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Apr 2018 · 566
Time, I am Eager and Ready
Once upon a time,
I would see myself off to sleep
Eager to see the sun rise in the morning
Ready to face the world with open arms
It didn't take much time,
For the world to hurt me when I was open
Eager to forgive and forget I moved on
Ready to face the world with open arms
After some time,
I saw myself fall apart at the hands of others
Eager to find a reason to exist anymore
Ready to face my death with no regret
It took time,
For my wounds to heal and my body to cope
Eager to find myself and rekindle my fire
Ready to open myself up to the world
Lost track of time,
I stand broken, mended and broken over again
Eager to share my story of adversity and strength
Ready to open my experiences to the world
Mar 2018 · 426
Dec. 27 - 2017
I am God's one, and only mistake.
If our lord is perfect, why would he curse the world with my existence?
When i exist solely to bring pain and suffering unto others, what kind of sick joke was he playing at?

I hope one day my parents realise, that although i was the only planned baby they had out of 3, i was the only mistake they made in having. Im sure my parents are real proud of the monster their son becomes around woman. Im sure they're proud of their verbally abusive, short tempered, selfish and cold son...

I hope that one day peoples open their eyes and see the truth for whats inside me and not what i show them on the outside, i want them all to look at my grave one day and be thankful that the world was rid of a demon that day, that satan had finally recoiled and taken back his child.

Life is nothing but a series of moments that exist to remind ourselves we still feel something.

Right now all i feel is pain, drowning, and anger, i hate this body, i curse this mind, maybe if i wish upon a star, i can go back in time, and stop things from going this far
I found this draft, saved. Thought I'd share the little relevance it has now
Feb 2018 · 279
I keep telling myself I'll be alright (I won't)
And I know it can't get worse than today
Sitting here and she's trying to rehearse what to say
See, she's on her own wishing this'd all stop
While she's getting used to the sound of a teardrop
It hits the tile
And I know it's been a while since you seen me
Smile and laugh like I used to
I've been in denial since it happened
Just take me to the past
'Cause I just couldn't imagine losing you
I can't explain this so I'll keep it all inside
Wear my pain, but it's masked by my pride
That's all I have left in this messed up facade
A butterfly with clipped wings
Tryna fly high as it's heart sings
If there had been honesty, if there had been openess I wouldnt be writing this piece now.
Solely because this is how things ended up, that it's the way they'll stay
Feb 2018 · 573
I still think of* you,
Late at night,
When I can't sleep right.
I still dream of
In my grasp,
When loneliness refuses to unclasp.
I still long for
By my side,
When my tears have dried
I still cry over
Every waking second,
When my beating heart beconds.
I still can't forget
Every single day,
When I say I'm okay.
Is everything still,

We really have no idea what's going on in eachothers lives anymore. For the most part I think I'm doing better on my own, by that I mean us not talking... It's hard, I can't lie, this piece sums up alot of what I'm going through on the most basic level.
These pieces don't help me like they used to, back in the day, but I guess it's a good way to say things I wouldn't usually be able to.
I hope you're doing okay, I hope you're happier now and with people who improve your day, mood, happiness and life. I'm trying to do the same for me...
I look forward to counselling, and to being in a better place, atm I don't know what for, who for or why I am living, so finding a reason will do me good.
Jan 2018 · 396
In silence I suffer, drowning.
Losing the fight, falling.
On the surface, calm.
To everyone else, happy.
Beneath it all, hurting.
They know I'm lying, breaking.
I want you to see I'm okay, even if I'm not.
That way things'll be better, even if they're not.
Convince myself over and over, even if I don't believe it.
Tell myself everything will work out fine, even if I don't believe it.
I'm fine, no I'm not
I'm happy, no I'm not
I'm grateful, no I'm not
I don't accept this, yes you do
I hate you for this, no you don't
I don't blame myself**, *yes you do
*I do not know anymore, only when I think about how I am okay, do I stop feeling okay. Perhaps I need to just not think about it at all*
Nov 2017 · 396
Once upon a time, you had a knight.
He protected you, day and night.
Strong, kind and as charming as the moonlight.
Your best intentions, never left his sight.
Once upon this time, you have a mistake.
He did all he could, to ensure your heartbreak.
Cold, unnerving and as conceited as a snake.
Your best intentions, left far in his *wake.
Yep, people change.
Sorry I'm not the man I used to be...
Till death do us part
You'll forever hold my heart
Just listen to it slowly break
From devastation in our wake
As each day goes past
Our personalities differ in contrast
We were once so enraptured
Now my soul has been captured
There is no more you and me
I refrain from any duplicity
I just gotta have you back
**Get my life back on track
As the title suggests, of all my poems, this was the only one saved as a draft.
A poem I wrote in the dark but never submitted, so here it is.
Oct 2017 · 455
If I can be honest,
How come I always break my promises to you?
If I'm not afraid,
Why am I so scared to move?
I'm barely breathing.
And if I can be honest,
How come I always end up so far away from you?
You made me a promise,
*And I'll always hold it true.
Honest - Thousand Foot Krutch
Jul 2017 · 392
One Last Chance
I am ready to work
I am ready to fight
To prove to you
I can make this right

