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Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Peace finds me in
crevice of your arm;
right where my body
intertwines perfectly
with yours.
We have found ourselves
in sync with each other's
circadian rhythms
in love;
and while most of us are
composed of tiny atoms;
you, my sweetheart, are encompassed with this
resilient love
as strong as quartz.
My sweet baby,
you selfishly stole
my heart not caring
to ask for permission
and no matter how
smart I claim to be
during the daylight,
all logic goes out the
window during sunset
as soon as you kiss me
six feet under.
-I am dancing in your heaven
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Gathering the bits and pieces of your heart as it fell in my lap was admittedly the most precious love I bathed in.

Sweet baby, I am trying to gather my thoughts as I bathe in everything we are; and I admit that these run on sentences I find myself lost in symbolize the ocean we keep drowning in; magically.

& while some would suggest a life jacket, I am happy to bathe here because I am confident you will always gather me as soon as I start to fall apart which makes it easy to admit I would come back love you in another lifetime; unapologetically.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
I think it is the
ambiguity lying
behind my eyes
mixed with the
honey lingering
after every kiss
that leaves you
trapped inside of
my universe.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
Our amorphous love
left me in a
cascade of tears
and yet,
(I still found myself)
with that beautiful
smile of
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
I stood still in the mirror absorbing the nakedness in which I was standing and called it my truth.
& I am now hurled over my bath cringing at the sight trapped inside of my memory
(the reflection you two served me was simply unfair)
as you are insulting my
intelligence once more
by cracking every joint in my
body dancing to the rhythm
of your lies, in an attempt to
keep me dormant inside of your madhouse.
-I know you are cheating on me.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
How do they realistically expect us to flee from the demanding stereotypes forcefully placed above our heads and in our hearts when they find satisfaction in the thrill of conquering our souls bleeding on the cold pavement?
-they don't. stop killing us, please.
Jazmine Moore Aug 2016
You tried your hardest to flee from the fire brewing inside of your heart for me
You and I both know that the thrill of this ride we are constantly on and off of will only eventually become what conquers us.
-wouldn't you do it over?
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