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Jay Ash Nov 2015
Although we live
in a world of
eight billion humans

we know very few people

every face we see

is another clay mask of conformity

only when we meet on the last day, the sunset

will we see the true face of humanity
Jay Ash Oct 2015
This is madness

i love being alone
but it kills me when i am lonely

i hate you
but it kills me to know you hate me

i fear pain
but pain is all that keeps me alive

do i deserve to die?
Jay Ash Oct 2015
In the winter
the Red Rose Wilts
the sun sets faster
the nights grow darker

In the cold
the truth you speak
freezes and falls
from your lips
it shatters and unfurls

In the dark
your eyes wander
and wonder
your hands grasp the air
so cold.

But while you despair
you miss the steps of one who cares;
your way is lit and the warm air blows
the cold retreats
and the sun defeats
the ice
of despair.
For Jordan
Jay Ash Aug 2015
I've smiled a long time
a habit i guess...

smiling isn't all that great
smiles are almost always fake

i've often wondered:
"why is it abnormal to be sad?"

when can we stop smiling
and not be treated as sick
Jay Ash Aug 2015
when you rise before the sun
for a reason you'll always love

when you sleep
with one on your mind

when you dream
with your heart in your hand

when you no longer fear

is that to live?
Jay Ash Aug 2015
How the Sun rises
      A beautiful day ahead
Indeed there are many
     Who'll not see the Sun this day
                                                or tomorrow.

It is for these that we
    Should live
so their memories may not
                                       fade, as the light of their lives

To remember those we have lost in the Dark
                                              is an insult;
                                              their souls live with the light now
                                   and so
                     they should only be
                                                                in the Sunlight
For those who are gone
Jay Ash Aug 2015
When we'd stood and wondered
where our lives were going,
not knowing our hearts had blundered
still we waited for the midnight crowing.

We thought we could begin our journey
at the morning's first light,
and when the fires were lowly burning
we had seen that beautiful sight

At light's last waning glow
we realised our folly
and felt love's striking blow.

We fell and neither was sorry
as we were consumed by the falling snow
For those that have loved and lost.
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