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Jazmine Moore Feb 2015
It's amazing how one person can touch your heart and you're never quite the same. Sometimes I feel as though I've painted this beautiful picture of you that I can only see; and that's fine because love needs faith. I have faith. I have enough faith for the both of us.
Jazmine Moore Oct 2014
I'm chasing your memory in my dreams only to discover I overslept..
Fantasies far from fake kisses
Causing cardiac arrest as I'm reluctantly reaching for a sense of reality that has simply wandered away willfully,
Desperately dreaming of days spent running to no end.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2015
I wrote your name in the sand hoping the ocean wouldn't wash it away.
Waves crashing upon my inscription, you slowly drift; the horizon taking you by the minute.
Poetically pouring every once of my love into you while wrestling through those bedsheets just wasn't enough..
Allowing myself to become one with you, my body was not the only thing bare; for my soul was just as undone and I loved every minute of it.
From the seconds spent kissing you, the minutes spent inside of you, hours spent beside you, and days I'd ride for you,
**** was my heart for you; nothing to hide.
Falling for you daily was my only demise; one I wouldn't trade for anything..
and as tragically as your goodbye kiss felt upon my lips, I would reluve that day over and over.
Desires of waking up to your face still haunt me ; to wake up to my true love's smile is a treasure one cannot imagine; treasure I thought was in my hand only to find out it was fool's gold.
Holding your heart as I thought you held mine, for nights I grow anxious of true love in its entirety.
The warmth, the passion, I can't rid myself of these qualities you possess.
Silently suppressing tears as we pass by each other like strangers, my sadness turns into rage.
For I gave you love, selflessly and courageously, just for you to toss it all away.
..and if you asked me, I would do it all over again at the drop of a hat, just to feel for a second that love exchanged.
My mind shivers when you are around from being torn down; I just hope one day you would build me back up
Whether I see the day or not, I will forever dream about it.
I do not have a title, feel free to pick one for me and leave it in the comment section
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
I love you like a drunk call at 4am on a Saturday night saying I miss you, come back
Psychotically, I love you past pain and broken promises and "I hate yous" and "don't talk to mes"
Even after you decide you are done with me, I will love you.
I will love you until my bones become weak.
I will love at your darkest.
And I will love you until you see the light shining  from you;
The light that shines so bright I am constantly blinded by the suffering your love causes.
But I have found a home within your heart and my car is still parked in the driveway.
Jazmine Moore May 2015
2 am is the hardest
when your mind is racing
your heart is hurting
your fingertips are longing
for one more
so you convince yourself
that your hands are his
and you try to make yourself
feel how he
made you feel
but somehow, you
keep coming up short
It still hurts and the love is still very much real
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
You tried your hardest to flee from the fire brewing inside of your heart for me
You and I both know that the thrill of this ride we are constantly on and off of will only eventually become what conquers us.
-wouldn't you do it over?
Jazmine Moore May 2014
I remember when you used to love me;
I tasted rainbows and breathed in hope..
Now, we're perfect strangers ..
And the light has dimmed to make your love only a memory
Jazmine Moore Jan 2016
I had a dream you let me explore your heart and
You allowed me to get you so high you never wanted to come down,
And as soon as you landed I was waiting with my arms wide open
Ready to receive anything you were willing to give;
And you loved it.
I loved you, and you loved me.
Jazmine Moore Nov 2014
The quality our love is no longer HD
It feels as if my bare soul has been exposed to the world. Humanity is quietly laughing at me; taunting me because I failed to see what the world was blatantly trying to show me, but babe you started a fire in my heart and you didn't even have the courtesy to leave an extinguisher and now I fall asleep in a bed of ashes.
Our love is November. You can see our beautiful leaves start to fall off the trees as they slowly lose their colour.
Jazmine Moore Jan 2016
The wine won the battle that night  as I danced uncontrollably in your arms spewing words I would not have said had I been sober
& just like the gentleman you are,
You allowed me to lose myself a little while remaining my compass, and even though you navigated me in every direction, I bravely went along for the ride because these days I feel most safe in your boat, in your ocean, riding your waves.
I fell in love for the second time that night
Jazmine Moore Jun 2014
because we

