Melili Mar 6
Sometimes, when the person
I love hurt me the most.
I wish I could give you my pain
just for one moment.

Well, not to hurt you,
but to make you understand
how much you hurt me
and all the pain you gave me.
I wish that karma come to you. You really broke my heart really hard. you said i was the one who hurt you. That a big lie man. you secret friend told me that you where a playboy. And that you broke her too. At first i didn't trust her. But I know now is true. I try to talk to you but your text hit me so hard that I cried and never talked to you. 3/6/2018 3 days before
Mystery E Feb 14
Day and night you prayed for a new day.
A new beginning, a new change but it seems like the day had stayed in place.
Are you really who you are or are you a mindless robot?
Being control by hatred people who is forcing you to harm yourself.
Surrendering your soul, your life, your mind and your heart to the deeply ground.
Is where you stay that’s what they say.
Your bones are weakening,
your awareness are slipping away,
Your blood sinking and dripping away.
Are you a waste away?
You cannot say. But it feels like it is
How about today?
There’s nothing about today.
Today is the unknown as you are the unknown
Melili Feb 5
Stay Beautiful
Just The Way
You Are Now.
Don't Let Anyone
Change You!
I wish you will always stay Beautiful forever and ever. 2/5/2018
Annie Dec 2017
You know what the biggest tragedy is?
When something turns into hell from bliss

And when the Moon whispers to the stars every night,
You will be standing all alone –shivering with fright

Why you even bother to let someone in?
Do you not see it's not heaven –it's a sin

Your days are darker and red is turning into blue,
You have your moments, but see there are just a few

You had a world within you and you're losing it,
You only lie down to cry with the door closed -all the candles lit

How slowly you're sacrificing yourself to the unknown
People think you're crazy, but that's just your zone

Why won't you speak to the sky tonight?
Why won't you call out the dead to kiss goodnight?
claire elizabeth Dec 2017
tell my why i still miss you
why it's been months since you held me
and i still can't help tearing myself apart
every night
searching for whatever you saw in me
that you ran away from

tell me why i still want you
why i can't help remembering
your hands on me
holding; sweetly, possessively
resting my head on your shoulder
and you leaning yours on mine

i thought we fit like that
tell me why we don't
liv Oct 2017
why do you control me?
i am free
i am me
yet you're the one controlling me
Jessa Oct 2017
Leaves will fall
Like autumn in February
And angels
Will start to grieve
Sending their tears
Through the rain
Hold my hand
And kiss me one last time
For the warmth
Of your lips
It's what I'll carry
To my cold place
Underneath your feet
Shall heaven
Has my name
I'll wait for you there
For this love
Will always eternally
Be yours
Shall the longing
Hit you hard
Find me in the air
Send me your emotion
Within the dandelions
Let the wind blows
Your pain to me

LifeExplorer Oct 2017
I have made mistakes in the past
I have been broken
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was forgiven

I was desperate for love
Been desperately giving myself away
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I told you too many lies
Even While looking at your eyes
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I told you I cannot trust
To them it was nothing but lust
I thought you are ready to leave
Yet I was still forgiven

I didn't believe that you love me
Yet I was still forgiven
I'll be nothing but a misery
Yet I'll still be forgiven
This was based on the poem I wrote few weeks ago entitled "Love full of doubt"
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2017
It's ok to worry about yourself,
It's ok to ask for help,
It's ok to need a hand,
It's ok to talk,
It's ok to not be ok!

By; Nida Mahmoed
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