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I just need to be more creative
Have one thought that clicks in everybody's mind
Something  that makes me more special than the rest;
Something that inspires,
That requires those who read it to sit and ponder.
A stir in the air that shipwrecks your mind
On the island of my imagination.
I just need something more.

But what for?
The clicks and the views,
The stars in the night sky
Or the "i love you" (s)
O' nothing that really matters anymore
Writing at a time when i should be asleep, probably going to wake up to this trash
Gordon Chai Oct 2018

how many do i need
to feel like something?
Anya Sep 2018

For more appreciation
From society

Till society forgets you
And you just

Love yourself for who you are,
Not what others think of you
Haylin Aug 2018
Don't tell me
what you learned in school
was useless

every day

the number of likes
you got on your selfie
to figure out the value
of your beauty,

perfectly formed tweets
to exude creativity and wit
you wish you
actually possessed,

status updates
from former friends
who always seem
to be doing something

become curious
about the lives
of people
you've never met,

why you waste
your time
comparing yourself
to carefully crafted personalities
that exist only
for Internet audiences
they would otherwise
be too afraid
to address.

Don't tell me
what you learned in school
was useless.
Devin Lawrence Aug 2018
It’s nice to see you again.
You’re always a click away.
I did a thing today.
Will you like it for me right away?
I see you found a new hobby,
you post a link that I copy,
and I like it,
because I like you.

I share my new piece,
take a look at your niece,
you seem happy and it puts me at peace.
But I’m stuck...
I’ve signed a new lease.
Look at this photo, I’ve used new hair grease.
You like it,
and I think it means you like me.

You fall in love and I like
that picture of you and them on that hike;
it feels like I’m with you all the time,
but this bond is only as strong
as our connection to Wi-Fi.

I’ve lost some friends but I deflect
by sharing songs to connect,
but these prevailing thoughts interject:

I’m all alone.
It’s just the screen,
and me.

I look at likes like they’re currency
and I’m currently
using poetry -
a writer’s diplomacy -
to scream “woe is me!”
but I bet you can see
right through me,
can’t you?

My digital friend,
where did this begin,
and where does it end?
Are we bound to do this dance
‘till we’re echoes of dust,
or call it like it is:
you and me, we’re just...

I can’t.

You post a picture.
I like it,
because I like you.
Jaimie Ramirez Jun 2018
Up late thinkin bout you
Thinkin about us
What we had , was it trust?
Scared to admit if it was ****
Deep down... i give no *****
Truth is im broken with pain
Heart cold its insane
Havin these thoughts in my brain
Mixed emotions callin my name
Ready to give up this game
Always been betrayed
Said you loved me but never stayed
Hearts done getting played
Found you in the dark and helped u shine
Looking ****** thinking you were mine
Had to convince myself that im fine
Slowly killing me inside
All my feelings i have to hide
Depression is taking over my pride
Let everything set aside
Waiting for you to look me in the eyes
Riding solo til the day i die
Never believe the lies
Love’s gonna get you killed
How can a poem begin to trend
Without any likes or loves
It just doesn't make sense.
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I came upon this place of poetry.
There are Poems laying at the Poetry Alter.
Found a poem I also wanted to give some water.
At the Poetry's ALTER
Pieces looked upon.
From the fore front they've gone.
Yet they are special and still stretched carefully out.
Like flowers just waiting there to sprout.
Poems to be read upon like planted seeds.
For anyone who needs,
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I came upon this place of poetry.
There are poems laying at the Poetry Alter.
Found a poem I also wanted to give some water.
We are the Writers, the sowers, the reapers.
We are workers the laborers the Poetry Keepers.
Let us browse the books, the internet nooks, the newspaper shoots,
But let us not be guilty of being overlooking crooks.
Let us not go ignoring the massive carefully written books.
But let us sow
Were we shall reap, let us read that we may grow,
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I ran across this place of Poetry.
Let us pour WATER.
On the poems left lying at the Poetry's Alter.
Dear writers of poems, songs and books you have now been watered.
This water consists of vitamins, and mineral for you to grow.
May more from you develop And more of you may sow?
You're watered by tears of joy, laughter and refreshing rains.
Your Poems are seeds, grown and sown it forever abides,
and its uniqueness remains.
S.A.M. All Rights Reserved © 2007
uniqueness of individual poems from the heart they have grown been shown shared and dared to be traveled passages tucked in given unique places. For the love of poetry I wrote this one..
Its funny how crushes work
You just see a cute person
You like what they post
& BOOM! Imaginary wedding
I mean I wouldn't go that far
But **** Imma shoot my shot
& If that doesn't work, then I guess I'll let it go

Its when ya friends start crying about how cute they are is when you really realize you like them..
Like uh ***** when I liked him he "wasn't that cute" Now he is Michael Ealy in a Magic Mike scene

Funny how crushes work
Funny how you're jealous when none of you really has his attention
Girl, you still got time to shoot ya shot
You deserve to have fun
Sam Jan 2018
How many likes am I worth?
How many swipe rights can I get,
How many super honest, friendly people,
Have I ever met?

Lights, camera, caption,
trying to reach my goal,
40,000 subscribers!
Take my instagram poll!

Should I post this selfie?
I might delete it soon,
thought that I looked cute,
but it sure wont make him swoon.

I have refreshed my page,
50 times since the start,
the want for more likes,
is tearing me apart

If I get 1,000 followers,
I will feel complete,
Does what I say matter
without a single retweet?
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