I am prepared to show you how I've changed,
How I've learnt and much better things can be.

All I ask,
Is for a chance
Jul 2017 · 568
Promises Forever
We used to say we were forever
That we were 110% loyal to eachother
And we would spend an eternity together.

What happened to those promises?
Where did the loyalty go?
Why didnt we last forever?
Who am I to question you leaving...

Its hard reading old messages
People change its true
But I never wanted that person to be you

What happened to the I love you?
Where did the happiness go?
Why did it have to end like this?
Who am I to force you to stay...
I dont know, I just miss the forever, and the parts where we promised to be eachothers forever. We promised wed love no one else, that wed always work through it all and be together... I was so so naive...
Jul 2017 · 205
Am so truly
Deeply sorry
I cannot say it enough
Jul 2017 · 480
This Isn't A Poem
You don't have to put another thought to me.
I don't have to exist in that part of your heart anymore
But you exist there for me
I can't bear to exist without you there anymore.

I miss
Your bright, warming and truthful smile
I miss
Your innocent, pure and honest laugh
I miss
Your unwavering, strong and undying loyalty
I miss
Your soft, tender and loving embrace
I miss
Your quiet, compassionate and dedicated love
I miss
Your ******, delicate and natural body
I miss
Im sorry I just needed to get this out. From your kisses and hugs, to your soft breath, I feel lost without em
Jul 2017 · 207
I've sat on this blank page
For quite some time
Just trying to come up with*
A half decent rhyme

All just to say,
I cant take this ******* **** anymore
I cant deal with this feeling anymore, I wish I could stop thinking and talking myself  out of things
Jul 2017 · 299
Afraid (3:36am)
I used to think that love
Meant doing anything to be with someone
So it would make sense after all
To do anything to get someone back

So why am I afraid to go to you?

If I am the romantic I used to be
What is stopping me from being by your side now?
Perhaps its the fear that all may not be as I hope
Or that I may leave more alone than before

Is this why Im afraid to be with you?
I really dont know, its late, im tired and restless. I cant get this out of my head
Jul 2017 · 387
Just for a moment,
I felt as if I was able to breathe.
Just for a moment,
It was like I was someone else.

I experienced
For the first time
Something I would only describe

I felt it for a moment as I lay there, exchanging words.
Natural, raw and emotional
It felt right, like it could do no harm.

All good things come to an end

Just as quickly as it came it was snatched from me
The air ****** from my lungs
What once was, now an empty void
Desperately trying to fill itself.

But even for that moment
I felt as if I was able to breathe.
Just for a moment,
It was like I was someone else.

I experienced
For the first time
Something I would only describe
Even though it only lasted a moment, thank you for making me happy. It had been so long I'd almost forgotten how it felt to smile like it meant something.
Jul 2017 · 321
Not now
Not once
Not ever
Have I wanted you to see how I truly feel.

I'm fine
I'm okay
I'm happy
The lies I tell so you don't know how I really struggle.

