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Fireflies May 2020
There was a time when she cared
To satisfy any need of yours, she was prepared
You gave her just enough to stay
And stay she did everyday
There was a glimmer of hope that she will receive love back
Every song related back to you, every soundtrack
One day, 3 am at night she laid there
Room dark, status of you being online a glare
She watched it switch offline, realising you never replied
Finally it ******* hit her that to be her lover you were never qualified
Males are only useful if they are fertile
Men are trash was not just a insta post, it became a lifestyle
If liking men was a choice
Trust me when i say i would have yeeted the boys.
So sick of tired of men that i drafted out a whole poem. Enjoy ;)
chlorine Mar 2020
I want to believe

but a thought sends me so far.
chastise my shadow until im gone
pick at the lies until they scar,
words cut like knives
yet mean nothing at all
the noise has no regard
I try so hard,  no one sees
the struggle to intervene
chlorine Mar 2020
close my eyes to disappear
restless thoughts, I ponder
destroy the atmosphere
one day, I’ll wander
triggering a choice
between perception and my voice.
david jm Feb 2020
i go extinct.
i fall in love.
i make believe
i never was.
everybody needs more time, i know i do.
im not the meek.
im not above.
im just a man
inside the love.
cant nobody understand aside from you.
thought i wasn't human -
alas, i bleed.
bodies in the forest become the trees.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlife's forever, ever.

im half asleep.
im half my mom.
im not beneath,
"Its not enough".
everybodys out their mind, im overdue.
you know better than they do.
talking while im sleeping is
not unique.
thought i wasn't dreaming, then lost all my teeth.

you know that i love you,
i cant help myself.
the afterlifes forever, ever.
chlorine Feb 2020
what is ideal-
the feelings would be real
and time could heal.
chlorine Jan 2020
I woke up at 1-
our friendship was done.

now it’s closer to 2-
what else could I do?

states drift us apart

accepting our end
weathers my heart

awaken to contend
you: my counterpart

my dream to escape
is now bitter fate

this is to my friend,
and how we separate.
chlorine Dec 2019
the sign says “beware”
and toxic air is everywhere.
nightmares want you to become more aware
so it must be fair
that you aren’t the one who gets to feel their glare.
it must be easier for you to say “take care”
than to actually be there.
y e e t
chlorine Dec 2019
the adventurer doesn’t rest
but this hermit never leaves.
I swore on patience
and stitched it onto my sleeve.
they are thieves
that have the will to be deceived..
they believe anything.
happy full moon 12/12 !! this poem is about my current reality....... thanks for reading :]
aha Dec 2019
That moment

There is a moment in your day when

YEET that empty can into a crowd full of people and SCREAM
乁(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)ㄏ
I was writing something serious but then I said why not and wrote something hideous. I happen to enjoy spicy crunchy juice water.
chlorine Nov 2019
the possibility of you and I
returning to the same space and time
is rather undignified.
my heart was denied
dug up
and glorified
you shut the door,
then locked me outside.
what a way it was to learn
the sudden notions of goodbye.
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