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J Fawn Jan 2022
i could Wander the world
take a dive in the deep
colour a circle
let it cry me to sleep

as i dream in the dark
of how we used to weep
with laughter not lies
that we tell and keep

if thats what it takes to make you

i could sing you a song
about this fate that i face
and id hum you a harmony
with nothing to chase

down my despair
with some lemon to suckle
in a salted shot glass
from the bottom of the bottle

then i guess you would be
happy with him
instead of me
So this is again another old poem draft I found, written while listening to Ed Sheeran's Divide album too, it was fun, but also completely fictional.
purpledandelion Jul 2019
I luv it when you say,
I Don’t Want Your Money ,
give it to other H.E.R s”
Just wanna tell ya,
All the diamonds, silver or gold
would be useful when you’re old.

Now you are 28,
twenty years from now,
when it only costs 50 Cent for an Eminem CD,
would you Remember the Name of the guy who wrote you this piece.

When November smiles, you would be South of the Border
at the doors of Melbourne
and then to the Wellington gates,
go exploring something foreign.
Don’t forget your Cardi gan when you meet the farmgirl Camilla.
Don’t ride solo on Friday nights.
Listen to Travis, the cab driver next-door who’s gonna tell ya,
Don’t be Anti-Social and beware of biker gangs.

Put It All on Me,
Your tantrums, temper and ill moods,
I’ll mix them into a cocktail called Ella Mai.
I try to be strong, so I eat demons. It feels evil, those little devils.
Bada Boom bada bing, you’ll knock me right off my feet.
I Don’t Care if Leann never _Feels like listening to me, but do hear out Justin the Canadian barber.
Be wary of Young **** s and J Hus tlers.

You are right, there is Nothing On You that I dislike.
Paolo does his laundry at Dave,
Leann finds her bravery, be safe.
I know you don’t do beef or coffee,I’ll board the Stormzy Airlines to Take Me Back to London just to buy you toffees.

YEBBA black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yebba, Yebba three bags full,
One for Ed,
one for his dame,
and the Best Part of Me is meant for you.

It is all fun and gluey when we BLOW bubbles on the floor,
munching a Mars snicker while chatting up Chris tina.

The only Way to Break My Heart is not by a Skrillex drill,
but by seeing you ill.
For your good health,
I’ll run a 1000 Nights over Gasing hill,
with a cat called Meek Mill
till the day time stood still.

No matter what you say, didn’t say, what you do, didn’t do,
it will never Cross Me but I do mean to do what I say..a Chance to bring you to Budapest to see a stone called PnB Rock.

Auckland beckons, I reckon. My friend Khalid will bring you to meet all the Beautiful People ,
lots of glitz and loads of blitz
but I would still only have eyes for you, carelessly whispering to your ear,
“You look stunning, dear”
purpledandelion Jul 2019
I hope you don’t call me a Drunk when I said,
You look so wonderful in your dress with hair falling to the side of your neck,
down your shoulders and back.
We’ll need to navigate the Tenerife Sea to dance in the streets of Barcelona
Si, te  adoro, senorita
Said “ChenChen, I wanna dance”
with my pretty little Kajang Girl
You’re my pretty Kajang girl.

Just another night, staring at the moon, wishing upon All of the Stars that some day I can invite you to watch the sunset over the Castle on the hill
Over the Castle on the hill
from Magyar Hungary to the shores of Slavic Croatia.
There is no waiting too long for ChenChen,
Maybe I played my cards wrong,
I apologize for it.
I just wanna Dive into the waves of missing you,
though they are more like tsunami tides now.

Those silly scholars of U.N.I versiti Sains Malaysia,
dumb beyond help for not offering you a seat to read economics in their halls.
Those silly fools Don’t know but I do, ChenChen definitely belong to Class A Team,
they might as well quit and go run a Lego House.
Gonna write them an insulting email as when they cross you,
they Cross Me

I am Thinking Out Loud now,
for the night skies to
Make it rain
make it rain low
so that you can sleep comfy and sleep tight.
You’ll need all the good rest to resume your battles t’morrow.
As you enlighten Nat -I See Fire, blood in the breeze.
Watch the blood pressure climb high, as you maneuver all the little chat windows like a Watchtower guardian.