Don't worry
Don't stress
Don't ask*
All things I say so you don't find out how I really suffer.
I lie so you can be okay with the decision you made.
So that you dont find out just how much I wish you hadn't have done it.
I pretend so that you think I've moved on from it.
So that you don't realise just how much I haven't moved on.
Jul 2017 · 247
Right Now
Try as I will,
Try as I might.
I've already accepted,*
*I can't win this fight.
Jul 2017 · 523
The Friend
Ive always feared playing friend.
I guess what I really feared was the truth,
That playing friend would mean,
I had accepted we as us had come to an end.
Truthfully I think it's already true.
It's already too late to change anything,
'Cause at the end of the day,
I know there is no more me an you.
Jul 2017 · 649
Dear Diary
I still type,
Those things,
We would say to eachother.
They all go,
In my notes,
Because I cant say 'em to you.
I still pretend,
That it's okay,
When I'm only kidding myself.
Call me stupid,
Maybe I'm ignorant,
But I wish my notepad could type back.
I really dont know what I was going for, the things we used to always say to eachother are now nothing but words in a notepad for me, my only way of coping. I didn't choose for things to be this way, so not saying them is nearly impossible, I just wish at least once... I could hear them back.
Jul 2017 · 392
Nothing Helps
Nothing helps,
Externalising this pain seems almost impossible.
These emotions don’t translate into words,
Into sentences,
Into paragraphs.
I can’t tell you whats wrong,
I can’t tell you how I feel,
I can’t tell you whats wrong,
I can’t tell you how I deal.

Nothing helps,
Externalising this pain seems almost impossible.
These emotions don’t translate into words,
Into sentences,
Into paragraphs,
I give it my all,
I try try try and I try,
I give it my all,
I cry cry cry and I cry.

Nothing helps,
Externalising this pain seems almost impossible.
These emotions don’t translate into words,
Into sentences,
Into paragraphs,
It all seems so hopeless,
It is a dead end for me,
It all seems so hopeless,
*It is a dead end you’ll see.
There, if I cant externalise the pain, I'll externalise the struggle
Jul 2017 · 1.3k
No Pain, No Gain
If with you there is nothing to gain,
Then you will always be my favourite kind of pain.

They ask me why I still talk to you,
Perhaps it’s because I don't truly believe we're through.

So I book another appointment,
Met with yet another disappointment.

I’d say I believe everyone deserves a second chance,
But so many later I’m not sure I’m worth a second glance.

I wish I could expel the emotions in my heart,
Whilst I remain silent, allowing myself to fall apart.

Why do I do this to myself?
When you’ve already put us on the shelf.

At times I find myself craving your pain,*
Even if there is nothing to gain.
I really wish I knew how to express how I feel, how I hurt, how I hope.
Jul 2017 · 340
I wish I was,
For if I could,
Be it a moment,
Or for an eternity,

I would travel back to then

For if it were,
That it was possible,
To correct my wrongs,
All in one go,

I would travel back to when

Nothing but a chance,
To make it up,
The wrongs I made,
I am truly sorry,

**I would travel back to then
I wish I could go back to then, back to when I was wrong, and make it right
Jul 2017 · 251
Butterfly Wings
Theres something about the way,
Something so perfect and pure,
Can simply cease to exist,
Just you left, nothing to say.
You're free, spread your wings,
To somewhere unknown you fly,
With no direction you're lost,
Just getting over the little things.
Hurt by that which was once ours,
Struggling to stay above,
Each breath dissipating,
This butterfly flew with *scars.
Just trying to stay afloat
Jul 2017 · 1.4k
Broken. Officially
It's been so long since I've written,
It's almost like I've forgot.
It's been so long since I was open,
It's almost like I'm not.

I really dont know how to say that,
I am not okay once more.
I really dont know how to say that,
I am not quite sure what for.

Perhaps it's because you're gone,
Perhaps the fact it's all over.
Perhaps it's because you left,
Perhaps the fact I'm a leftover.

It hurts trying to accept the that,
It really is the end.
It hurts trying to accept that,*
It really isn't "boyfriend".
It's been two months and I'm still trying to deal with the fact, the love of my life, is nothing but that, the love of, my life.... not hers...
May 2017 · 2.5k
You Really Don't Know
You really don't know do you?

You do not know...
How your smiles lights up the dark,
How your laugh eases all my nerves and anxiety,
How your eyes see into the deepest parts of my heart,
How your ears listen to me without falter.

You don't know...
How you brighten up each day,
How you make getting out of bed worth it,
How you inspire me to be a better person,
How you have changed my life for the better.

You don't know...
How much you mean to me,
How much I appreciate all you do,
How much desire I have for you,
How much I love you.

