears fall
Wounds may heal
But scars are left behind
The pain is unreal
Not all of us have a heart of steel
No matter how much we try to conceal it
We can still feel it
Spriha Kant Oct 2020
For concealing myself from the wicked eyes of melancholy , I tightly hug reverie and melt into its fragrance on intertwining with it as a twinkling soul.
دema flutter Aug 2020
when you
and not tell
the whole truth,

you leave me
in a position
where I can
but can't forgive.
Jajana Dec 2019
I have been feeling a little frustrated
If it was for a short while I would have waited
It’s hard to hide the things that I’m thinking
I’m dizzy but I’m not drinking

I cannot conceal
But you’ll never see
Because I’m faking it tonight
I won’t say a word
But I want it to be heard
It just doesn’t seem right

I just wanna scream I love you
I know that you didn’t have a clue
But I would never do that
I just wanna make you mine
Baby give me a sign
It’s already making me mad

If you do love me
Do love me
Just say it
Don’t wait for me
Cause I won’t even tell
If you do love me
Do love me
Just show it
How hard would it be?
I won’t repel
Just give me a sign you feel the same way about me
Hiding isn’t hard,
It’s exhausting
Try to not make a sound,
Or they’ll find you
A M Ryder Oct 2019
Evergreen, or nearly so
The last rays of light broke
Through little branches and
Whether we admit it or not
We put forth great effort
Just to conceal what's inside
Our own minds
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