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Nov 2015 · 532
Jay Ash Nov 2015
Although we live
in a world of
eight billion humans

we know very few people

every face we see

is another clay mask of conformity

only when we meet on the last day, the sunset

will we see the true face of humanity
Oct 2015 · 512
Jay Ash Oct 2015
This is madness

i love being alone
but it kills me when i am lonely

i hate you
but it kills me to know you hate me

i fear pain
but pain is all that keeps me alive

do i deserve to die?
Oct 2015 · 433
The ice
Jay Ash Oct 2015
In the winter
the Red Rose Wilts
the sun sets faster
the nights grow darker

In the cold
the truth you speak
freezes and falls
from your lips
it shatters and unfurls

In the dark
your eyes wander
and wonder
your hands grasp the air
so cold.

But while you despair
you miss the steps of one who cares;
your way is lit and the warm air blows
the cold retreats
and the sun defeats
the ice
of despair.
For Jordan
Aug 2015 · 502
Jay Ash Aug 2015
I've smiled a long time
a habit i guess...

smiling isn't all that great
smiles are almost always fake

i've often wondered:
"why is it abnormal to be sad?"

when can we stop smiling
and not be treated as sick
Aug 2015 · 732
to live
Jay Ash Aug 2015
when you rise before the sun
for a reason you'll always love

when you sleep
with one on your mind

when you dream
with your heart in your hand

when you no longer fear

is that to live?
Aug 2015 · 359
The Sun of Life
Jay Ash Aug 2015
How the Sun rises
      A beautiful day ahead
Indeed there are many
     Who'll not see the Sun this day
                                                or tomorrow.

It is for these that we
    Should live
so their memories may not
                                       fade, as the light of their lives

To remember those we have lost in the Dark
                                              is an insult;
                                              their souls live with the light now
                                   and so
                     they should only be
                                                                in the Sunlight
For those who are gone
Aug 2015 · 939
Love's Striking Blow
Jay Ash Aug 2015
When we'd stood and wondered
where our lives were going,
not knowing our hearts had blundered
still we waited for the midnight crowing.

We thought we could begin our journey
at the morning's first light,
and when the fires were lowly burning
we had seen that beautiful sight

At light's last waning glow
we realised our folly
and felt love's striking blow.

We fell and neither was sorry
as we were consumed by the falling snow
For those that have loved and lost.
Aug 2015 · 777
we all fear the darkness
Jay Ash Aug 2015
You are in darkness
and cannot see

How truly beautiful
you can be

and so I did
what I could

to ensure
the light of the good
deep within your heart

You are far
and much beyond

any fair star
in your kindness,
beauty and friendly bond

You have awoken my heart
to the great and beautiful art
of life and love

and as the dove,
angel of peace
I will fly
and deliver
your blue sky
For you Alessandra
Aug 2015 · 454
Who are you now
Jay Ash Aug 2015
I have stood
and watched
as you have forgotten

I remained a wall
of emotionless colour
as you stirred in your sleep

you cried
I comforted

Until our
was Impossible

and so
I died
Aug 2015 · 914
Jay Ash Aug 2015
Your existence is a revolution of colour
Of ideas and creation.
A radical paradox of reality.
A heartbreakingly complex story
an inspiringly strong
Aug 2015 · 535
Jay Ash Aug 2015
True Beauty
Lives in every soul.

Those who seek to enhance it
Often lose it
While those
Who try to conceal it
Only enhance it.
For Amy
Mar 2015 · 625
Jay Ash Mar 2015
i laughed once
a feeling i've not felt since

            the blood i'd missed
                      continued to persist
            the flow would not stop
of that i was glad

and for the second time,
                          that i could remember,
                                                       ­    i laughed.
Mar 2015 · 714
if i should die
Jay Ash Mar 2015
If i should die
do not say i died for myself
do not say i died for nothing
do not say i died

tell them how i lived
for You
for Them
for my Country
for Love

i never will forget
#death #love #patriotism #Republic #you #poetry #life #live
Jan 2015 · 837
my mind
Jay Ash Jan 2015
Late is the hour
but still
I am awake

Alone; a tower
Cold - I think
of many a mistake
Made unthinkingly

My own mind
has become
my worst enemy

And it's a battle I cannot win.
Oct 2014 · 566
angelis cadat
Jay Ash Oct 2014
Once so mighty and powerful

upon thrones of glory and gold



greedy; now they fall

through the clouds they plummet

through the seas they sink

into the abyss they travel

into the depths of infernum
they fall
they fall
they fall
angelis cadat (latin) : "The Angels fall"
infernum (latin) : "Hell"
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
Jay Ash Oct 2014
there we see it
in the distance

at times it closes upon us
at times it flees our sight

but it returns as sure as tomorrow's sun
as sure as tomorrow's sun?