Just wanna remind you to stay healthy and fit,
coz I miss the Shape of You
running the treadmill and the Russian twists.
Great practice missing you,
coz you’ll be gone by December snow,
I will wait for you to come back home.
Thank Goddess for technology to keep your Photograph
inside the GB of my iPhone “ x
ChenChen, always remember to replenish your Touch and Go card and be assured that my budget for you is un Divide ed.
I can’t give you anymore “ + “ because whether with heels or barefoot on the grass,
ChenChen you look Perfect tonight and every night...
If this is to end in fire, then we should all burn together.
- ed sheeran

Sometimes I wonder if
our love is real. If this
were to be real, I shouldn’t have to worry. Is
there more to
this bittersweet feeling? It’s bound to end,
isn’t it? The thoughts in
my head haunt me, light my body on fire,
and watch me suffer. Then
wonders why I cry. We
should have seen this coming, should-
n’t we? All
the pain we caused each other? We’re better to just burn
away, then to be together.
Another golden shovel poem
Neil Harbee Sep 2017
I used to be Bruno Mars, you can COUNT ON ME
I used to be Ed Sheeran who'll be there 'til we're 70
I was Avril Lavigne who said I LOVE YOU
But not All Time Low, I ain't MISSING YOU

I'm Against the Current, burning a little BRIGHTER
Like Bleachers, I WANNA GET BETTER
Like Big Time Rush, I'm HALFWAY THERE
Kinda rushed. I just made this on midnight because I can't sleep.
Farah Hanani Aug 2017
A guy like Chris Martin
Whom express the beautiful words about life
When you tried your best but you didn't succeed
Life is like a gambling
You failed, you fail.
You succeeded, you succeed
A guy like Ed Sheeran
Whom write about love song
Like nobody is perfect
But at least when you have met the love of your life
Find a soft spot that never ages
Which is heart
Truly genuine heart that can mingle with your heart
Cause when nothing is left around you, you will always his/heart
And you can set it into a photograph ---
Just lil about how chris martin and ed effected in my life. And i thank them for those beautiful words cause it calmed my heart whenever i have troubles.
Lost Mar 2017
I'm happier,
I promise.
I'm doing better,
You don't have to this,
I'm sorry that I'm hurting,
and I know,
you are too.
But what I don't understand,
is what I mean to you.
You say I'm your best friend,
but you don't act like it.
That night we hung out,
you made me feel things again,
and as much as I hated that,
I loved it all the same.
I'm happier,
I promise.
Now that you're not sad,
even though,
it hurts me,
I love seeing you smile again.
I care about you,
in more ways than one.
I can't escape it,
I wish I could.
Believe me,
I wish I could.
I'm happier,
I promise.
Even though I'm lying,
I know it's what you want to hear,
so I'll just fake it.
When Ed Sheeran makes you fall for your best friend
train- May 2015
i "don't" know what me and my
"little bird" would do without you cause'
"uni" "take it back" to
"grade 8"as you
" kiss me" under the light of "all of the stars" cause'
"i see fire" when we both collide
and this "lego house" we had built for
me you and this "small bump"
so please don't "runaway"
but if you do i understand cause'
"even my dad does sometimes"
but don't fly away forever like a
"firefly" cause in the mornin' we'll sip some
"cold coffee" or we can get "drunk"
and you could "give me love"
but you'd have to "wake me up"
cause after all i am on "the a team"
watching as "one" of the "autumn leaves"
fall slowly down
and i realize that "im a mess"
so please don't "runaway"
we could take a "photograph" with
"the man" and "Nina"
or we could look at the "tenerife sea" while
we acknowledge our "afire love" and then i will
pull up my "shirtsleeves" and you can
feel my "bloodstream"
and maybe we could "sing"

what? i guess this whole time i was "thinking out loud"
Ed Sheeran is my inspiration, I really have to say he is my all time favorite musician. Thanks to Ed for helping me through 7 years of my life ♥
Dougie Simps Apr 2015
You look so beautiful in this light, the stars bring out your eyes.
You look so wonderful tonight, let the moon heal those past lies.
If I could write a story about you, babe
It would be the best of kind.
A princess who needs one simple kiss, to realize what true love feels like.
Let the melody of my piano sooth you and my voice help clear your mind
Let our love become eternal like this flame
As our two hearts forever intertwine.

I would chase you for a thousand years
No woman like this can be found again
You are the love that completes my soul
You are my best friend.
Cry on me when life grows tough
Hold my hand to never feel alone,
Hold on to me when your heart has grown tired & given up
I promise to carry you home.

Finding love isn't easy
But we cross our fingers for luck
Breaking free from our past maybe hard
But that one person can release our hearts when they're stuck

Give a chance to embrace all it brings and allow yourself to love
God send me an angel who can heal my broken heart and show me the meaning of true love.
Maybe one day
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