but I can
still feel
your kiss
my lips
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Peace finds me in
crevice of your arm;
right where my body
intertwines perfectly
with yours.
We have found ourselves
in sync with each other's
circadian rhythms
in love;
and while most of us are
composed of tiny atoms;
you, my sweetheart, are encompassed with this
resilient love
as strong as quartz.
My sweet baby,
you selfishly stole
my heart not caring
to ask for permission
and no matter how
smart I claim to be
during the daylight,
all logic goes out the
window during sunset
as soon as you kiss me
six feet under.
-I am dancing in your heaven
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
How do they realistically expect us to flee from the demanding stereotypes forcefully placed above our heads and in our hearts when they find satisfaction in the thrill of conquering our souls bleeding on the cold pavement?
-they don't. stop killing us, please.
Jazmine Moore Jun 2014
My heart was painted black for years,
Surrounded by walls of fear, anxiety, and disappointment; you came in and knocked every wall down.
At war with myself, I'm afraid to let gravity take control
"Never regret loving in permanent ink"
Visions of everything we could be are constantly clouding my mind
& even though it seems to be too soon to have thoughts of forever,  if I could run away with you, there isn't one person, place or thing that would stop these feet
The stars don't can't even  compare to the beauty surrounding you..
Every part of your being is what I'm addicted to.
For, you are the strongest drug I'm on right now, and there is nothing that could ween me off of you,
The ****** you shoot through my veins is at it's purest form
scientists study such a creation and are left in amazement; similar to the day you walked in my life...
Feigning for a hit of you to last me a lifetime I won't ever stop chasing that feeling .
Jazmine Moore Aug 2015
Take all of me/
Roll me up/
Smoke me/
I could get you so high.
Jazmine Moore Feb 2015
i wanted more from him
than enjoying my pizzicatos
while bringing me to crescendos
but it seems
our love may
have already reached
its forte without ever
breathing in its
Jazmine Moore Jun 2014
The bruises on my body could never compare to the pain in my eyes and my heart may never be fixed like I wished it was and this depression may last a lifetime. But, if I lean on my God, maybe a little bit of Jesus' blood could fall through the cracks of my broken heart and make it whole again.
Jazmine Moore Sep 2015
You look
At me
As if the sun
Rises and sets
In my eyes

So why is it
That you're letting
Your pride beat your
Heart black
And Blue
-It's easier to love
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Our amorphous love
left me in a
cascade of tears
and yet,
(I still found myself)
with that beautiful
smile of
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Gathering the bits and pieces of your heart as it fell in my lap was admittedly the most precious love I bathed in.

Sweet baby, I am trying to gather my thoughts as I bathe in everything we are; and I admit that these run on sentences I find myself lost in symbolize the ocean we keep drowning in; magically.

& while some would suggest a life jacket, I am happy to bathe here because I am confident you will always gather me as soon as I start to fall apart which makes it easy to admit I would come back love you in another lifetime; unapologetically.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
I stood still in the mirror absorbing the nakedness in which I was standing and called it my truth.
& I am now hurled over my bath cringing at the sight trapped inside of my memory
(the reflection you two served me was simply unfair)
as you are insulting my
intelligence once more
by cracking every joint in my
body dancing to the rhythm
of your lies, in an attempt to
keep me dormant inside of your madhouse.
-I know you are cheating on me.
Jazmine Moore Sep 2015
The moon cries
Every Saturday night
Because just like me,
She remembers the
Night we were
Intoxicated in the
Eclipse of our love
And as insane as
The ending was
The whirlwind was
Worth the heartache
And she prays
One day we will
Again find our
-i still pray for us too
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
My heart was a secret garden and the walls surrounding it were very high.
Reluctantly, I allowed you to knock every wall down..
and with grace, I breathed in every promise you made and believed with great certainty that this time would be my last time.
To love you was no challenge, but loving you from this new found distance is a feeling much too common.
For your kiss feels like home; and my darling, I am homesick.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2016
I want to experience parts of you that nobody else gets the pleasure of becoming familiar with.
Jazmine Moore Sep 2015
I Just Wanted
To Kiss Your
Until They Turned
Into Butterflies
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Wrestling through the sheets I found myself feeling alive.
Your lips have awakened my soul.
Your tongue became the key to the prize that was locked away for so long.
I tremble with just the thought of your touch
As you trace your fingertips down my spine, I am slowly unraveling.
For you do not know about the storm you have just created..
The rain pouring is filled lust and are the only one who can seize this storm.
Here we are again;
It's dangerous what we are doing..
Playing in this storm as if the lighting can't touch us.
Whispers of wind can't even stop us.
It's too late.
The storm has just begun.
Jazmine Moore Feb 2015
Tirelessly waiting for you to come home;
My darling, here I am once again checking my watch to see what time it is  and the **** has yet to turn.
I promised you that I would wait for you no matter how long you decided to roam, but here I am another night waiting and that promise doesn't seem too feasible at the moment.
I can not make you love me,
I can not make you love me.
Just as I am telling myself this is the last night waiting,
the **** turns; in you walk like all of those months never happened.
Unconditional love.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
I think it is the
ambiguity lying
behind my eyes
mixed with the
honey lingering
after every kiss
that leaves you
trapped inside of
my universe.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Dizzy and uncontrolled, I open my eyes to see the smoke crowding the air.
For, my body has just become a safe haven for your hands.
Temptation has won tonight.
Moonlight is dancing upon our bare bodies and I am immersed in pure satisfaction.
Our lips have synced with the circadian rhythm we possess and the fire has started to erupt.
As the flames get more and more intense, so does the love we pretend to have for each other.
It continues to grow until we convince ourselves it’s real.
The bedsheets serve as our common ground for our broken hearts to rest on.
As we are climbing and pretending; pretending and climbing,
The fire is getting hotter, the love is getting cloudier, and our bodies are getting heavier against on another’s.
Faint whispers of phrases we dare not say otherwise fill the room.
Finally, the fire is extinguished and we are left to lay with nothing but reality.
Clutching each other for protection from yet another fire, we doze off hoping to wake up in love with each other.
Jazmine Moore Mar 2016
The clouds are a constant reminder of this fairytale I have in my mind of what I want us to be,
We are indeed no fairytale.
We live in our own world of uncertainty.
We are an anomaly;
the furthest from
A banal love.
Yet, sometimes,
I wish you would
fight for me like the others have;
But then,
I start to wonder
Maybe this is what keeps me loving
I fell in love with your scars,
Only wanting to
Heartaches and show you
There's someone you can be yourself
& as
Crazy as it seems,
I have no desire
To throw your past
in your
Yet, as
convoluted and capricious
Your love can be,
I am still in your passenger seat
Ready to go where you will
Allow me to.
Jazmine Moore Jan 2016
If these walls could talk,
they'd tell you how
my hand fits perfectly in yours
how i succumb to you
exploring my body until
i can't take it
They'd tell you a story
filled with secrets that entail
the whispers between
the sheets intertwined in our
while we are lip-locked
into a fantasy world of our
They'd tell you how every time,
we enter into another galaxy and
that a piece of my soul falls
into you every time
and that this is a battle I
will lose time after time;
Jazmine Moore May 2014
I could keep writing you poems you'll never read