You don't know...
How special you are to me

You really don't know
Eh, I'm sorry ;;
Apr 2017 · 358
Surface Features
Green means go,
Red means stop
People only see,
Whats going on on *top
You can assume a lot about how a person feels or what they're going through simply by staring at them or observing their mannerisms, but in the end, all you're seeing are the surface features.
Apr 2017 · 395
Do Re Mi
Do Re Mi,
Life is as bad as it can be,
Do Re Mi,
What is wrong with me?
Do Re Mi,
Enough with this misery,
Do Re Mi,
The pain I don't want anyone to see,
Do Re Mi,
I've lost my rhythm,
Do Re Mi,
My songs fallen apart,
Do Re Mi,
I'm way off tune,
Do Re Mi,*
Life is as bad as it can be.
Mar 2017 · 431
Unseen Terror
It's the things we don't know,
That can cause us the most pain...
They say sometimes not knowing is for the best, but I believe... not knowing is the worst kind of pain.
Mar 2017 · 531
Ceaseless Aching Pain
Tear my heart out
As it still beats.
Take my heart from me
As it still beats...

The aching pain
Never ceases.
The unbearable trauma
Never ceases...

If I had a choice
I'd choose death.
If you asked me
I'd choose death...

No more pain,
No more ache,
No more trauma,
No more me,*
That's what I need...
Jan 2017 · 363
Figure it out for yourself,
It won't be interpreted the same way
Jan 2017 · 698
Under Pressure
Like a vacuum, it *****,
Pressure, produced by people,
Who'v'nt given two *****.

Under pressure

They expect this, and ask for that.
Unknowing, undying in nature,
I sit around, treated like a domestic cat.

Under pressure

No time to think, no time to act.
People, poignant, persistently pushing.
Why does this all, feel like an attack?

*Under pressure
"I've been feeling under pressure" - Logic
Oct 2016 · 467
Bleeding Out
These tears have since turned red
From the wounds I'm bleeding out from
Oct 2016 · 577
Have You Ever
Tried telling someone
Those things you keep deep inside?
Tried telling someone
You dont belong in this world?
Tried telling someone
Being you, isn't a good thing?
Tried telling someone
**They'll never understand...?
I don't wanna feel this miserable beneath the happiness
Oct 2016 · 616
You Think You Know Me?
Surprise surprise you'd think so

Sorry I dont think I said it right
You think you know me?
Surprise surprise you thought you did

You talked to me for a bit
Learnt my name
What I like and who I am
Dont demean our relationship with pathetic lies
Saw what I wanted to show you
Know all in which I've told you

Surprise surprise

* don't...
You have no idea what it's like to be me
To wake up, knowing this is who you are
Powerless, helpless and pathetic
You, think you know me
But you don't
Oct 2016 · 659
I Need Help
You can't
You couldn't
You won't
and you wouldn't

But I need help

Not your help
not yours either
Definately not your help
You couldn't

But I need help

It's a bit much
A lot much
More than I want much
I shouldn't

I just need help

Should ask him what's up
Maybe get him to talk
He can trust me
No you shouldn't
I hope you wouldn't

He doesnt
He can't talk
He can't trust you
He just needs help

You can't
You couldn't
You won't
and you wouldn't
I seriously need help, only you're not gonna be the one to do it. Period
Sep 2016 · 543
They Say
They say love is forever,
But forever is a lie.

They say to keep looking up,
To find your name spelt across the sky.

They say you'll always be mine,
Frankly lately I couldn't be bothered tryin'.

They say you can't be my friend,*
*We'll have to see what happens in the end.
They always say
Sep 2016 · 376
In the End
I try so hard
To lose it all
In the end
*It doesn't even matter
Work so hard, put your all in
It doesn't even matter, time reworks itself
It's like you never did anything at all...
Sep 2016 · 468
Wishful Thinking
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I've had enough madness,
**Wish my hellish days were through.
I mean... I just... I only... I... I'm sorry...
Aug 2016 · 1.4k
Long Time Coming
Love me long
and treat me right
It won't feel wrong*
*to please you all night
Hot ** ♥
Aug 2016 · 409
Eat my heart out*
Fry my brain
The world is spinning
I'm going insane
I can't breathe
Feet can't touch the floor
Just want it all to end
Can't take anymore
Sickly stomach
Blurry eyes
I don't want anyone
To hear my wails and cries
Please no more
Take me somewhere sane
Eat my heart out*
Fry my brain
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
Pehea e koe?
Not a phrase you will ever know
A phrase from a language too unknown to show

I speak many languages
From Chinese to French
Not one fluently but more than the last

I could tell you in many languages
From Chinese to Hungarian
Not one fluently would help more than the last

