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Ashwin Kumar Dec 2023
India is our country
And we are told
It's a great country
However, I beg to differ
Rather, we are sold
The idea of an utopian nation
A country with a myriad variety of cultures
Races, religions and languages
United by a common feeling of brotherhood
However, look beneath the hood
And the idea implodes spectacularly
Crumbling in a heap
Instead, emergeth a divide so deep
That it can be bested not
Even by the mighty Pacific Ocean
Truth be told, we are but a Hindu nation
In all but name
Instead, we put the blame
For all our evils
On the British, one day
And the Mughals, the very next day
While more and more blood spills
In the name of religion and caste
How long will this last?

India is our country
And as per the Constitution
All Indians are our brothers and sisters
However, if you use your imagination
Understand, you will
That this is just a facade
Designed to protect our international image
As you turn page after page
Of our so-called glorious history
Emergeth the true picture
A land comprising thousands of castes
Fighting each other since the beginning of time
Something that would put to shame
Even the fickle-minded Romans
During the reign of Julius Caesar
We Indians are indeed pathetic humans
Falling like nine pins
At the slightest hint of pressure
While boasting about past wins
That no longer matter

India is our country
And a time there was
When, a proud Indian I was
However, passed have light years, since then
Oppressed, have been our women
More so, those who are underprivileged
Brahmins, were the rapists of Bilkis Bano
And hence, did they go unpunished
Meanwhile, ***** by the Indian Army
Are the women of Kashmir and the North Eastern states
For which, not a single mainstream feminist bothers to show even the slightest sign of empathy
Something that truly makes my blood boil
Even as hundreds of wrongdoers get bail
Because, our justice system is an epic fail
On the other hand, you have innocent people
Languishing in jail for ages
Because nobody bothers to turn the pages
Of the Constitution of India

Yes, India is our country indeed
But patriots we are, no longer
Because, ultimately, humanity is stronger
A field where India can never take the lead
Yes, Indians we are
However, humans we are first
A poem exposing the true reality of India as a country.
Louise Dec 2023
F*ck the postcards and dried mangoes, baby.
The prayers in The Philippines,
The prayers from and by Filipinos,
will be the best souvenir one can ever get.

The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been keeping our islands, vintas and mangroves afloat
and why more new islands have been popping up like moles.
The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been keeping the storms, typhoons and hurricanes all but a joke.
Another one? Bring it on and on and once more.
The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been putting earthquakes and tsunamis to shame.
My grandmothers have been through worse,
what's a little bit of motion and shake?

The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been keeping this country a curse and a miracle;
why we have mountains that we have today,
why and how they're shaped that way.
Despite the chaos of politics, corruption and news of crimes...
Why we have oceans that are bright blue
and how they could make a weary traveler or a desolate native feel brand new.
Despite the familiar dangers and age-old stereotypes...

The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been holding Filipinos together,
be it with each other or to fight through another day for much longer.
The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are what has been keeping this country ever magical and mystical,
even if some days it's harder to feel that way.
The Prayers in The Philippines, by the Filipinos
are the reason why I'm here, why I exist,
why I'm alive and kicking,
full of dreams and spite and hope, writing,
the reason why I'm full of life, full of love
and will keep on living and loving.

