TheGrimRaven Mar 18

The rule of north and south
Opposites attract
Likes repel

But we were not opposites, you see
Tiptoeing on the branches of the same tree
Uncanny similarity and we both knew
Something is wrong and we have no clue

Evidences and theories and proven laws
All were broken for our good cause

The improbable is what made us
And though it might seem very foolish
Breaking the rules and be as selfish
We can both admit how delightful it is
We have just beaten the laws of physics

This is what we choose
Same polarity but we have fused
Same as ever, I and thee
You are you and I am me
Nick Moser Nov 2016

Pain can be so loud sometimes.

And while I'm over here screaming,
Does anyone say anything?

Of course they don't.

They only speak up to tell me I'm making too much noise.

Why even bother

Parley with me in a language I understand,
Talk with your heart and I will listen,
I will forever be there where you ask me to,
My submission is absolute and undeniable,
I will not betray your path,
I will not deviate,
You can ask me what you ask all,
You may not get the same answer,
It will be brutal, but measured in truth,
It will be loyal, but measured in words,
I will love you with all,
I will love you my child.

Janica Katricia Aug 2016

morning dew was never visible anymore
but only night lights and cold breeze

the sun sets when i rose
from the deep sleep
and dinner is ready
i can smell it from here

midnight comes by so fast
why is it so quick the days have passed?

but it feels like time has stopped.

when i happen to see your face

when i feel your warm embrace

when i look at those eyes

Oh my... * you're such a blessing in *disguise

when things have crossed it lines

when you became mine...

all these things have been the favorite memories of mine...

Comments  are much more valuable
Than the actuall trend.
Likes are just às important

You looked at me in that way
That a dog stares helplessly
At the unrelenting traffic passing by.

You looked at me, and the gusts
Of winds blowing this/that way,
Seemed a bit more sure than you.

You stare at me, trying not to
Linger on my eyes, and open
and close your mouth, almost saying.

You, again, and forever,
Walk away, and before you leave
You turn and make time shatter between us.

And you mumble something,
Under your breath, I can only understand
"What do I know
Oh god
What do I know"

gravygod Apr 2016

remind me not to listen to my friends
when they say, "he totally likes you"
remind me not to listen to myself
when i think, "maybe he likes me"
remind me not to listen to him
when he says, "i missed you"
or when he complements me,
or when he says "oh my god" in bed
fuck his words
fuck his sweet, deceiving words
they never mean shit
i can hope so hard,
and wish upon 11:11 every night
that he would actually have feelings for me
when deep down i know
i'm only good for his satisfaction
what good am i doing
waiting for him,
desiring his scent and sound
pretending that he feels things for me
when i know it couldn't possibly be true
because he's him
who was i trying to fool,

Can a poem trend  after two days
If so
I am hoping one of mine would.
Don't cry

Dennis Rueda Mar 2016

I like 
the rain and I know you do too. 
I can only hope that the coming storm 
is the kind of storm that we like. 
I like 
your thoughts, the way they shimmer in the light. 
and now 
I need you to know that 
when the sky is a mass of discontent, 
and when all of the lights go out, 
I just want you to feel something.

Walter W Hoelbling Feb 2016

our lives are fraught with numbers

so many fractions of a second faster in a race  
most wins on record   best jury votes
highest flight   deepest dive   most goals
meters of rising sea levels
millions of refugees   and more displaced
tens of thousands  honor killings
thousands of deaths with Ebola  
millions of Zika virus victims next year
billions of deficit or profit in import/export
    or the stock exchange
votes in elections    or for beauty queens

polls    tweets   virtual friends  & followers
likes on the social media    on hellopoetry

we have been taught to measure our status
our importance   and the significance of our lives
in clicks of other peoples’ digital devices

even our time has been reduced to numbers
the digital has long replaced the comprehensive
instead of the round dial that shows 12 hours
    suggesting the duration of a normal day
we have a punctual display  without the whole
the cyclical has lost against the linear

we all look forward to our numbered future
no past  and very little present

our hands on smart phones    homes    TVs
    pushing a button makes things move
    swishing a screen displays the world

over all that we easily forget
that we ourselves have been reduced to numbers
    of customers for businesses
    of voters for the politicians
    of workers for the corporations
    of citizens for our nations
digital quantities is what we have become

and if we take a global view
we are a part  of seven billion plus
that currently inhabit our earth

all of which do expect their individuality
be honored  and their dignity respected

numbers don’t  honor individuality
they simply count the units
items  or people  are for them the same

it’s left to us to find a way
that leaves the numbers in their place
yet guarantees us dignity
as individual members of the human race

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