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Shea Oct 8
If this is health,
what the **** is sickness?
I'm tired of being the one
Who has to be the one
To give a ****
What happens when
I want to give up?
What happens then when
I have step up
and be the one to fix the problem
when the problem is me
me, I, myself
I caused this wreck
this body I'm in
has hurt more people than
to begin with
to rid of my problems
I must change
but changing means
accepting I'm the problem
and what if
I know I am
and knowing I'm a problem
makes me want to rid of who I am
for good
TG Sep 20
I can´t wait
for the hurt
to finally go away,
waiting for the day,
that i´d wake up without
thinking about you,
without thinking about the day you left me
without any explanation

When that day comes,
I´d celebrate & say
I will never let
anyone in,
Becaus you caused me dirt,
you did a number on my health,
You diminished my confidence
My self love,
My life purpose,
My importance wandered away.

But when my pain goes away,
I´ll be stronger than ever,
I´ll be focussing on me,
I won´t let anyone in,
Will not chase anyone
My life will be priority,
Because I´m done with loving too much
caring too much,
for someone, that wouldn´t love back
or do the same

When that day comes,
I´ll rise
It´s been a month and I´ve been living with pain. Pain because I´ve been tricked. I´ve been letting someone in that turned out to be another person in the end. Someone that easily forgot me and left me me alone without any explanation. Just disappeared, after all these promises and loving words. Someone twisting his perception so easily without any reason. I invested all my trust, en faith, my heart into this person and he throws it all away, Leaves like nothing ever happenned. Don´t invest into a conncetion if you are planning to leave afterwards. I´ve learned my lesson and will never risk my health by giving my heart to someone else.
TG Sep 17
What do we do,
when we no longer have control,
no longer can say,
or change a thing
about a situation.
We just have to accept it,
as painful as it is.
We need to learn to live with it...
You're stuck in a situation you can't get out of. It hurts so much but theres nothing you can do about it, it's over. You want an explanation so badly, why did it go like this. You gave everything, your heart, body & soul but it's gone. This person/situation is no longer a part of your life. He/she doesn''t want you to be a part of their story anymore. All we can do is, take the pain & accept it. You cannot change someone's perception or feelings. It's over for them, so it is for you aswell. The best thing you can do is move on and live your life again. Even if it's unfair, even if you're sad. You won't be able to change another persons mind but you can change yours. Slowly by time you will feel happy again, you''ll find happiness in the things you can control. Please stay happy everyone even if it's hard sometimes!
Jasmine Reid Sep 4
i swallowed a pill today.
a happy pill, the others said.

i felt no joy, only my pain.
so i took two the next day.

still no change,  they said
it could take a few days.

so i took another pill today.
and i feel like it's stuck in my throat
Jasmine Reid Aug 29
I wear compliments like make-up,
it washes off.

I melt in hugs like chocolate in summer.

I eat kisses like candy,
till it makes me sick.

I wear validation like a jacket in winter,
I have to keep putting it back on.
TG Aug 4
I´m smiling,
But my heart is burning,
I´m trying to keep it up,
But my thoughts are killing,
I know my worth,
But my worth is on hold,
I´m seeing my friends,
But I´m absent,
All I want to do is cry,
But I´m holding my tears

I´m crying over air,
I´m sad over a worthless stone,
I´m on the floor,
due to a careless stranger

I´m lost,
I´m lost, while the opposite is adjusting fast
I´m the one that lost,
Because the ones that care,
Are always the losers in the end
And the careless survive the longest

I´m locked,
What love can do to you,
Is even stronger than humanity.
When you want to get over soneone so badly but you just can´t. You know that, that one person doesn´t care about you. That he would trade you for a penny. That you were absolutely nothing for him. But you on the other hand, with your caring heart are stuck. Because u were abandoned  by someone. Someone u gave respect, trust your whole heart. You got attached, with your sensitive heart and that attachement just had been broken by the opposite person, You feel lost, meaningless, betrayed, because you didn´t do anything wrong. All you wanted to do was to love with whole your heart.
TG Aug 2
Oh dear heart,
Tell me why do you get excited,
When nothing lasts,
Why do u want me to let anything in,
If it´ll only cause me hurt,
Why do you cheer for someone,
If you know there´ll be an end
It´s lovely when the heart craves something,
But terrible when that doesn´t last
TG Jul 22
I´ll get so hurt inside,
When I don´t know what I´m doing,
I´ll be so focussed on one person,
One person I want to love.

When I meet the person,
He shows me love,
But when we don´t see eachother,
The fire reaches to my soul.

Why isn´t the love as pure as it is in reality,
Why can´t u show me the same love,
Our love is being questionned,
Because you don´t know how to stay.

You love the moment,
But you love to live your life too,
You love the taste of every bit of life,
You´ll grab it and throw it easily away.

I´m holding my heart,
After 1 million attemps for love
I´m trying to survive the pain again,
Trying to live again,
This shouldn´t have happenned if it would not last,
I´m in a black hole,
And do not want to get out of it.
I think there are many people out there who can relate. Especially the sensitive ones with a big heart. Your heart wants to love so badly, but you´ll end up not getting enough. Not receiving what your heart is craving. After that the cravings turn into pain, being empy, unwanted, not receiving what the heart wanted. You try and try every time, but nobody is willing to stay. From there it goes downhill..
TG Jul 12
I get crazy when I open myself up to someone new
The unknown
Days and Days
Hours passing by
Is he what I pictured in my mind,
But when it doesn’t align
I get stuck
I wanna get out of this new event
But I can’t
Jasmine Reid Jul 8
I tell myself that I'm leaving,
to go alone and scream into the night air.

I arrive and try, the air in my throat is tight.
Sounds of anguish and frustration unable to holler out,

I tell myself that nothings changing,
so I grab a lighter that I've been hiding, and hold the tumour between my lips.

Slobbering tears as I lite my stress, this is as close to death as I can feel.

The venom dripping from my mouth,
my foot pressing harder against the pedal down this country strip.
A referendum in my mind embellished with motivation,
so I tilt the wheel and leave it to momentum.

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