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annh 4d
Robert told Olive
And Olive told Dee
That Emma likes Peter
But Peter likes me.

And Stephen saw Jamie
Tell Anna and George
That Vicky kissed Edward
And Clarence kissed Maude.

But Peter told Edward
And Edward told me
That Vicky saw Stephen
Tell Clarence and Dee

That Robert kissed Emma
So Anna told George
That Olive likes Jamie
But Jamie likes Maude
Just nonsense!
‘I never gossip. I observe. And then relay my observations to practically everyone.’
- Gail Carriger, Timeless
Northern Poet Sep 14
My timeline is filled
With self indulgent selfies
Searching for gratification
And self satisfaction
Need to get an instant reaction
Some social media traction
There's no time for distraction
From this digital attraction
You can't get enough
Of the interaction
1,000 poses in your camera roll
Narcissists are taking control

It doesn't matter
What the time
Come wind, rain
Snow or shine
Just make sure
You look devine
Lick your lips
You're looking fine
Flip the camera
And strike a pose
Making sure
Everybody knows
Here's your next
Digital daily dose
Does it really matter
Which ******* filter you chose?
I feel like I've lost my soul
Narcissists are taking control

The bathroom
Is the perfect spot
Take your picture
Before you Photoshop
Bunny ears
And a rainbow smile
Frogs legs
And a crocodile
Snapping away
Well all the while
You could have been
Down the Curry Mile
Instead you're out there
On your own
Sat at home
On your ******* phone
Sharing pictures
With people you don't know
You'll end up on the ******* dole
Narcissists are taking control

1,000 poses in your camera roll
Mirror selfies
And online trolls
Constantly searching
To find your soul
There's no way out
Of this black hole
Just one more post
On your way home
Narcissists are taking control
Looking thru a reflection of myself
Tryna figure out who i really am
Am i that ambitious girl everyone looks up to?
Or am i just that girl everyone talks about?
Really I’m socially independent
Always wearing god on my pendant
Truthfully i stopped pretending
I faced reality
Seeing clearly inside of me
Begging for life to go accordingly
Living peacefully
Dreaming so vividly
Nights where it goes equally
A love charm aside of me
Not talking bout some pretty jewelry
More of a diamond
Shining brighter than the stars
Every time i look at him
I see a better reflection
Loving our affection
Everything we do
I think about the next thing
He makes me stop the stressing
Crazy how a human being can stimulate her senses
Our love deeply turned into a drug
Take it daily the prescription says
In key words
I need you instead
Us repeating in my head
Ever lasting our love
Never going to rest
One thing i learned
Live your life the best
Count your blessings next
All of that can go missing
Another lucid day
Reminiscing ...
Really enjoyed making this poem.. hope you guys do too!!
Man was created
We evolved
We are social
In the sense that we desire feedback
From people around us
To accept that we have a status
Mostly above theirs

We love likes

When we talk it's mostly 'I'
and 'I'
But then no one really cares about 'you'
Because they're all about 'I'

Oh man
Learn, being social is not a show off contest
Then we shall listen to each other
Self importance is great when controlled, could become unwarranted otherwise.
Indiana Jul 21
Like a pebble on road
Unnoticed by most
Kicked by few
Appreciated by none...
Carmen Jane May 31
"Why everyone else is quiet,
Don't they see, the beauty,
That I try to portray?
I wonder if they are on a diet
For not pressing likes and hearts

Why everyone is in a hurry,
Don't they have time to stop,
Why my newest poem, has to die,
In the same day it was born?"

These were the questions
Received through my mirror
To which I replied,
And I couldn't be clearer,
"Why are you in a hurry,
This is just your beginning
It's great that you have few
Who really care about you
It's great that you make them smile
And sometimes maybe sigh
It's great that they have
Even tears in their eyes
And no, your poems they don't die
Their smiles and their sigh
They lift in the sky
They might touch a heart or two
And might change a bit,
Their point of view!
You might not reach the masses,
Yet, you certainly
Reach a person who is important
More than you'll know, it's true
You reach inside your soul
That person is you!
You're like a
Monday morning;
nobody likes you.
Not meant to offend anyone whatsoever. Just to hopefully give a laugh :)
Greg Jones Mar 20
She logs on to see if she's been trending,
Do anything to make it to the top.
Addicted to the glamour and attention,
Can’t imagine why she'd ever stop.

The reflection in the mirror is confusing
‘Cause she can barely recognize herself.
She needs the perfect lighting and a filter.
She wants to live the life of someone else.

She just changed her hair and it looks perfect.
Upload with a caption for her fans.
Gotta take a picture of her dinner
‘Cause she knows she’s gotta feed the ‘gram.

She’ll never be sober, long after it’s over.
The feeling she gets, it gets her so high.
The love that she’s chasing will never embrace her.
Even if it’s not there, she’s still gotta try.
And she’ll never face it, she’ll want to replace it.
But every night when she sleeps, she’ll ask herself why.
I just need to be more creative
Have one thought that clicks in everybody's mind
Something  that makes me more special than the rest;
Something that inspires,
That requires those who read it to sit and ponder.
A stir in the air that shipwrecks your mind
On the island of my imagination.
I just need something more.

But what for?
The clicks and the views,
The stars in the night sky
Or the "i love you" (s)
O' nothing that really matters anymore
Writing at a time when i should be asleep, probably going to wake up to this trash
Gordon Chai Oct 2018

how many do i need
to feel like something?
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