I could answer in many languges
From Chinese to Spanish
Not one could help answer your question more that the last

I could lie in many languages
From Chinese to Filipino Tagalog
Not one should mean anything more than the last

Not a phrase you will ever know
A phrase from a language too unknown to show
But since you asked, I am;
Shāngxīn, triste, szomorú, trastornado
Aug 2016 · 386
So Long, So Little Changed
It has been long
Since I's last here
A lot has changed
Too much I fear

Once upon, then ago
Nothing but sorrow
Since that time before
Waiting for tomorrow

Concealed in me
Was locked away
Till the monster inside
Could come out to play

Dont believe for a moment
As if you know me
Look a little deeper
No longer cease to see

Write 1000 words
Each one a different sound
Meaning behind each and every
Sinking beneath the ground

Another paragraph
Yet another rhyme
Heart and soul empty
Reached the end of time

No sense to be made
You couldn't understand
Don't listen anymore
Adhere your *reprimand
Jul 2016 · 566
A is For...
A* is for *anything to end this suffering
B is for broken, breaking like my fragile state
C is for careful, cautious of these eggshells
D is for disaster, destruction of what we had
E is for empty, emotionless cries in the night
F is for false, fake like the lies we tell ourselves
G is for grief, grieving not over the dead but mistakes
H is for horrible, hatred the purest of black
I is for insanity, insomnia plaguing my sleep
J is for jaded, just lacking in many emotional departments
K is for knavish, kiddish behaviour I exemplify
L is for lost, losing faith, happiness and you
M is for mistakes, monster at heart and in action
N is for nonsensical, never-ending
O is for officious, obnoxious demeanour and persona
P is for pathetic, powerless to make the right moves
Q is for quitter, quick to leave and walk away
R is for resentment, relationships aren't for men like me
T is for turmoil, turbulence beneath the wings of trouble
U is for understatement, underestimating
V is for violent, vindictive almost as if by nature
W is for wishful, waiting for something new
X is for xenodochial, but never to those who matter most
Y is for youthful, yokelish and distasteful to be around
Z is for zany, pertaining to the cause of most problems
I really don't know, in all honesty is a bashful, distasteful slur
Take it with a grain of salt, I posted it because it got alot off my chest, if you take offense, are hurt, or displeased with its existence, Alt+F4 :L
Jul 2016 · 469
Thoughts to the Future
I got a small taste of what it's like to live with you.
Not much I know but hey, it was great while it lasted right?

Few brief days we shared as proof that love despite distance is true.
How many months have we been proving others wrong?

One day I think we'll be together indefinitely no matter what we do.
Oh how I can't wait for that day, will everything be perfect then?

*I truly believe
My own "style" if you will.
Tried something different and hoped for the best
Jun 2016 · 439
I'm Truly Sorry...
I can't do it anymore, I can't I can't...
Urgh! The breakdowns, I DONT DESERVE THIS

I am nothing
I dont exist
I mean nothing
I dont matter
I get nothing
I dont care

Please help me, what do I do
I dont know anymore
Im a mistake, a ***** up
Good for nothing

Everything I do is wrong, when I'm upset I get called angry
When I try to defend my sadness I'm just angry
I speak and it doesn't matter, why would it
Don't I matter
How I feel
It doesnt feel like it

Im not the only one
I did it too
Im wrong
Stop doing this
Stop doing that
You dont do this
You do that

