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SEYI KING Dec 2017
Many had fallen but few have risen
Deep in the hearts of men spears glisten
The battle field
Where you are only as strong as your will
With hate this thick: many had fallen short of reason

Could it be for glory or be it for freedom?
For as many we were, we all scourged for one diadem
Pride blind our eye sight vile in our strife
Your blood my knife your fall my rise
Admist all this mayhem no one knows if it may end

Survival of the fittest? No, triumph for the sleekest
Even the meanest got slain leaving no clues for the weak ends
Alas! We were three one throne one king
None relenting till life flows only through one being
With no soul to reign on the crown becomes null
All in all we had bled for nothing
Seyi king 30-05-10
30 | 31 Poems for August 2017

I need coffee and poetry and music by Solange, Emeli Sandé and Floetry.
I need love and freedom, I need to know that God is in my life even when there’s pain in my eyes.
Our love and chemistry was beautifully overwhelming but I never wanted you to say goodbye.
You left without any warning, you left and I need to know the reason why while I keep listening to Cranes in the Sky.
I tried to drink it away but every time I did, I woke up the next day feeling intensely inebriated.
I have cried myself to sleep on days when the world was dancing to the rhythm of my melancholic heartbeat.
I have fallen in love with my own solitude, but lately loneliness has taken over every single part of me.
You still have my heart beating in rhythms that are foreign to my existence.
I find it useless spending all this time apart while we keep admiring each other from a distance.
I have been waiting for you to help me get rid of this miserable and lonely life of mine.
5 | 31 Poems for August 2016

I’m catching feelings, hope you don’t leave and go catch airplanes.
When the universe aligned, our paths and hearts were destined to collide.
You still give my comfort zone endless earthquakes; I wonder how much that is on the Richter scale.
Let me love you unconditionally regardless of how ugly your truths are.
In a sky full of constellations, you know that you’ll always be my favourite star.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer, when you are the breeze I can never forget to breathe.
I’ve been digging the soles of my shoes into the ground just to keep myself steady and balanced.
I stood in the rain patiently awaiting your arrival but then, I eventually realised that you were the rain.
Looking forward to the day where your body and mine finally merge into one.
The day when we finally find home and we never ever feel alone because love is all around.
The day when we are able to look back at all the greatness we have both become.
Look me in my starry eyes and tell me that everything will be okay.
I can’t give you the world but I pray that you stay for more than just another day.
I’m Lonnie Lynn with the poetry, Marsha and Natalie with the Floetry.
So all you got to do is say yes if the question is, “Will you be mine from this day onwards?”
I don’t have much but I have you and with God on my side, how can I lose?
When the universe aligned, our paths and hearts were destined to collide.
I’m catching feelings, hope you don’t leave and go catch airplanes because my heart is really growing fond of you.
Falling in love with someone is a beautiful thing. Becoming so in love that you never want them to leave.
Jazmine Moore Sep 2015
You look
At me
As if the sun
Rises and sets
In my eyes

So why is it
That you're letting
Your pride beat your
Heart black
And Blue
-It's easier to love
Stephanie Lynn Aug 2014
when the world gets far too heavy
you start searching for a noose
it's easier to watch it fade to gray
than to endure painsaken truth

so bleed the blood of a thousand wounds
until you can't bleed anymore
shelter God from inward sin
to let Satan in the door

give up the foolish fairytale
give up the golden spoon
and leave a trace of a day's well spent
and a life that's gone too soon
(C) Maxwell 2014
Jerry Goodmans May 2014
A figment of my imagination
Is all thats left of reality
In thinking and drinking
My base tendencies depict
A bleeding edge as uncertain as the truth
Its the end of an era
Of bewildered meanderings
I treat my thoughts
As provoking triggers
Whose indiscretion
Brings delight to my awareness
I look for the most sedimented mountains
In the vast plethora of rocks
As a diamond from the dust
My pursuit is of a grand illumination
Which opens the door to the corridors of power
That takes away any existence of mediocrity
Choosing in anticipation that my efforts will lead to success

— The End —