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Sethnicity Jan 2016
To mutilate a body
of work and play on
To justify the night
from day,
Tray bomb
When ink on court paper
When blocks are heavy
more than cities and hoods
Having pens and fingers
crossed unlucky would
be Having plenty of sense
yields no change  know nothing
These are the feels
of blacks on reels
best trip found on wheels of steel
boys in hoods
dream of get a ways
but stuck in rent trap
just around the way
old whips spinning in place
feudal fictions with chrome face
but they spin in place
mine expired on the shelf
others capped in plastic
gone without a trace
and souls never get laced
wanna speak up
but the protest gets maced
wanna be out and about
but the fear has clout
taken root like gout
and tyranny's history can't be erased

We palpate emotions and scatter when lit
scared of the shadows ***(s) it reminds of the gallows
we don't **** each other for hate but the fear of fake fellows
when wedged against one another friendly fire is common
want the hole truth ask a woman
about **** and her worth to her mate
easily forgotten
or a conditioner well set in
the follicles of cells
that have scheduled themselves
does she have to remember or is she trying to forget
it's not irrational when the actual is soul grim
not one goddess in my life has been free from man's sin

So why would you ask me to fore grin the future for-a-shadowed past?
Those fair weathered sentiments won't equalize the rash,
the cash, the inevitable failing that you will consider surprise
but everytime I tune I-n-turn-all-bleedin; so eyes
in glass
and I rehash
about what it means to be flesh and
bleed to death until
dues US part          
of a hole
Whispe ring smoke shaped
squares that paint bland pastel No thin g(s)
over the future
over the graffiti gravel walls
artistic truth strewn loudly in rainbow-essencent  font
wormholes to the past
the truths written outside of the lines
like my thoughts
residing before and after their time

But I will not be blotted out
I will not be a second page story
I will not be his story
I will be beautiful
I will be bold
I will bow as I
will my will
into arches

A rainbow
you've seen one before but Why not once more
A candle cut and relit
You've Seen one before but Why not once more
A levy split wide then mended
You've seen one before but Why not once more
An invisible line to demarc yet removed
You've seen one before but Why not once more
A Justice Deferred to a Justice Realized
You've Seen one before but
Why not see One More
The 4 car pile up
You've seen one before but Why not once More

My Dreams have Dreams
and my deeds have means
I'd mute or late the alpha; Bet!
com mem or ate via
Con temp late buy weigh a
lack-lust-or-love core tessy of
for est ries dove s
held high above
a symbol to shove mine waves
in current streams
d v us meme S
eth ni city
Make Like Kings
and drop beats
down sewer swings
where rats tap time
on the crumbs of earthlings
Shiva grant me Wings
So I maybe shot out the sky
by pole lease hap slings
but Fire Works
with ease
Pop Flare
don't stare
You There
Whoop and Hollar
with yo hands in the air!

My dance is broken english
To Mute or late my body
of work is fore play
better read weep to soak up my
oil of a lay
scramble Hamlets in four ways
door ways work both ways and
mine is a carol cell of more rays
sung from sunrise to where devils dwell  
No bullet will silence my pathway
Just incite celebration
for a birthday;
I learned that one from MLK
Happy Birthday to Ya!
Purple Rain Sep 2015
Masking the noise from the Hells below,
leaving me a new chapter to unfold
well my heart is crashing against my window pain
deadly weapons used to mutilate
down for my bloodshot eyes it rains
in my distorted reality
my soul raises up and down rapidly
my future races around the room
pasting through are deadly thoughts and fumes
of distorted people in animal costumes

I scream out for help
but not a woman nor man can hear
no longer I can't bear
the mutilated people I see and hear
I would ignore but they always reappear
right beside me in my ear
my "friends" fluctuate like a hologram
they come swing like wrecking *****
using ancient methods to destroy all
suicidal twitch Sep 2015
I may look weak.
I may look pathetic.
And I may look gullible.
But if you insult me,
My friends,
Or even my family.
I'm not afraid to mutilate you.
I may go to hell for my indecency.
But get this;
If I go to hell, I'm dragging you with me.
lX0st Nov 2014
I searched for your name
At the end of a bottle
But found mutilated skin
And shards in a pile.
I'll keep looking.
Jay Ash Aug 2014
There is naught but cold
as the days grow old
and our faces become lined
but our expressions stay bold;

there is nothing but hate
where once love did accumulate
and our hearts, now stone,
are weary as we mutilate;

there is not but death
in the place of mirth,
where life once thrived:
we dare not take a breath.

And now maligned,
we live contrived.

— The End —