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Reena Choudhary Jun 2019
Not many people understand,
That I did not chose my sexuality.
Many people think it’s a decision,
But it’s not an who I was born to be.
It’s a radiant act of self-blessing
Something every artist must do sometimes,
When no-one else will bless you.
And it’s funny, good-nature,
and startlingly strange.
No my gayness is not a disease,
I fall in love like any other,
And I have goals in my life,
To have a family, to be a mother.
Its ‘gayness’ isn’t obvious,
but it’s in the tone,
the voice, the stance toward the world.
No matter the pull toward brink.
No matter the florid,
deep sleep awaits.
There is a time for everything.
If you think what I feel is wrong,
I guess you can think that way,
I am proud of being gay.
Let no one cage who you were born to be, Don't be afraid to show off your true colors...
Acted like strangers
But their lips met

Acted like lovers
But the love's for someone else

Acted like friends
But hated each other in the face

Acted like straights
But deep down they're gays

Why choose swell
When you can choose well

Why choose to fake
When you can choose to be true

Because nothing matters
Not even the truth
thanks for reading! comments are welcome ❤
Little boy, listen closely
'Cause no one told me
But you deserve to know
That in this world, you are not beholden
You do not owe them
Your body and your soul

All the youth in the world will not save you from growing older
And all the truth in you is too precious to be stolen.

It's just the way it is
Maybe it's never gonna change
But you've got a mind to show your strength
And you've got a right to speak your mind
And you'll gonna pay for this
They're gonna burn you at the stake
But you've got a fire in your veins
You wasn't made to remain hidden
No, You wasn't made to remain hidden, no
Show some skin, make him want you
'Cause God forbid you
Know your own way home
And ask yourself why it matters
Who it flatters
You're more than flesh and bones
Know your own way home
And ask yourself why it matters
Who it flatters
From Christina Aguilera song, fall in line.
I don't own the lyrics. All the words and letters entirely belong to the rightful owner.
TlvGuy Jun 2017
I saw him on a subway train
We looked on each other
The whole ride.
Not a single word,
No secret smiles.
Just a look,
deep in the eyes.

Maybe imagining the life
We could have together
Sitting on the white sand
Of Coney Island beach,
Enjoying our cosy home,
Getting warm near a fire place
On amazingly snowing day.

And then a cruel squeaking wheels noise made him leave the train
And took all our dreams away.

We won't see each other again.
See you in another life
My love
Alan S Bailey Sep 2016
Being one to sit in judgement of the black, white, the gay or Arab,
To judge another upon history of failures, of isolated events.
Should one "remain a black man or black woman" when
"Everyone" is "sick of their antics," only focusing on the
Negative, a few compared to the whole in madhouse protest?
Should I see that gays are unfit for marriage, service, children,
Or other things just because of the background of the few?
Shall I wrap myself in this ignorance, and let us give into this?
Rather than except them in whole? Do blacks simply walk around
Town and all alone turn everything upside down? Does a ghetto
"Grow" in their wake? Do we not cradle this evil view, this sinister
Racist hate? Do we not point the finger of blame at the blacks for
Having to fly our confederate flags again and again, clearly not
In any manner displaying any white love for them? Shall we believe
One bad Apple spoils the bunch, even if there is one in every
Crowd, so it seems we must remove all who are in their presence,
Yet have nothing to do with their practice?

Just my personal feelings. Don't worry, I know you hate my statements! And it's fine with me, you have the right to, and I have the right to say this just as much as you have the right to fly a confederate flag in the south!
Alan S Bailey May 2016

*Here it is: they believe by some decree that if a marriage
must happen at a church, no one by any means should
question this word: have you ever even heard?
They want to protect their supposed right to decide
not to help marry the gays-even from a distance!
Even if it's not at their church! They believe that somehow it's
by religious opinion they are outside the law, that
it doesn't need apply to them. "Be abused" all you want,
but if you want my thought, not to be blunt, it's just an
excuse to treat gays differently, get our way-when it
comes to marriage, how great their immaturity!
Alan S Bailey Apr 2016
Buying a car, driving, that's a privilege,
Owning a gun is a right,
So why is it that we all had the "fair right"
To free marriage, it wasn't for gays to decide?
It's strange how you could get a gun,
Purchase it with little concern for WHY,
Or where you intended to use, or if you'd
Had a mentally unstable mind,
But yet if you wanted to obtain a marriage,
You'd have to show them you were "in the right,"
Indeed this was never a free country until JUSTICE
Was finally done over such a great amount of time.
Brent Kincaid Sep 2015
There was an elegant *****, from New York City
Or maybe Rome or New Orleans.
He was a spectacular ***, but didn't do drag at all;
Falling somewhere in between that category
Of glorious ladies and men of the day.
A queen with no throne nor entourage scene,
Camouflaging himself in skin-tight trousers,
Spectacular coats and jackets,
Packets of sachet in his pockets
To give him a scent of an unusual gent.
As if he had a choice in the matter.

He had a delicate way with his manner,
His hands and his eyes touching gracefully
As if not to disturb the dust on the mind,
Often very unkind, he used his tongue slicing
And dicing those who offended his senses
When such dared to step on his train
Invisibly dragging behind him, around him
Keeping his visitors at bay, a few feet away
Like proper subjects, courtiers to his grace
His face locked in a grin; hiding all within
The secrets protected by laden witticisms
Criticisms if you misbehave, saving smiles;
Handing out compliments like cookies.