if ever there was a thing less certain
as the rise of the tomorrow's sun.
Oct 2014 · 334
Jay Ash Oct 2014
The sun has set
the stars now shine
the night darkens
and the cold surrounds us
my eyes grow tired
and my mind becomes weary

but still I think of You
Sep 2014 · 600
pulchra mortem
Jay Ash Sep 2014
many days
and many nights
i have dreamt
of seeing You

yet whenever i am close
to You
i am in more pain than
when i am without You

i cannot live without You
but die when i am with You.
pulchra mortem (latin) : "a beautiful death"
Sep 2014 · 603
Jay Ash Sep 2014
I knew you
you knew me.

now i pretend you are new
and you do the same;
we ask questions
that we have long known the answers to.

all in the hopes
that one day
you'll love me
as i have loved you
oblitus (latin): "forgotten"
Sep 2014 · 567
What can we do
Jay Ash Sep 2014
What can we do
It hurts when we
Lie, it hurts when we smile
Let me go

Yours is the smile i want to see
Our hearts once ruled what has been
Usurped by stone

Live, die
Eat, starve
True, false

My heart is now the

Is now my friend
Everything that once was, no longer is. Or is it
Sep 2014 · 378
III - the end
Jay Ash Sep 2014
The path, chosen, has got us thus far
the sun now at our backs
casting many shadows before us
shadows of ourselves

as the light fails
our objective is lost

our journey has been hard
but now we are lost

the wolves howl
as night descends

we no longer know where to go
when once, it was all we had dreamt of

our hope now wanes
as the moon in the dark

the stars once bright
now blurred with fright

which way do we go?
for dark is all around us
no light, no hope

all is lost
the end
Sep 2014 · 658
II - The middle
Jay Ash Sep 2014
The sun is now above us,
our vision no longer blurred

the path is now clear,
as too are the many deviations

we see our destination
but know not which way to go

each path leading forwards
with no hope of coming back

all is not as it seems
yet all seems as it is
The second
Sep 2014 · 456
I - The begining
Jay Ash Sep 2014
As we travel
with the sun in our eyes

newly risen and bright

we hope one day
to reach those heights

and sail those winds
dive to those depths

anything is possible
nothing is probable
First of the Series
Aug 2014 · 679
the thoughts
Jay Ash Aug 2014
they* come in the morning
when you realise you've survived the night

they come in the evening
when you see you've survived the day

they come on your birthday
when you are reminded you've survived another year

they come
when you're alone

they come
when you wish you were

they stop coming
when you're *gone
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
a knight in shining armour
Jay Ash Aug 2014
a knight in shining armour
to win a girls heart

a knight in shining armour
to gleam in the sun

a knight in shining armour
is a man who has never seen battle

my armour is not shining
but dented and damaged

i am not a knight in shining armour
the shine is long gone
only a crust of dried blood remains

i am not a knight in shining armour
once maybe, but no more

for i have seen too many battles
and will see too many more

yet as She views Her suitors
She has already chosen Her champion
long before the fight-

there he is boldly:
a knight in shining armour
Aug 2014 · 791
Who should i be?
Jay Ash Aug 2014
The people who see
me for me
don't like it and would rather i be
Someone who is not me
and that i'd prefer to be.
Aug 2014 · 972
The magnifying glass
Jay Ash Aug 2014
A gift from granny,
but running down the corridor at school, you fell
you shattered
harmless pieces of glass

but sharp
oh so sharp

and so six years ago,
with a small cut on the hand

you started a habit
that i'd never break.
Aug 2014 · 729
Jay Ash Aug 2014
There is naught but cold
as the days grow old
and our faces become lined
but our expressions stay bold;

there is nothing but hate
where once love did accumulate
and our hearts, now stone,
are weary as we mutilate;

there is not but death
in the place of mirth,
where life once thrived:
we dare not take a breath.

And now maligned,
we live contrived.
Aug 2014 · 341
At the close
Jay Ash Aug 2014
When the sun sets
When the light fades
When the shadows grow long
When Darkness falls

We stand sentinel to the return
of light
of warmth
of colour

but it is not always gaurenteed.

This is it,
the End.
Aug 2014 · 459
ad astra...
Jay Ash Aug 2014
Alone, they are invisible
but constellated, meaningful;

Brighter than one can imagine,
and greater than life can exist.

The further we stay, the closer they are
but the closer we come, the further they get-

Doomed to shine alone,
and forever be seen when dead.
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
Jay Ash Aug 2014
Abandon me to the depth of Darkness and Despair
let me too sink into that dreamless endless sleep
only to awake at the drop of six feet and the sound of falling sand-

when the stars loose their light and the moon fades to Darkness
with the sun dimming at the passing of each day
only to be stopped at Dies Illa-

still i will endure;

Suffering life
loving all but
by none
To dream -
to dream
to hope -
to die
to sing -
to quiet
to die -
to die

— The End —