The moon stared the lady
Who was hiding and crying
She was a star to slay
By the god ,may
Deserted by all
She was not good ,human call
What is truth ,what is lie
She is different her own way
Let her expressed and say
'I'm a beauty of black night ;
You're a beauty of sun'
-we may different but our
Heart is one

Pallestine beauty
zoe mae Jan 7

she peeled fishnets off widespread thighs
quivering with pain and vulnerability
covered her camera lens with them
a facade of perfect popularity

Lure Pot Jul 2017

I think of you every single moment
in my sleep, in my dreams
all the day, all the night
I hope you are alright
Sweetie, I'd never force you!
Making you a promise...

You think of me every single minute
at home of you, at work
You'd like to delight me
on the way, at the beach, in the park
Beloved, I'd never force you!
Making you a promise...

We think of ourselves every single second
in the happiness, in the hurt
Our love likes diamond
We're like once heart, not apart
Love, sorry; I'd never force you!
Making you a promise...

Lure Pot Jul 2017

I'm saying today really
You're happy, sweet Lily
Your love is Daddy Jonny
He looks handsome, funny.
I'm saying today really
You're happy, sweet Lily.

You are pretty cute shy
Your mind likes blue sky
The happy smile gives shiningly
And face gives charming.
I'm saying today really
You're happy, sweet Lily.

You're the beauty queen Kitty
And so cute, simple chatty
Yours look likes lovely
You talk to all nicely.
I'm saying today really
You're happy, sweet Lily.

Mikkel Mathiesen Jul 2017

Remove my hands from my throat
Let me escape the white inevitable screen
Red upon blue wires strangles me
Everyone else is already dead
The white light ate them
Split and obsessed with confirmation
Impatient to get recognized
Indistinguishable personalities judged by each other
Because a heart per day keeps the Reaper away
And hungry they wander the masses
Brainless and forever starving
Dissolving in their own expectations
Layer upon layer they change, though, never evolve
Eternally forgotten in themselves

Who are they?
Everyone alike
Who am I?
I fear; everyone alike

Social Media
Lure Pot Jun 2017

Your face likes moon
The smile is glad
Your look likes boon
Never be sad.
Missing you anyway
If you come today.

Your voice likes meds
Eyes are your beauty
Your love fills needs
So be eternity
Missing like all sorrow
If you come tomorrow.

Your arts melt my heart
Fun makes batter
Bolt, take away apart
If now and later
Burning so day by day
Oh, Willow Renee Ray!

allie Jun 2017

i got to thinking
why is this site
(where we spread our thoughts
and learn how to write)
have followers
have likes
this should be a safe place
where people aren't judged
on likes
on followers

why is it like this
Star BG May 2017

Likes, of hearts red, a positive memo in mailbox,
a sun bright, all become tickles inside my heart.
Little energetic sparks of encouragement
to light up words percolating in mind.

The likes become fuel for the wandering poetess I am.
A poet, who walks in breath infused with an idea.
A scribe, who dances to the music of a readers smile.
A writer, who holds gratitude for all those who write,
as we are family.

Thats me! One who savors all the red hearts I can gather, to plant in my poetic flower bed in mind. The field I caretake for a bouquet of poems to be picked and shared.

THANKS followers and others who come to my door step of a page. Happy reading!

TheGrimRaven Mar 2017

The rule of north and south
Opposites attract
Likes repel

But we were not opposites, you see
Tiptoeing on the branches of the same tree
Uncanny similarity and we both knew
Something is wrong and we have no clue

Evidences and theories and proven laws
All were broken for our good cause

The improbable is what made us
And though it might seem very foolish
Breaking the rules and be as selfish
We can both admit how delightful it is
We have just beaten the laws of physics

This is what we choose
Same polarity but we have fused
Same as ever, I and thee
You are you and I am me
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