There was always a waving of hands,
The arms caught in the wind like cornstalks.
For a moment. Then catching, ending like feathers
Settling together, resting as if cradling a baby
One hip thrown out, the head to one side
As if listening; hearing a devil's good joke,
Smoking a constant cigarette, the ends never wet
Laying the tip on the lip like a kiss
His face slightly lifted so the smoke will drift
Away from his half-lidded cynical eyes.

The talk could be varied, of Tom, **** or Harry
He would call women men and vice versa
Saying, Robert is a ***** woman is she.
He then waiting your laughter, hesitating
Seldom laughing himself, having said it all
Heard it all, done it all, had them all

No fertile male soil left unspoiled by his touch
Just entirely too much for one man to handle,
No woman to compare, he lived alone somewhere
Coming to the bars each night, a familiar sight
Drinking, but not seeming drunk,
Never sunk so low that he staggered,
Still swaggered after hours at the trough
Not so much as a slur or a cough.

He knew all the jokes that could be made
From a seemingly innocent mistake
Taking a word here and there and trading
Raising a regal eyebrow, somehow changing
Restating the meaning leaning it toward the crotch
Watching the listener's face, sensing the disgrace;
Granting himself the luxury of the infrequent howl
His majesty could keen like an un-oiled machine
Setting his victim's nerves and gooseflesh to snap
Giving his udderless chest a slap, he would go on
Make more of the jest, leave his victim no rest
And the mourners to offer their apologies.
Words such as that are not for ladies
Such as this infamous old queen.

The old spirit held on after the body was near gone
Propelling it nightly to appear on the scene.
Mean children would taunt him, just as he taught them
And waving their arms like cornstalks, cackle like hens
And tease him again, then resume cruising the men
Hurting the once regal spirit more with their disdain
Than beating him, or cheating him; ignoring him,
They dealt him a blow he never could abide
That fear he kept inside, all those years, the tears,
Still left un-cried, after he died, in his room somewhere.
He has left to be shared, the way he fluffed his hair,
The off-color joke, spoken in a strange lady's voice
Something like a boy's, not like a man's;
That flutter of the hands and the stance
Still copied today, by the splinter-group gays
That straight people think we all are
Is all that remains of a star once seen;
The seldom lamented, well-imitated, eternal queen.
Part I

Dan was a great example and a Christian
He went to Church every Sunday and uplifted the community with a great personality
But he had a secret he never wished he had to hide
He liked guys
No matter how much he tried to like Women
He went back to his old habits
He tried everything in the book to turn
But nothing had ever worked
So his future was a growing concern
After months and months on end without an answer
He decided he'd amount enough courage to come out to everyone
But he soon found out that the people hes known for years that always welcomed him with a wide smile were not turning their backs with an intense stare
And the people who were there for him before didn't really care
His parents refused to talk to him until he became straight
He couldn't handle all of this emotional weight
So he decided he'd do the world a favor and  end it late
At night
When they found out he'd killed himself
The community erupted with freight
They weeped and cried
They prayed and prayed
But nothing could bring him back.
Their minds not had the image of him in it everywhere they'd go
And now they know
Not to reject anyone in the future
As they realized they were the ones who committed the Sin.

Part II

Christina was the sweetest Christian girl to ever grace the earth
She never said a bad thing to say about anyone
And always stayed true to her word
She loved reading forewords
And was a great student in all of her classes.
She was loved by the masses
But as she grew up into a teenager
She realized that Boys didn't ignite her hart like Girls did
And she wanted to know if something was wrong with her
Worrying that she'd be sent to Hell despite all her goodness
For thinking about holding hands with another woman
She was constantly distraught
She couldn't keep her lovers away from her parents
Because she'd be caught
She was trying to avoid being reprimanded
For being who she was
As the weeks dragged on
She couldn't take it anymore
Her all bad behavior in school greatly concerned hr parents
And they had no clue on what to do with her
She then admitted to her parents one night
After an intense argument
That she liked Girls instead of Boys
And she didn't feel ashamed of it
With her held up high and the confidence of a large statue
Her parents grew silent and stood there blankly for a moment
And up-roared in anger, insisting that she leaves the House
Screaming at her that she is going against God's will
And that she will be sent to Hell until she comes back
Admitting she was wrong and liked Boys
But that never moment never came.
Christina pursued her own life after many years of hard struggle and drugs, she finally found someone who was looking out for her the whole time.
After all the lost jobs, unpaid bills, and hospitalizations from binge drinking and drugs
She decided to end her frantic ways
When she realized her only friend's dismay
As she cried when she woke up from the Hospital bed the last time
Being hugged by the fact she was alive from it all
At that point, her heart grew tall
Registering the concept for the very first time
After that moment, Christina knew.
She asked her best friend to date her
And not too long afterwards, they were married.
Just like what Christina dreamed of in her teenage years, it was with a Girl.
This is not meant to offend Christians in any way. This poem was written to point out a common problem and to showcase the poor choices people can make. I'm not attacking Christians in any manner, just to clarify. I respect all Religions equally when they do things right. All good things have their flaws. I wrote this to help fix a common problem among Christians, so they can become better people for God and progress as people. Like i said, no hatred, just love! If you're Christian and you understand, you have my deepest thanks. I'm just a Deist with Christain beliefs incorporated who wants happiness for all. :)
Graff1980 Jan 2015
It’s a strange sentiment
The desire to shame the intimate
Soft skin to soft skin
Hard muscle to hard muscle
Flower to flower
Rooster to rooster
Animal instincts
Desire to biochemical desire
Tongue to lips
Bear to cub
The wildness is a thing of wonder
Nature is a thing to treasure
Condemn how they feel if you will
But I will celebrate their lust
I will praise their love
And I will embrace them
While you waste you energy hating them
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