MY HEAD it SpiNs
pLeASe sTOp the MaDNesS
I'm okay... I think
Jun 2016 · 583
Once or twice have I been knocked around,
On several occasions I was lost but found.
There came a time when enough was enough,
Put my foot down, "I've had it to here with this stuff".
I've realised I can't take it anymore,
Words my be cheap, but they leave a nasty sore.
Bullet and bandaids are but nothing to a grenade,
To sustain more injuries, I must say I'm afraid.
I'm not strong, I'm certainly not tough,
Life for an eighteen year old should never be this rough.
They say you get dished was you serve,
Guess when it comes to me, there's a bit of a learning curve.
No matter how much you may scream and shout,
I was always the type to hide away and pout.
Rhymes do little in the way of healing,
But it's helping me forget this horrible feeling.
Like a twisted joke, that I've seemed to miss,
An shaken faith is hardly fixed with a half-hearted kiss.
Been told many things, I am and I'm not,
I guess who I used to be, is the main thing I forgot.
I point no fingers, and push no blame,
When it comes to this madness, they and I are exactly the same.
When one is hurting, the other is to,
Tell them you'd sacrifice everything, never thought it'd be true.
I don't mean that as harsh as it seems,
Just wish things would work out like they do in my dreams.
What hurts the most, is how often I break,
Being reminded, I'm nothing but a *mistake.
To you, and all that I do,
A mistake in words, and words unspoken
From actions, to inaction I'm truly at fault
And I simply don't know what to do...
May 2016 · 641
Single Cell Organism
... Whatever is left inside me ...
... is a sorry excuse for an endorphin ...
Like a grain of sugar, sweet, pure and joyous
Lost in a container of salt.
Nothing but lost
It doesn't belong...
May 2016 · 1.1k
When Sadness Turns To Anger
I thought humans learnt from their mistakes?
Perhaps I'm the exception to the rule?
One would think you'd learn not to put so much trust in others,
In the end.... They'll abuse it.

When my best friend turned around and stabbed me in the back,
Hacked into everything I knew, everything I owned and used it all as blackmail against me, I thought I knew how it felt to Hurt
To feel genuiene Anger towards someone.
I of course was wrong...

Now, couple years down the track, I put too much trust into someone I now know I should never have. He turned around and stabbed me in the back and broke me. I though I knew how it felt to be Crippled
To feel like everything inside me Shattered
Single handedly ruined me and my life, shattered my trust in people and when there was no one there to support me... I fell deeper into the abyss. I sought refuge and support from the people I still held trust and faith in
They too abused my trust in them and broke me further, By now my pieces are too small to fit back together.
A shattered mine and a crippled soul but...
Everyone has problems. Everyone is hurting right?
I shouldn't complain, shouldn't tell you my problems because they're not your problems and why would you want them?
That's absurd

No matter what I say anymore, it is with an ill will
No matter what I do anymore, it is with an ill will
No matter how I feel anymore... it carries with it an ill will...
I am nothing but what people tell me I am
I can't begin to list how others make me appear anymore than I can begin to list how I appear in the mirror...
There is no thinking positively
There is no "It gets better"

When you're me...
...Even the saddest of emotions turn to anger.
I'm at that point where anything and everything hits me
Double faulted left right and centre
Made to live up to needs and wants that cannot be returned and im surprised I still manage to talk to anyone.
No where is a safe haven anymore, I am...
All on my own in this
May 2016 · 805
Such A Nice Guy
“What’re you up to?” His simple text said.
“Just eating cereal and lying in bed.”
“What if I was with you?” he responded with ease,
“I guess I’d get more cereal if I please.”
And that’s when he said it, that simpering lad, that stupid response that makes all of us mad.
My mind filled with dread, with a twist in my gut,
I picked up my phone and read: “Haha, and then what ;)”

"And then what?!" Shocked by his assumptious pleas,
"Leave me alone, I'm begging you please."
And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse,
He muttered those three dreaded words.
Yes, I kid you not. That little *****.
I opened his next message that read "Pic 4 a Pic?"
I then retorted; "No, don't send your unsolicited 'pics', I surely can see past your little tricks."
And that's when things took an alarming switch.
The boy with a wounded ego replied, "You're just an ungrateful *****."
The very next morning, the boy put on his fedora and let out with a sigh,
"Why does no one like me? I'm such a nice guy."
I got sent this by a friend, thought it was amazing and thought I'd share it.
I'm sick and tired of males giving us all a bad name, stop manipulating women, stop exploiting women and for ***** sake, stop being ***** little ******* about it...
Yes, I'm mad. Thank you :3
When* all things have been said and done,
When together we would laugh and play.
When time is up and we've had our fun,
When you're gone you're really far away.

What would I do without you here.
What to do when I lie alone.
What am I without you dear.
What is there but contact by phone?

Why is good always before bye?
Why must this be so hard to bear?
Why among stars does you name span the sky?
Why is a great distance something to share?

Who are you without a me beside you?
Who told us that love wasn't free?
Who you are shows through in the things you do.
Who said we needed anything but you and me?

Where are you headed after departing?
Where is strength among sadness?
Where fall my tears in which are starting?
Where does one find you in thy *madness?
A poem about long distance and a partner who recently visited but now has departed.
I look forward to seeing you again, but…
What am i to do now that you're gone?
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