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Emmiasky Ojex Mar 13
What if I said I love you?
Would your heart skips its stepping stones and you fall into a bottomless hole?
What if I told you each time, I see your buoyed up face as early as 1 a.m at morn in my lovely dreams
My soul, spirit and body yearns to be always around you and casts a spell against its master ne’er to leave that scene

What if I told you that before I sleep off at dusk,
I’d pick up my mobile device just to take one more glance at the dazzling angel my wallpaper harbors
What if?, you got to know that the ‘ten tails of love’ were all for you
What if, all these and more you knew?

Would you light up my world with the sun in your smile,
tell me ‘I love you too’ and ‘You’re mine’
or would it seem to you, another love confession
one of the many love words you’ve been hearing long before you were eight(a)-teen

Would you leave me shocked by the regretful poem I wrote to woo you?
I’m afraid of being broken by another kind and thus, will never tell you!

©Emmiasky Ojex
The love's gone, what are your thoughts?
Hello there dear, it’s just me again,
I can’t stay too long, I’m in a lot of pain,
My stomach is sore and my mind is numb,
I sincerely apologise for what I have become,
Please don’t hate me, I can’t help being mad,
Please don’t hate me, I’m already so sad,
If I had the energy, to pretend that I’m fine,
I swear for you I would, even just one last time,
But I don’t have it in me, I’m so weak and afraid,
And that’s why once again I turned to the blade,
I put down the knife, the noose and the gun,
Then I picked up the pills, took them one after one,
I’ll keep myself from eating, from looking obese,
I don’t want to disappoint, don’t want my weight to increase,
I will continue this until I am thin,
Even if that means, getting rid of what’s within,
I need a hug from a friend who really cares,
I’m sorry what was that, oh right nobody’s there,
I will miss you greatly, I will miss you a lot,
With and without you I’m in such a knot,
But I’m sorry I can’t be here, I can’t do this anymore,
It just isn’t working out, it’s so much worse than before,
“You’re pathetic, ****, worthless and fat!”
Yeah, I know I keep telling myself that,
I know what you’re thinking ‘cause I’m thinking the same,
“Couldn’t she just be normal and not at all insane?”
My chest is tight, my hearts beating fast,
When I saw myself in the mirror, I knew my life wouldn’t last,
I’ve spoke more than I wished too, but now it’s been said,
Darling, I do love you so much please don’t cry when I’m dead.

Being emotional makes me creative
allison Feb 16
to the heart
falling to pieces
y    o    u
b  r    o   k   e
m                    e
fr                     om
th                        e
sta                      rt
trying a visual one again
Abigail Smith Feb 16
I will miss you like the moon longs for the warmth of the sun in the morning.
I will miss you like rain that miss a rainbow.
I will miss you like a dry land that longs for water.
I will miss you like sand coving the foam waves sweeping away.
I will miss you like the end of a twig of trees that can't wait for the dawn to rise.
I will miss you like a dead seed that longs for spring.
I will miss you like a crystallized virus waiting for the right time to return to life.
Logan Robertson Dec 2018
It's a Thursday evening
and over par for the course I'm sitting
in a sandtrap.
The lie is bad,
I'm  buried next to a watering hole
in the wall.
I can't get out.
The half truth is I'm a drunk
a sea of sorrows.
Even the dolphins, I shed no mercy.
The real truth is I'm ***
anchored to a barstool,
barnacles from the dead sea
hanging on the four legs.
If this bar stool ever came to life
the voice would bubble to the surface,
get me to dry dock.
How fortuitous the wind in my sails,
finding every sandtrap
and waving at the mothballs.
Blind to letting the barnacles take it's course.
Corrosion creeping up on me, like its
Who cares about the long lost voice
or the red ants at his picnic.
Or if Uncle lost his strokes he never had.
Did someone say shipwreck?
I order another double,
with fire in my eyes,
adding another burn to my stomach.
I look at the bartenderess
and my eyes don't lie.
She's my type.
My head tilts this way and that.
I see people starring back at me.
If only they knew how the ball bounces.

