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Aaryn Oct 10
Every day
Every second
Every moment
That I am existing
Thoughts of you flash behind my eyelids

Sitting on the bench
When I first started to fall in love with you
I can not comprehend
How someone like me
got so lucky as to be with someone like you

You don't know how much I need you

And I read your poems
Some would say they could be the truest version of oneself
So I read every single one
Over and over
And I cry

Because you are too kind
too beautiful
too perfect
to feel the way you do

You deserve to be surrounded by people that care about you
more than they care for themselves
because you care for all of them
and they know that

You deserve a life without tears
without sorrow
without fear

but I know that fairy tales
and dreams
rarely have an inkling of truth behind them

So I will be there
I will surround you
Care for you
Love you

But even so, I am not perfect
And my sorrow might creep over to you
and because of this
I might try to push you away
to protect you

but you will never leave the back of my mind
And every night
when I close my eyes
I'll be thinking of you

You don't know how much I need you
For a human, that has always been there for me and I love her for it...
If his bed was empty,
where once red poppies
bobbed a sled
It became colder
and thin ice grew.
From the starting gate,
they fell,
spawned indifference,
for they were like two horses,
stabled in the face.
Reined for the show.
With blue ribbons in their eyes,
so very prim and proper
in public eyes.
Away, their tongues at war,
fueling the armies,
in their eyes.
He cried the impending emptiness,
warmth and love,
the empty bed.
The pound of fish
on Fridays.
And slices of cake,
where the red poppies
come to thrive
and the sled cherishing
the ride.
Blind not to her vices and him.
Their marriage dissolved.
Infidelity in her back pocket
and undoubtedly a bigger sled.
Where are my angels,
he cried so often
the last thirty years
of darkness.
Where unfortunate endings
replaced auspices beginnings
and shadow dancing replaced romance.
See through
a lone wolf distancing from the pack.

Logan Robertson

For all the things I should tell you,

I was left with only one word

I can't recall that word, for it was cold that night,

we were under a street light, no one was around

Just us and the cold breeze

Surrounding us was the foreshadowing of the now;

A future that is just us cold as your hands when I tried to hold them

As you pulled your hands away, so did your promises;

promises that made a huge smile on my face,

those were just promises as light at paper;

that were blown away by the very wind that came out your mouth

I'm still here under the same streetlight where you left.

A streetlight that keeps on following me around;

showing to others what is left of me;

a scare, is all I have left of the memories of you

A scare that was made by you ripping the smile out of me

I keep on going back to that cold night;

seeking for answers to just one word

with only a scare to remind me of everything.

It's all coming back now

it keeps getting clearer, the word that I was left with;

but with it comes this gut wrenching feeling;

the word keeps echoing through my mind

a poem that was a challenge for me but not a challenge making
Jasmine Reid Aug 21
I wish I could just pick up the phone and text you now and again,
call you even just maybe once in a while.
Instead of just seeing your face from a distance again and again, or hearing little specks of your voice talking to someone else.

It’s ****. I feel ****.
Hearing the stories with your name written in them make me feel useless, like I’m just there, far away into the background that I’m not even a character.

The words you say, I see on someone else’s screen, and my name mentioned once and never again. Why do I feel this way so strongly, so depressing, and yet... so used to the treatment.

By family and friends, my own fricken mates don’t acknowledge my existence when they make those plans for the weekend, my parents not knowing who I am because I’m not noticeable like the others

I wish I wasn’t this way. This way that I am used to being, this way I am used to feeling. Like ****, every-*******-day

Do I mean anything to those around me truly?! Deep down maybe but not straight away, and thats a selfish remark for me to make and I shouldn’t even think of saying such a thing, but I just did, and I’m not erasing it from the screen.

Deep down I’m still hurting but no one see’s because I hide it behind, laughter, sarcasm and dark humour to shield my walls that I let fall. Deep down I just want to be held again, in arms that make me feel safe, to be kissed in a way that makes me feel special, and have my hands played with and my skin traced just because.

But I’m too quiet to ask for help.
Melili Aug 11
I've been waiting for the day
you say you want me back.
I've been alone all this time,
that I seem not to understand it.

You threw my heart into the flames
I took our pictures out the frames
I tried to throw my heart out,
but I still keep 'em just in case.

If you're wondering if I still love you
after so much time has passed.

Since you ask,
I don't really want you back.
I just want the life we had.
I don't really want you close.
I just needed you to know,
that I don't really want you back.
Sometime you need to let thing go, to keep moving your life.
Jasmine Reid Aug 10
my eyes are drenched with the oceans tears, vast and never ending.
my throat is choked in a bile of desperate words that want to be free.
my wrists burning in this warming sensation, that I want to cut out.
my lungs filled with the reminiscing smoke that was your words, laughter and smile.

It's given me cancer.

The cigarette **** that I kept consuming even though everyone told me to quit. I tired too, I'm still trying but then I keep crawling back to this needle and inject my veins with a distraction.
I feel warm, and I'm breathing normally, but then it settles in, I'm empty, needing to calm myself down with the sound of your voice that I can't hear.
get out of my head.
Jasmine Reid Aug 7
i'm too young to be this sad,
i'm too young to feel this hatred towards
my face
my body
my mind

I thought that I found a new high that kept me off the ground that revealed a toxic ocean that drowned me beneath a voice, and a missing sensation, a buzz, a laugh ... and a hug.
I thought that someone had offered me a helping hand after this slump I was rocking back and forth in,

but now I'm second guessing me, because I despise me, and what I have become accustomed to creating and destroying.

Be Careful How You Talk To Someone Like Me.

i'm too young to be soaking myself in this waterfall of thoughts that i keep thinking like shots to my gullet.

i'm too young to be remembering the past and feeling depressed once I catch a whiff of a smell that you were heavily coated in, and I think back to before now and then I feel so dead inside with the past spark I had in that desirable, beautiful life I once sort to be my future.

i'm too young to feel dead
i can't tell the others.
Jasmine Reid Jul 26
I sleep alone,
in a cold bed as the winter nights settle
I attempt to be warm with my thoughts

I keep away the dark and try to stay under your light,
feel the burning sensation scattered against your volcanic skin. I cool you.

I’m frosty, bitterly cold to the touch, I sting you and you melt me

Warm you keep me in a long embrace, as my dead fingertips touch your face, scrape through your hair and tug at it when you kiss me. You’re intoxicated to the chill of my skin and the icy breeze of my breath,
                                   together we could reach into our dreams
                                                          ­             and rest in eternal sleep.
Jasmine Reid Jul 12
I hate you. The person who taught me a valuable lesson that I don't regret.
But now there's someone new, and I'm happier than before because I'm finally moving on from you.
Things happen for a reason it seems
Adrianna Roe Jul 4
The grey days consume me
Time trickling like water beads
A thousand tears, are shed
A thousand needles, stab at my my heart,
Till it stifles the once shining star
Leaving me as a hollowed carcass

My heart, been through many hands
Each one tearing it away, piece by piece
Where they were the merciless marionettes
And I was the foolish puppet,
Lapping at their orders
Being. played at by sinuous strings.
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