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We went through hell.
And we survived.
Yeah, We did it!
Let's enjoy and celebrate it.
Johnny walker Jun 28
I've probably travelled my deepest darkest days since my sweetheart passed away almost two years to  that dreadful
Sunk to my lowest I've ever been In my life I've been to Hell and back so many times through my sad loss
of my darling
Felt so many times like giving up on life couldn't see a way through life without my wife life seemed so
At times just wanted to lock my self away It  seemed to me no option did I have devastated by the loss of my dear
But some how I've found an inner strength to carry on through my loss has come my way  a will to keep on fighting to the
Some people like being *******.
Being ******* scarred me.
Being ******* unable to stop the torture, was disturbing.
Some people will never understand this torture.

He said it was the goodbye to our relationship.
This was a goodbye no one wants.
People thought it was consensual with the marks on my neck.
They were wrong this wasn't consensual, it took my self esteem.

The ties were broken after that night.
When the ties were broken, he didn't like that.
He made different media accounts under different names to see me.
I'm proud to say I survived the ties but not many do.
Johnny walker Mar 19
When I just boy my mom beat me black and blue
so much did I take off her  abuse that only made
stronger more determined to survive no matter how much abuse I took I wasn't going to beat Into any kind of
I'd stay strong hang In seeing It through for the day would surely come when I'd be set free from all this
to live my as I should but never regain the childhood I had lost to abuse that would never
Through abuse, I learned to be strong never let go of my dreams to survive and survive I did
Aaron Layton Feb 25
What doesn't **** you
Makes you stronger
Well the first part isn't true
It doesn't **** it conquers

It wipes over every thought
To the point you think nothing but
And with every muscle you fought
It wasn't enough to even leave a small cut

See this thing takes over
Lives and breathes disaster
Leaving your arms and leg cover
Shutting people out so you speak no answer

Pushing family and friends away
Going to that dark place
Letting your mind decay
Needing someone to embrace

But in a time when everything was broken
I looked up and you was standing there
with a smile on my face my heart awoken
Healing me like walking Medicare

And now 3 years later we are getting married
We grew so much together
When your close I feel like I'm in a sanctuary
Our love for each other is a tether

We survived with each other
Through the bad and worst times
We have watched over one another
To make sure we dont cross lines

From here it's all uphill
Making memories and creating pacts
I love you and forever will
Nothing can change that
Yusof Asnan Aug 2018
The flower in the
wasteland exudes
life itself:
The physical
entity of
determination and
will to live.
Yes she may be
damaged from all
the toxic
And yes there
were times she
accepted her
But she still
Sprouting joy
despite all that.
She's special.
She's the flower
that survived.

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