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स्वतंत्रता का नवल पौधा,
रक्त से निज सींचकर।
था बचाया देश अपना,
धर कफन तब शीश पर।
मिट ना जाए ये वतन कहीं ,
दुश्मनों की फौज से।
चढ़ गए फाँसी के फंदे ,
पर बड़े हीं मौज से।
आज ऐसा दौर आया,
देश जानता नहीं।
मिट गए थे जो वतन पे,
पहचानता नहीं।
सोचता हूँ  देश पर क्यों ,
मिट गए क्या सोचकर।
आखिर उनको दे रहा क्या,
देश बस अफसोस कर।
अजय अमिताभ सुमन:
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित
चन्द्रशेखर आजाद, भगत सिंह, राज गुरु, सुखदेव, बटुकेश्वर दत्त, खुदी राम बोस, मंगल पांडे इत्यादि अनगिनत वीरों ने स्वतंत्रता संग्राम की लड़ाई में हंसते हंसते अपनी जान को कुर्बान कर दिया। परंतु ये देश ऐसे महान सपूतों के प्रति कितना संवेदनशील है आज। स्वतंत्रता की बेदी पर हँसते हँसते अपनी जान न्यौछावर करने वाले इन शहीदों को अपनी गुमनामी पर पछताने के सिवा क्या मिल रहा है इस देश से? शहीदों के प्रति  उदासीन रवैये को दॄष्टिगोचित करती हुई प्रस्तुत है मेरी लघु कविता "अफसोस शहीदों का"।
Poppy Rusert Jan 23
Did we ever think,
The air we are breathing, was for someone who was lost?
The people who have died,
For us and this land.
The brave son of India, Who’s never petrified.
They were the gold and platinum, rare on this land
Our head bows to them
The salutes go grand.

One of them was names Subhas,
The man who fought, for us,
And made us think of this land
His words gave us chills, the spines to stand
“ You give me blood, I will give you freedom”
Never would have thought the man hold the capacity to run the soldier from fathom
He fled, to Afghanistan to Italy to Germany to Japan...
In the search for freedom, he came back with an army of thunder.
He was the fire, the true son of ‘Bharat’.
The rage inside of him had burnt down the cage,
The cage where our mother was tied.

The story would go on and on and on
Without any pause,
The story that people Of India already knows,
The more we tell... The more we hear... The more it comes out with something new to learn.

We salute him and the lucky mother,
Who’s pride was never could leave her head.
Thank you for giving us him.
A true leader,
The 'Netaji' of India
“The true man of steel”
The one who inspired and will always still.
Happy birthday Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Randy Johnson Dec 2021
I voted for him when he ran for President of the United States.
Sadly, he died on December the 5th at the age of ninety-eight.
Bob Dole fought and nearly died during the second World War.
If it hadn't been for men like him, we wouldn't have freedom anymore.
When it came time for him to fight for the United States, Dole willingly fought.
But when it was time for Bill Clinton to serve his country in Vietnam, he did not.
Bon Dole fought for his country and was even paralyzed.
When Clinton beat him in the 1996 election, I was surprised.
Dole was a Senator and in 1976, he was Gerald Ford's running mate.
He was a great man and he left this world at the age of ninety-eight.
Dear comrade,
Maybe you are achieving medals for your victory
but, actually you are achieving our hearts for your bravery...
A big salute to all comrades, serving for their country.
No matter the nation,they costs their lives to protect it...
Kristin Jan 2021
Sedition is not just patina-ed oil paintings
mobs not just lithographs
treason not mere fading daguerreotypes

Sedition is chat rooms and airwaves of mistruth and its taintin-gs
mobs are our friends and neighbors turned bands of riff-raffs
treason, the weaponization of dog whistles and stereotypes

Sedition is here now
mobs are the so-called militia of the present
treason is happening now

It will be one for history books now
be present and accounted for
be the United States of America, treading down snakes
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
Red white and blue
Red white and blue
How my heart wanted
To be true
But your devotion to me
Is not what mine was to you
Red white and blue
How I wish I could be true
Jaicob Nov 2020
The country is completely broken,
The state has always been ruined.
Everywhere is fear
The end is drawing near:
Touch your heart and sing a tune.

Nobody remembers the meaning
Behind patriotic songs we sing.
The endless peace they promise,
Lies the way drama is-
The government needs to rethink.

You cannot trust the government
The future of it is endlessly bleak.
The enforcers ooze hatred.
What men breathe is seen sacred.
Though truth is what we seek.

The truth is not in the men.
Political beings only breathe lies.
All things they say are false
They speak of “freedom for all”
Meanwhile, the children in cages cry.

The country is completely broken.
The state is all but crumbled.
Rebellion draws near,
Instating copious fear
But the Man In Charge scoffs untroubled.

A siren wails in the distance-
“Please stand once more for the Pledge.”
We speak of freedom and justice.
We pray and plead for bliss
We’d rather die than follow to the ledge.

We cry out for mercy one final time.
We pray for our Clock’s final chime.
We trudge onward through levels of slime.
We wait for the end of crime.

There is nothing anymore we can do.
Trenches of safety reveal no peaceful view.
The Ending feels like sweet morning dew.
Terrible times will, at last, be through.

One more cry. One more shout.
One more time to figure things out.
One more lie. One more bout
Of joy before our time runs out.

The chorus sings on as if forced by swarms
Of unhappy police with ticking bombs
Ready to light the fuses with no qualms
And end the lives of the morally at arms.

For peace, we scream.
For liberty, we shout.
For love, we yearn.
We bleed life out.

There is almost hope for the country,
But we need others to listen.
If we yell loud enough,
Maybe the future will begin to glisten.

We can save future generations.
We can leave this life with hope.
We can give them a future,
And their future will help me cope.
Mona Nov 2020
interesting concept

it gives me eyes
yet constricts my vision
it cuts to the root, precision
a careful incision

distill patroticism
bathe in schism
schism of the past
no victory every lasts

build rafts
pay tribute to the past
but build the ******* rafts
appreciate your ancestors craft
but realise patrioticism is relative
we all have a past
something a lil different
KAMAU Oct 2020
The wind of change
the wind of Revolution,on our sails
  soon it will sweep across all countries
all over my beloved continent
Stronger than the harmattan I hear it is
the cry has been heard
the wails are too loud
the battle lines drawn
young nigerians say no to tsars
and hell noooo to SARS
message is one #abolish SARS
a united no to oppression
fear not their portion
Beginning of the end
they are ready
ready to reclaim the soul of Africa
message is one from young Nigerians
we want to live,we want to be safe
Respect our existence
or expect our resistance !!!
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