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Äŧül Jul 31
I feel so good when I am loved.
Getting loved is not in my control.
But I can still love you honestly.

You stay busy with your preferences,
Exchanging love is my Preference,
I love you so much, but I fear you too.
My HP Poem #1875
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Aug 2019
Kashmir is not just beautiful
It was also free of violence,
Not too far back in history,
That did occur just 7 to 8 centuries ago.

Then they poured out of Central Asia,
Hordes getting bigger with each wave,
Eliminate they did the original people.

In 1320, it was Zulju raiding Kashmir,
Then Rinchana, a Tibetan Büđđhïst refugee, he took over.

Rinchana had Shah Mir as his Minister,
Shah Mir persuaded Rinchana to Islam.

After Rinchana, his son was set to be the ruler,
However, Shah Mir killed this lawful successor.

In 1339, Shah Mir became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmiri lands,
Initially, they did not dare harm the original Hïnđū inhabitants.
Then it was just Muslim kings for few centuries and slowly the Hïnđū heaven slipped into Muslim hands.

Now we know what is the ground reality,
The demography became Islamized over centuries,
All arts and crafts stand dwarfed by violence,
What they aim is an Islamic State, an Islamic Earth.
Islamization in Kashmir took place during 13th to 15th century and led to the eventual decline of the Kashmir Shaivism in Kashmir.

My HP Poem #1758
©Atul Kaushal
Confronted by battle Arjuna disputes
But Krishna proposes more pious pursuits
Accepting one’s duty
With transient beauty
Concerned with right action but not with its fruits
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Shakti a lower goddess
Dwelling in the base
Of the root chakra
When day
She gets the courage
To raise up
To couple with
Her love Shiva
Hurriedly flew up
As a snake
Hitting every
Coloured lotus
And hits the universe
To be with her lover.
There is a peculiar lightness
I have observed that appears
to increase with age

On the anniversary eve of my
70th natal year
I glance towards the
Western horizon
stars all lit
stellar candles beckon

My breath, Pneuma
with gilded wings and
golden vessel
longs to explore the
vaster regions of self

Constellations dangle
Happy Birthday across
the Bright Unknown

I wait......

A vacant silk sari
fluttering, flickering,
in the fiery sunset dusk
Vijaya Balan Feb 2017
I'd like to think that they are all One,
Even the old stories said so,
But the same stories created multiple ones,
Where is the truth in all these tales?
Hidden between the lines of the translator?
Or within the words of the narrator?
Or convoluted by the repeated writings of many hands?
I guess that a journey inspired by any one of a tale,
Shall also be a tale by itself.
You may not need to verify the source,
May you be the source for others,
When we look for inspirations Upstairs,
Why not look among ourselves ?
wrote while on my first trip to India
Seema Aug 2017
The remover of all obstacles,
O' Vighnaharta
I fold my hands and bow my head,
In prayer
You've always been my key pilot
O' Vinayaka
I come to you with all my heart
O' Lord of Lords
My knowledge comes from thee
In abundance, you've shed your blessings
Upon me
I offer my soul, my lifes all deeds
To thy feet
Hail O' Datta
I welcome you in my life everyday
At this Ganesh Utsav
I request you to visit me today
With your favorite dessert and flavouries
I've decorated a plate,
Sweet ladoos, modak, paan and durva
With this red velvet hibiscus garland and flowers
I am standing here waiting at the gate
In the temple, inside my soul
Where blossoms the energy to carryout my role
Dear Father,
You never disappoint your devotees
In this aeon of cycle, on this earth and beyond
You'll always be my protector
Coz my soul shares a devotional infinite bond
With you,
Ganpati Bappa Morya...

Lord Ganesh, is the elephant head God in the Hindu religion. He is the vanquisher of obstacles.
For those celebrating this auspicious occasion "Ganpati Utsav", May your problems subside and shores with solutions.
Please no criticism :)
Brianna Aug 2017
With her three eyes and many arms Kali Ma leaned in to tell me the secret of this year.
She told me with regret and hate filling my life- I wouldn't be getting anywhere.
She said with trust and loyalty- one day I'll find my back again.
To a live that's full of love and hope instead of sadness and sin.

The Dark Mother- the Goddess of destruction and creation told me she, herself, was the bearer of contradictions.
She said we all fall apart and there are ways to get back up if we just open our eyes.
Instead of filling our self with doubt and questioning the truth instead of the lies.

So within the Ocean  of Blood I have been created by Kali Ma- and I will sooner than later be destroyed by her power.
But before the year is up she has given me the truth to rise up and fight her.
I will change for myself and I become one with the truth's that lie within me.
I will remember the good instead of the bad so it doesn't destroy all of me.

I will wear red as gypsies must do when their funeral is near.
I will let Kali Ma devour me and send me home without fear.
I will wear pride knowing I have found the truth and let the lies go.
I will be at peace when I have figured out everything I needed to know.
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