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Estel Apr 21
I’ll take a bag wrap it around
While I hear the world turning
A few deep struggling breathes
But then I’ll feel nothing
Maybe then I’ll finally be at peace
Asuzx Feb 20
Have you ever hated someone so bad
That it made you want to end yourself?
Not because you felt bad about it..
But because the anger was suffocating-

So suffocating that you could not breathe
And did not want to live
Knowing you had to feel that again.

Anger can **** but it is mostly poisonous.
I am not done now.
I was done long ago.
Natalie Feb 4
Ever densest now,
Now, a humid haze
Scenes and stages
A VHS - the joy of painting
A DVD - it's the one with Ross and Rachel
I know it, I've seen it before
I haven't, but I know

A laugh track thuds against the humming air conditioner
It's sort of melty
Warm gummies
Adhesive on someone's fingers
It tingles - unpleasant
Water is away, and just as warm
The couch doesn't yield
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