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Whitney Mar 6
Your happy I’m not…
These mental fights I have fought
Break me into shards
I feel like I'm behind bars

Do you love me
I can see your glee
I know its another girl
It hit me and now I’m in a blur

Hello are you there
Its pain I can’t bare
I don’t want to live like this
I’ll never get your loving kiss

The pain in my eyes are seen
The outsiders I see are very mean
I hate the hurt in my head
To be honest I wish I was dead

Hey I’m talking to you
You act like I’m a fool
I will never give up
Even if I look like a lost pup

Crying so much turned to blood
They thickened on my cheek like mud
My white dress stained red
My scene looked dead

I want to harm myself
I don’t want any help
I’m enraged with your hate
But, maybe thats my fate

Cut cut cut slit
Punch punch punch hit
Tie tie tie hang
Load load load bang

My title is an xxxtentacion quote!!!
cryingforhelp Feb 16
I sit and I cut
Where you can’t see
I love the burn
Please help me
cryingforhelp Feb 15
No words left
how to feel
what to do
I am everything normal
the thoughts in my head
the empty feeling in my stomach
consume who I am
cryingforhelp Feb 15
Once on high grounds
not caring about a thing
now, I crave to be found
and care too much about everything

Once young and blind
now, I want to shine
but, I'm lost in my thoughts
I'm trying to escape
I can hear them calling
so I keep falling
Happy am I to be here
Eager to make friends
Learn new things
Pleased to be with you

My heart wonders so such
Each word in this poem are lies
EAC Jan 31
while the dread of peace kept you starved with wasted days.
my years with you were infinite in the moments of bliss of a kiss.

with withering tears passing dry cold on dark years nights old
my mind remains on the you who once was.
with blade I pull back the blade to expose vein, red dopamine rivers flow from my sleeve to numb my soul.
with thin brushes i paint my anguish on canvas riddled with dangers of homicide.

a youthful mind trapping you in the delusion of time, and human concepts flood your mind.
Ashtyn Lucas Jan 9
I don't know
My life is upside down
Blood rushing to my head
Instead of circling all around

I don't know what to do
About the dampening sadness
All I can do is stop feeling
Stop caring

I want to help
There are so many people out there that are more important
That feel like this way for a reason
But not me

I never want to see him again
His smiling eyes
His false emotions
What he used me to do

I want this pain to go away
The suffering to end
But nothing can help me now
Nothing can show me light

From Sadness
To Suffering
To Death
To a final release
I cry out for help
To finally have someone care
But I don't deserve that
Andrew Kerklaan Dec 2018
I always give the best advice...  Away
Never to me.

Never to keep.

It all goes away
Call me Oliver Dec 2018
I’ve never broken down like that before

My feet went numb
My head was made of stone
My eyes were waves
My voice was crackling like rocks
My hair was draping
The floor was my bed
Your words were my antagonist

I couldn’t breath

I couldn’t believe

I was breaking
Thanks Dad, Angle, emotionaly abusive teacher, Olive,
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