Logan Robertson

It was a Thursday night at the bar. I sat in my own little world. Laptop in front of me. Chips on the side. A poem that was begging to be written. So I began to type, fast, without any inhibition or cares. Edit-I read this poem again and again. I actually like it. I should do this more often, beer in one hand, words in the other. What a fun balance.
Logan Robertson Dec 2018
My lost love
Hated me.
She blinded my daze.
Knights in me would storm
Sunny shores of hers.
Hymns of my love were light
Dark were her fires.
Water colors of our love never bled
Clotted on a unfinished canvas.
Immaterial of me, she blossomed.
Weeds of our life brushed sad.
Happiness gone from our marriage
Divorce, soon, and found.
Lost, like two gold fish at war
Piecing the bubbles to the surface.
Bottom of the tank, I fell ahead
Tails of hers wagged happily.
Sadly I swam away
Towards more ... emptiness.

Logan Robertson

We were so even in the beggining. The moon sang our song. There were lyrics in our steps. Our world was perfect. Then it crashed, oddly. Like watching a bad movie. We had front row seats and could not, for the life of me, change the script.
Note-Did you notice how every
sentence ends and begins with
antonyms/and or wordplay? In the poem
How I Wish 2019 Brings Blossoms I try this technique again.
ashton Dec 2018
you were the moon,
and i, the tide.
you hauled me in,
only to set me loose again.
"i'm sorry, i love you"
bruises from the impact litter my spine, my ribs.
"forgive me"
the words emerge from your coarse lips,
begging me to overlook the torment.
"it won't happen again"
i try to escape, to fly away,
but the arduous grip of your hand keeps me on the ground,
cemented with a scar to show for it.
and as i stare at you, the fury burning in your eyes,
it's now me repeating those same words.
**trigger warning
ashton Dec 2018
do you look both ways before you cross my mind?
or do you cut across the tracks,
hoping my train of thought hits you?
forcing me to think of you?
do you revel in the anguish you cause me,
as you dance around my consciousness?
do you bathe in the tears i shed over you?
do you frolic on the shattered fragments of my heart,
grinning at the work you did?
Abbi Oct 2018
These wilted flowers that sit on my desk,
Foretold the future I was whispered of, in my head,
Once vibrant blossoms,
Now dull, devastatingly dreary,
Mimic the coldness I feel now,
That you’re no longer near me.
The candles flicker around me,
So fickle, oh so faint,
I’ll dread the moment they go out,
For then darkness will take their place.
I hear the thunder all around me,
A vicious reminder of our once booming love,
Fading off in the distance,
Then only leaving the rain and I to sob,
And I know you didn’t think I noticed when you stuttered on “goodbye”
Because the tears they welled up, and glazed over my eyes.
But I saw the ***** in your demeanor, when I begged you not to go.
I really thought you meant it,
When you told me you loved me so..
Aaryn Oct 2018
Every day
Every second
Every moment
That I am existing
Thoughts of you flash behind my eyelids

Sitting on the bench
When I first started to fall in love with you
I can not comprehend
How someone like me
got so lucky as to be with someone like you

You don't know how much I need you

And I read your poems
Some would say they could be the truest version of oneself
So I read every single one
Over and over
And I cry

Because you are too kind
too beautiful
too perfect
to feel the way you do

You deserve to be surrounded by people that care about you
more than they care for themselves
because you care for all of them
and they know that

You deserve a life without tears
without sorrow
without fear

but I know that fairy tales
and dreams
rarely have an inkling of truth behind them

So I will be there
I will surround you
Care for you
Love you

But even so, I am not perfect
And my sorrow might creep over to you
and because of this
I might try to push you away
to protect you

but you will never leave the back of my mind
And every night
when I close my eyes
I'll be thinking of you

You don't know how much I need you
For a human, that has always been there for me and I love her for it...
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