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E li za 6d
Wish the words aren’t written yet
The definition of my reputation is regrets
Should I only blame the dark ink inside me
When will they pluck their pens stabbed in my body

-to be continued
The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
Amanda Brown Sep 22
A new page has turned.
Your eyes are blinded by the bright shine of the clear page.
You’re not scared because you don’t know what your expecting.
You are scared because you’re leveling up.
With each level you move up in life, the more you develop yourself in your new skin.
Eventually, the right time will come.
You’ll look back at how much of the page you’ve covered.
Stories of happiness, hardships, lessons and much more.
When you look forward, you’ll keep putting your best foot forward.
Joanna Sep 16
When your life feels like it has come to a stop. And all that you had counted on has begun to flop, Turn the page!

When memories turn to ash, nothing seems new. And the best of it all seems to be behind you, Turn the page!

When there's no time to wonder where love has been. And you do not dare to begin again, Turn the page!

When there's no magic in a child's smile and there is no joy of just being quiet for a while, Turn the page!

When love seems unreachable, and your heart continues to ache. And all that was supposed to be trustworthy seems fake, Turn the page!
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Shofi Ahmed Sep 13
When the poet's pen
lends on the page
the magic can begins.

Goodness knows
who and what will read
and touch the dream!

The Sun might
turn the light off
for the cool Moon.
And the stars will never
show up in the daylight.
But day or night
in a poet's mind
they shine so bright!
Grace Haak Sep 2
Type type type
Delete delete delete
Why all of a sudden is writing now a feat?
“Just write what comes to mind!”
But my mind’s wiped clean
Like the blank white page on my laptop screen
Nothing flows, nothing spills
Tauntingly the cursor blinks
I’m certain I’ve forgotten how to think
Nothing circulates, nothing pours
Hauntingly my fingers tap
I’m certain I’m about ready for a nap
Nothing runs, nothing spews
Dauntingly I press some keys
I’m certain I’ll never be at ease
I type type type
I’m finally overcoming my feat!
But I read it back, one word at a time
And now we’re back to
Delete delete delete.
me @ my college essay...
Nylee Aug 31
Another page turn
There is a full stop
A new chapter begins
With fresh black ink.
This summer, I peeked
under my bed
and dusted off the ghosts
of the past.
I took them out in the sun
and hung them out to dry.

Surprised the stench leaked
this far into my living. And instead
of looking under my skin,
I pondered on how long this blunt would last.
Burned my fingers
and scorched my shirt pocket fry.

During my coma,
I ran the halls of the sky.
Shirtless against the precipitation of life,
I came upon clouds
that were puffy and white,
black and charged,
and gray with strife.
nothing is purely white, nor purely black
but a shade a gray that you must unpack

work in progress. always open to feedback
Start again,
  sweet flower child
  Be courageous enough to open
     the least aesthetically pleasing door
   decorated with keyless locks
         Spilling with unanswered questions
Throw your entire being into it
  Giving it no other choice but to come Crumbling down
    If only in attempt to break through
     The endless carefully placed obstacle
     That dare to mispronounce your name
Not to let anyone or anything
   lead you to believe
   the crown you inherited at birth
    made especially with your favorite flowers
Would fit on any other soul but your own


                        —turn the page to tomorrow
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