I will live and die saying my prayers
in The Philippines,
as a Filipino,
for The Philippines
and for other Filipinos.
The country that we hate to love and love to hate,
but we would die for in a heartbeat.
Ashwin Kumar Sep 2023
There was a time
When I used to be proud
Of being an Indian
However, that feels like light years ago
Since then, so many things have changed
That I wonder sometimes
If this is indeed the same country
Where I was conceived
Imagine surviving a plane crash
Only to have your face charred in such a way
That it resembles a piece of barbequed meat
And thus even your own mother fails to recognise you
That is the India of today
A democracy only in name
Where the gap between the rich and the poor
Is even wider than the river Nile
The way in which the so-called upper castes
Treat the so-called lower castes
Is even worse
Than the way in which the Nazis used to treat the Jews
Nearly a century ago
Not to mention, to insult a cow
Is considered nothing short of ******
However, harassing a woman
Especially a woman from one of the underprivileged sections of society
Is treated, in the manner in which a simple traffic violation is dealt with
That is, all you have to do; is pay a fine
And you are free to go about doing whatever you were doing
Including harassing more women
Then we come to the small matter of mental health
If you are undergoing therapy or counselling
Or if you are meeting a psychiatrist
As you pass people on the way
You might hear a lot of whispers and murmurs
Making it sound as though you were dying
Or worse, on the verge of insanity
Therefore, whenever you air your views publicly
The chances of people taking you seriously
Are even less than that of Netherlands winning this year's Men's Cricket World Cup!!
It may have been seventy-six years
Since we gained independence
However, the reality is
We are as much independent
As Salman Khan knows how to drive a car
Without killing people in the process
As I mentioned earlier, I used to be a patriot
However, when I think of India now
I feel a remarkably similar kind of shame
That I used to experience during my Engineering days
Whenever I failed in a subject
After all, when your country's international image
Takes precedence over the living conditions of your people
Then it is only a matter of time
Before you are headed down the path of the Nazis
Yes, I am an Indian
And difficult as it sounds to believe, I used to love my country
However, my love for its people
Exceeds that by thousands of miles
A rant about how I used to be proud of being an Indian earlier and what has changed since.
Unpolished Ink Jul 2022
How many missing sons and daughters
buried with tears and a folded cloth
dead pride of a nation
how many banners raised in triumph
lowered to half mast by the grieving
in the name of patriotism's flag
a highly dangerous piece of rag
स्वतंत्रता का नवल पौधा,
रक्त से निज सींचकर।
था बचाया देश अपना,
धर कफन तब शीश पर।
मिट ना जाए ये वतन कहीं ,
दुश्मनों की फौज से।
चढ़ गए फाँसी के फंदे ,
पर बड़े हीं मौज से।
आज ऐसा दौर आया,
देश जानता नहीं।
मिट गए थे जो वतन पे,
पहचानता नहीं।
सोचता हूँ  देश पर क्यों ,
मिट गए क्या सोचकर।
आखिर उनको दे रहा क्या,
देश बस अफसोस कर।
अजय अमिताभ सुमन:
सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित
चन्द्रशेखर आजाद, भगत सिंह, राज गुरु, सुखदेव, बटुकेश्वर दत्त, खुदी राम बोस, मंगल पांडे इत्यादि अनगिनत वीरों ने स्वतंत्रता संग्राम की लड़ाई में हंसते हंसते अपनी जान को कुर्बान कर दिया। परंतु ये देश ऐसे महान सपूतों के प्रति कितना संवेदनशील है आज। स्वतंत्रता की बेदी पर हँसते हँसते अपनी जान न्यौछावर करने वाले इन शहीदों को अपनी गुमनामी पर पछताने के सिवा क्या मिल रहा है इस देश से? शहीदों के प्रति  उदासीन रवैये को दॄष्टिगोचित करती हुई प्रस्तुत है मेरी लघु कविता "अफसोस शहीदों का"।
Poppy Rusert Jan 2022
Did we ever think,
The air we are breathing, was for someone who was lost?
The people who have died,
For us and this land.
The brave son of India, Who’s never petrified.
They were the gold and platinum, rare on this land
Our head bows to them
The salutes go grand.

One of them was names Subhas,
The man who fought, for us,
And made us think of this land
His words gave us chills, the spines to stand
“ You give me blood, I will give you freedom”
Never would have thought the man hold the capacity to run the soldier from fathom
He fled, to Afghanistan to Italy to Germany to Japan...
In the search for freedom, he came back with an army of thunder.
He was the fire, the true son of ‘Bharat’.
The rage inside of him had burnt down the cage,
The cage where our mother was tied.

The story would go on and on and on
Without any pause,
The story that people Of India already knows,
The more we tell... The more we hear... The more it comes out with something new to learn.

We salute him and the lucky mother,
Who’s pride was never could leave her head.
Thank you for giving us him.
A true leader,
The 'Netaji' of India
“The true man of steel”
The one who inspired and will always still.
Happy birthday Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Randy Johnson Dec 2021
I voted for him when he ran for President of the United States.
Sadly, he died on December the 5th at the age of ninety-eight.
Bob Dole fought and nearly died during the second World War.
If it hadn't been for men like him, we wouldn't have freedom anymore.
When it came time for him to fight for the United States, Dole willingly fought.
But when it was time for Bill Clinton to serve his country in Vietnam, he did not.
Bon Dole fought for his country and was even paralyzed.
When Clinton beat him in the 1996 election, I was surprised.
Dole was a Senator and in 1976, he was Gerald Ford's running mate.
He was a great man and he left this world at the age of ninety-eight.
Dear comrade,
Maybe you are achieving medals for your victory
but, actually you are achieving our hearts for your bravery...
A big salute to all comrades, serving for their country.
No matter the nation,they costs their lives to protect it...
Kristin Jan 2021
Sedition is not just patina-ed oil paintings
mobs not just lithographs
treason not mere fading daguerreotypes

Sedition is chat rooms and airwaves of mistruth and its taintin-gs
mobs are our friends and neighbors turned bands of riff-raffs
treason, the weaponization of dog whistles and stereotypes

Sedition is here now
mobs are the so-called militia of the present
treason is happening now

It will be one for history books now
be present and accounted for
be the United States of America, treading down snakes
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
Red white and blue
Red white and blue
How my heart wanted
To be true
But your devotion to me
Is not what mine was to you
Red white and blue
How I wish I could be true
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