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Sam Jan 29
The further you conceal your feelings,

that's how near you get to **** yourself.
21, Copyright ©2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Jajana Dec 2019
I have been feeling a little frustrated
If it was for a short while I would have waited
It’s hard to hide the things that I’m thinking
I’m dizzy but I’m not drinking

I cannot conceal
But you’ll never see
Because I’m faking it tonight
I won’t say a word
But I want it to be heard
It just doesn’t seem right

I just wanna scream I love you
I know that you didn’t have a clue
But I would never do that
I just wanna make you mine
Baby give me a sign
It’s already making me mad

If you do love me
Do love me
Just say it
Don’t wait for me
Cause I won’t even tell
If you do love me
Do love me
Just show it
How hard would it be?
I won’t repel
Just give me a sign you feel the same way about me
Hiding isn’t hard,
It’s exhausting
Try to not make a sound,
Or they’ll find you
A M Ryder Oct 2019
Evergreen, or nearly so
The last rays of light broke
Through little branches and
Whether we admit it or not
We put forth great effort
Just to conceal what's inside
Our own minds
Elkay Sep 2019
Laying in the dark,
after I turn off my light,
the things which I held back today
come forth to haunt my night.

See, I've pulled it together!
Look, I've made it through!
See that I'm much better now,
that I wait for night to brew?

My head it hurts when I'm alone,
I don’t know how to sleep,
when all the pain comes out at once,
all that which rests so deep.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
A smile masked on her face
concealing the grief that poured
out of her face.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
She is chaos and beauty entwined
hiding and blending
behind the delicate roses;
thorns are her guard
for no one can take away
the veil that conceals her.
Nicole Apr 2019
With a face janus would envy
You conceal your offences
And, the slate is wiped clean
You stroke your brush enveloping the white rose
In red.
Begging that You won't be revealed
Grovelling for protection.
You manipulate whoever your fingers can claw at
And force them under your control
But one day you will be degraded to nothing
And the mask you wear will be torn away.
Whisperer Mar 2019
She had a beautiful smile
but she used it to conceal her broken parts

He had a contagious laugh
but he used it to mask his anxieties

They had many scars and bruises
but caked them up with "I'm fine"
Amy Duckworth Jan 2019
I conceal my imperfections
by staying silent.
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