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Joseph Sopholaus Dec 2020
Sine arte
A satire against modernity in the arts

O modern beast our captive arts release,
The laws of Nature wished your reign to cease.
What beauties does this modern art restores
By turning vestals young to Russian ******.
How strange the painter draws his new reforms 5
Reducing Nature’s shapes to foggy forms.
All, I may add, by rambling thoughts conceived
If Nature’s order’s razed the goal’s achieved.
‘‘What then?’’ A tasteless judge if dared to ask,
To which the answer wears pretentious mask: 10
‘‘Dear Sir! ’Tis art, all ***** mere symbols made,
And *****, though crude, denotes the father’s shade’’
Go Man admire the fruits of twisted state,
Interpret ***** as something deeply great.
Let ***** Cupid stab his precious heart 15
To make our poesy more interesting art.
Let Cyrus wreck the might of Shakespeare’s throne,
And use her tongue to lick his hallowed stone.
Thus, give the verses blank to frenzied beasts,
Or let Rihanna burn Miltonic seats. 20
A simple critic might her craft enjoy,
But witty minds oft do their gift employ.
New Cornus comes with broken tools to teach
Yet none can bear to hear postmoderns preach.
They mumble days upon the wage and race 25
For them the world’s a strife, that is the case.
Bea Aguilar Aug 2019
I want to be as good as Taylor Swift
To write songs as sweet as you,
However I will always be Rihanna.
All I know is take care of you
unnamed May 2017
It's funny how I remember everything.

Every moment that you made me feel special; made me feel seen.

Only to suddenly turn around and give me the cold shoulder...

Giving self-doubt and self-consciousness a little more wiggle room to settle over me.

But stupid little me didn't take this as a warning sign.

Instead, it made me hungrier...thirstier...for the scraps of attention you doled out.

For the rare smiles that i thought i got out of you.

For the rare moments when you would look at me and the world would fall away.

For your one one ability to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world.
Chill Luciani Mar 2016
Water surrounding me. Why youthful spirit? Time even recoil, yet escape? My night mare, see a track no destination? Daytime, No route, originaly? I knowingly how some see day light before sunrise? Deeply asking, never generalizing? Its hours before night, new it rough of course. I tried, sunrise eventually not caring is caring why position the past? My Past?
Chill Luciani Mar 2016
How I could have know if I reached out now. right, now im hulu watching bleach right now. Lites Cig while I write this down, for the ink. I see things from your perspective. The water, showing our reflection. Ironically? It falls behind me. Word to the six, whats that Toronto weather like? Im a slide you my text now number, so you can advice. Love your smile, that's a wow. Lets add in the pow. Its Mr. 550 you I gee ma. The only woman that bring the desert to the sea ma. uh, idk you birthday from now you libra. So rachet that's a aquarius . If life fair is, well see. Im tryin to see paris, you.
mokitovice Feb 2016
Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose
Deneka Raquel Jun 2014
Black oil,
Tarnished the white sands of a paradise that is,
No longer a paradise,
Because no matter how much you try to clean it up,
It will always be a shade darker than it used to be.
Not fully regaining its color.
The thick molasses no longer holds it together,
Africa, seems broken beyond repair.

Diamonds don't shine as bright as Rihanna suggested.
Instead they glow red,
With the blood stains of the innocents,
Slaughtered for wedding rings.

Cutting into the flesh of my ancestors,
Like those very diamond cutting into glass,
Because what is life compared to,
A piece of rock?

There is a pseudo-melodramatic darkness that,
Echoes off of every piece of light they reflect.
Sitting only on the fingers and necks
Of the people who can afford them,
As fingers and necks were chopped and severed for them.
I am unable to identify with the cries that still manage to,
Resonate within the wind,
I am the only one that can hear it.
This is just a poem about something that doesn't sit well with me. No amount of time can pass that it will.
Jazmine Moore May 2014
Your wicked love seems to be the only thing that revives me everytime.
I run away countless times just to wake up in your arms
& your kisses are the poison that continues to run through my bloodstream and
One day, I'll wake up to you and you'll be mine forever
& when sun rises on that morning,
I'll cry a sea of tears that have been trapped inside of me all of these years
And we will make love like fire and there won't be any amount of rain to put us out
We'll travel to Asia and to outer space and we will stay up all night and listen to the ocean..
And frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way because, baby, you're my drunk call at 4am, you're my 143..
You're mine.
Jazmine Moore Apr 2014
Transcending into space, my body is becoming detached  from my mind.
While we have found ourselves separated in body, my mind has not lost you.
I cannot rid my ears of the sweet tune you sang to me no matter how many times I press pause.
Pause, I still love you.
I love you like a drunk call at 4am saying "I miss you, come back."
Psychotically, I love you past pain and broken promises, and "I hate yous" and "don't talk to mes"
Even after you decode you are done with me, I will love you.
I will love you until my bones become marrow.
I will love you at your darkest.
And I will love you until you see the light that i see shining from you;
A light that shines so bright, I am constantly blinded by the suffering your love causes.
Ironically, your wicked tongue is the only cure to the disease bringing upon my downfall,
and your hands are my safe place to run to when I find myself homeless once again.
For, I have found a home within your heart and car is still parked in the driveway..
Drive away from the world for a second and remember who you are, who we are..
A piece of me has pierced your heart, and for that reason alone, you can't seem to get rid of me.
I still love him.
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