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chlorine 14h
Every guilt trip you’ve hung above my head is what keeps me slouching.
The words pile out of your mouth
And my heart won’t slow down,
Melt into the bedroom floor,
Adrenaline makes me want to turn around.
Your hands grace the railing
As the screen door hinges shut
Long gone,
The pit in my stomach could have been enough.
“table for five please!”
long ago,
life was simple.
we were happy
and everything was happy
and life was good.

but nothing is forever.
and we could not remain this way.

“table for four please!”
not that quite long ago,
we were alright
and everything was okay
and life was decent.
we were incomplete.
but still doing

we are not at our best.
and nothing seems to be working out.
and life isn’t all too great.

but it will be okay.
as i know, everyday,
we continue to yearn
for that table of five.

but for now
i guess we can make some new memories
and hopefully feel happy
once again,
with this table for three.
before anyone panics...
do not worry nobody’s dead.

i wrote this poem as a metaphor for what being the youngest child is like. im watching my other sibling leave for college this summer, like i had done three years earlier when my oldest sibling left for college as well. i know this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but college sort of stealing away my siblings has been not so great. it is not fun. at all. it’s these simple moments, when we go into a restaurant and ask for a table of five, and then laugh to ourselves because it’s only the four of us. this year i realized i will probably make this same mistake, but it will instead be a table for three.
chlorine Jun 30
Nicotine sits inside in your pocket
So you will never feel out of place,
My dear,
I think you trace a familiar face.
I mark every tally,
A slash through the center
Should this last forever,
I’ll have to learn to surrender.
chlorine Jun 8
If love is like breathing
Would it feel like I'm dreaming?
Love is a breath
Coveting my chest
A cool embrace
Morphs into a sudden death
If love is like breathing
I don’t know what comes next.
Zoe Grace May 19
Vines are so funny
This ***** is empty, YEET, lol
Why am i like this
Im bored and its late and you all have to put up with me because of it
Matthew Mar 4
Do you remember our hopes
to reach for the stars?
We've fallen so far
We can't wait for Yesterday.
Osiria Melody Feb 26
Wish I  was a cat
Agile legs of naïvety
Ignorantly shifting                                               incongruity off
                             unsuspecting decorations of
the infuriated fireplace’s   shelf
                                                           ­                                                                 ­                    
L s  e  i n       to the commotion of   s h a t t e r e d  
  i  t   n     g
vases and idiot mementos that
very much costcheaply, but lookexpensively

Wish I was a cat
Defacing the beauty of toilet paper
Aggressively clawing
     miles of fragile, snowy roads                                
whilst overthrowing the throne that we                                  
know as a freaking   t    i  e    that   f l u s h e s  
                                      o   l   t
the—mind you, number 1 and number 2
very much dumbannoyingly, but hystericalhilariously

Wish I was a cat
Meow the life out of myself
Causing uproar of vexation                                                   endless hours of incoherent
                                             and w n  e r u l
                                                       o   d   f    smiles of delight,
statements like a clash between two hard-boiled,        e g g h e a d e d   lawyers
very much mundanespeakly, but expressionfreely

Cats are rambunctious.
Poolza Jan 15
One look at her and I knew
That we should *****

The night I took her in
We cuddled and kissed

While under the cover of the sheets
I saw that hers was bigger, so I said
Don't know
I did it again.
Now i have to clean the floor again.
I don't want my friends to see
The blood everywhere,
Me crying,
Torn apart letters from the times love still existed here.
Well, did it ever?
Maybe i should feel bad,
Lying to my friends.
A "Spill the tea sis" here
And a "Yeet hahaha" there
Some vines,
Some memes
Some weird TikTok's,
Or a crazy text.
And i look completely fine.
Or maybe i do always,
Been hiding the emotions for so long i wonder if i even have them nowadays.
I just say i am a bad person,
They will hopefully leave me to die.
But hey,
Maybe i actually am.
I don't know.
Joking through my life,
If i'm Lucky,
Life will turn into the biggest joke of them all.
This poem is about how you can make jokes and seem fine in front of everyone, while you're actually depressed and suicidal.
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