Or I could put my pen down and bandage my own heart

Either way, I would still lose because I wouldn't have you
Jazmine Moore Aug 2014
Ironic how the only thing to sober me up is the intoxication tasted from your mouth.
Funny how all of the words I wished to say aloud spew from my mind onto this paper, but when you look at me, I'm speechless.
If I had it my way, the tears fallen from my eyes would become an ocean used to carry you back to me..
the boat that carried you would drown you in memories reminding you why we fell in love in the first place..
though we haven't spoken in almost a year, it would be as if nothing else mattered but us as I greet you at the shore..
somehow, this time as I reach for your hand, you will hold it tighter instead rejecting it like last time..
unbelievably, as you utter those three beautiful words from your once beautiful mouth, I will understand that you have loved me all along.
Jazmine Moore Jul 2014
Ironic how the only thing to sober me up is the intoxication tasted from your mouth...
and funny how the all of the words I wish to say outloud spew from my mind onto this paper but when you look at me, I'm speechless.
Jazmine Moore May 2014
I wonder when people will stop falling in love through Instagram and twitter dms.
Having a false sense of acceptance through likes and retweets has become a norm for our world and I'm wondering when it'll stop.
I wonder when boys will stop being so afraid to love and girls will believe that men actually aren't all the same...
And I wonder when gays will have the rights they deserve and I wonder when women will stop being looked at as the white mans inferior
And I wonder when more women will actually believe that we don't have to be the white mans inferior
And I wonder when men will learn its okay to be a little vulnerable
And I wonder when **** victims everywhere will get the justice they seem to neglect to serve
And I wonder when double standards will seize to exist
And I wonder when people will get off social networks and go for more walks
And I wonder when dates become more common and one night stands will become extinct
I wonder when men will stop disrespecting our women and women will respect themselves more.
I wonder when I'll stop dreaming about all of these things.
But most of all, I wonder when we will decide we are the ones who control our own happiness
Jazmine Moore Jun 2016
Part I:
Sometimes I think
Your fingertips are
Engraved into
my skin
even when weeks
Go by
and your touch
is absent
I still seem to
Live through euphoric
Memories of what it
Feels like when you
Kiss clouds into
My soul

