I hate you. The person who taught me a valuable lesson that I don't regret.
But now there's someone new, and I'm happier than before because I'm finally moving on from you.
Things happen for a reason it seems
Adrianna Roe Jul 4
The grey days consume me
Time trickling like water beads
A thousand tears, are shed
A thousand needles, stab at my my heart,
Till it stifles the once shining star
Leaving me as a hollowed carcass

My heart, been through many hands
Each one tearing it away, piece by piece
Where they were the merciless marionettes
And I was the foolish puppet,
Lapping at their orders
Being. played at by sinuous strings.
Melili Jun 24
Should I disappear from you?
From everyone?
From your world?
Or from the universe?

There will be no more me,
to irritate you.
No more me,
to annoy you.
No more me.
to bother you.

If I disappear,
I won't be there,
to make you laugh.
Everything will change.

So be grateful.
Enjoy my silliness
caring loving and
stupid company, before
I close my eyes forever.
I don't what to do. Can you tell me?
Melili May 6
I'm really trying to say
so much more than
those three little words...

I'm trying to let you know
that I adore you
and that I cherish
the time we spend together..

I'm trying to explain
that I want you
and that I need you
and that I get lost in
wonderful thoughts
every time I think about you.

Each time I whisper
"I love you"
I'm trying to remind you
that you're the best thing
that has ever happen to me.

And saying those three words
are not just words
those are emotions when you say it.
This is Exactly for everyone you love.
I tried, but now is all gone, but I hope the person who read this, will do good. Not like me a failure.
Jessa Apr 6
Never once
You tried to listen
To my cry
Never once
You tried to understand
My agony
Selfishly …..
You feed me with your ago
Heartlessly …..
You abuse me with ignorance
Invisible to your eyes now
But soon …..
This face you’ll miss
Soon ….
My voice will haunt you
In your sleep
Soon ….
You’ll realize that I’m a loss
That could never be replaced
Soon …..
I’ll be gone away from your sight
And memories
Will be buried in time

Jessa Apr 4
Can I kiss
Those lips of yours
One last time
Can I preserve
The taste of your ecstasy
One more time

Can you hold me tight
Like you won't let go
This time
Can you caress my hair
And look me in the eye
One last time

For this moment
I want to remember
Bittersweet memory
Between you and me
When we say goodbye
For the last time

Melili Mar 6
Sometimes, when the person
I love hurt me the most.
I wish I could give you my pain
just for one moment.

Well, not to hurt you,
but to make you understand
how much you hurt me
and all the pain you gave me.
I wish that karma come to you. You really broke my heart really hard. you said i was the one who hurt you. That a big lie man. you secret friend told me that you where a playboy. And that you broke her too. At first i didn't trust her. But I know now is true. I try to talk to you but your text hit me so hard that I cried and never talked to you. 3/6/2018 3 days before
Mystery E Feb 14
Day and night you prayed for a new day.
A new beginning, a new change but it seems like the day had stayed in place.
Are you really who you are or are you a mindless robot?
Being control by hatred people who is forcing you to harm yourself.
Surrendering your soul, your life, your mind and your heart to the deeply ground.
Is where you stay that’s what they say.
Your bones are weakening,
your awareness are slipping away,
Your blood sinking and dripping away.
Are you a waste away?
You cannot say. But it feels like it is
How about today?
There’s nothing about today.
Today is the unknown as you are the unknown
Melili Feb 5
Stay Beautiful
Just The Way
You Are Now.
Don't Let Anyone
Change You!
I wish you will always stay Beautiful forever and ever. 2/5/2018
Annie Dec 2017
You know what the biggest tragedy is?
When something turns into hell from bliss

And when the Moon whispers to the stars every night,
You will be standing all alone –shivering with fright

Why you even bother to let someone in?
Do you not see it's not heaven –it's a sin

Your days are darker and red is turning into blue,
You have your moments, but see there are just a few

You had a world within you and you're losing it,
You only lie down to cry with the door closed -all the candles lit

How slowly you're sacrificing yourself to the unknown
People think you're crazy, but that's just your zone

Why won't you speak to the sky tonight?
Why won't you call out the dead to kiss goodnight?
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