Part II:
And on those nights
You creep into
My head,
you tend to leave
traces of your scent,
Your touch,
And your mouth
Which result in
Mornings after that
Are too often unbearable
To wake up to.
Jazmine Moore Nov 2014
A bed sheet of memories.
A heart taped together with broken promises.
A head filled with "what ifs" and "could've beens"
More importantly, two feet that couldn't walk away even if they tried.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2015
I'm chasing your memory in my dreams only to discover I overslept.
Fantasies far from fake kisses
Causing cardiac arrest as I'm reluctantly reaching for a sense of reality that has simply wandered away willfully.
Desperately dreaming of days spent running to no end.
What a life..
Inconceivable love flowing from my fingertips only because I would rather show you how much I love you than speak it a million,
Times I spent beautifully shaming myself for the restless nights praying for your call creating nocturnal patterns all for a taste of your kiss,
Me one more time so I can prove this theory in my head is more than a theory; that it is true.
Lifelessly lusting your love throughout the night causing me to delightfully dance in your arms, only to wake up to find your love has evaporated.
Jazmine Moore Feb 2015
I remember when your favorite thing was love me.
I remember when you couldn't wait to hold me.
I know this life gets crazy,
and I know our love's a little hazy,
but when you're feeling lonely,
you know you can always call me,
and I'll be here waiting in the same spot you left me in saying,
"It's alright if you stay forever with me.
and it's alright if you're waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet
But if you know, if you know
that what we have is real;
then it's alright if you love me tonight.
Song I'm working on
Jazmine Moore Jul 2016
Everything you touch turns to gold; including me...
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Before midnight,
I could die a thousand deaths
and still not know how I'm living to experience this.
Grasping for air;
For I am being suffocated within your existence-
and I love every second of it.
Slowly surpassing every standard I have,
You are breaking every wall;
and I could thank you with a million kisses;
and it still wouldn't be enough.
Jazmine Moore May 2014
Your wicked love seems to be the only thing that revives me everytime.
I run away countless times just to wake up in your arms
& your kisses are the poison that continues to run through my bloodstream and
One day, I'll wake up to you and you'll be mine forever
& when sun rises on that morning,
I'll cry a sea of tears that have been trapped inside of me all of these years
And we will make love like fire and there won't be any amount of rain to put us out
We'll travel to Asia and to outer space and we will stay up all night and listen to the ocean..
And frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way because, baby, you're my drunk call at 4am, you're my 143..
You're mine.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2015
Our clothes fell off like rose petals in the spring/
But somewhere in between not getting caught up and catching feelings/
My soul rolled into you/
And now I am immersed in our sin/
Jazmine Moore Mar 2016
I don't quite know you,
But somehow
You have managed to
Awaken a sunrise
In my heart
I am gloriously
Basking in these
Rays you seem to
Infinitely produce
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
I toss and turn due to dreams crowded with the memory of everything we experienced.
& I am ripping my heart apart in an attempt to flee from all that you are to me.
But, I'll admit it is thrilling that I can never seem to grasp the rhythm of what falling for you feels like.
& somehow, you are silently requesting me to discover new parts of who I thought I was, as you stand above me beautifully conquering.
-you are my poetry.
Jazmine Moore Jan 2016
We have low days but we get through them, and every single time  I'm sent running back to your arms because you are my comfort
Sometimes I'm most comfortable when we drift because I always know my final destination is beside you;
I had a dream you let me explore your heart and
You allowed me to get you so high you never wanted to come down,
And as soon as you landed I was waiting with my arms wide open
Ready to receive anything you were willing to give;
And you loved it.
I loved you, and you loved me.
I found myself once again down on my knees praying that whatever satisfaction this is isn't temporary and my gut tells me it's not.
Baby, I don't need meditation when I'm with you because you are my calm and you seize every storm with just one touch.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
I can recall a time when the sun rose and set in your eyes.
Gloriously, I bathed in your scent and your taste..
and while searching for all of the stars inside of your heart, I found the moon.
When I held you on that warm October night, we rolled in mountains and valleys and rivers and oceans;
and that was the exact moment I knew I found what I was looking for.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2016
I've always wondered
What it was like
To have someone
All of my flaws
Turn them into
Jazmine Moore Feb 2015
I am in a really serene place in my life right now. I have decided that I need to write everyday because the only way to get better at something is keep practicing, reading and expanding. I want so much. I want it all. It's cliché to want the "bad" guy to change for you, but I want that. I believe in him; he just doesn't believe in himself, which is sad, but it's life. It is amazing how unconditional love works. I didn't stop loving him when didn't reciprocate it, I loved him harder. I am past wanting the relationship to work, I just want peace between us. I want hope. I want the love to never die.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2016
even on the days that I am only needing a few stars, you still bring me the entire galaxy
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