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how long can you stare at a picture before realising it will never stare back again
if it turns out he's dead imfolowing
Ghostverses Feb 10
This society is much needed.
Faking our smiles, just to get by.
I'm gonna be honest I know nothing about you or anyone here.
I want you to know that this is a frighting flow that I call-
You see, it's not what you think but it's what you see.
Society is nothing but a pinch of death.
You walk the other way, you make another stray.
You walk the same way and now you get to stay.
Me, only 16 was walking the other way.
Society is what I cannot follow
I walk, walk, walk.
I hear them talk, talk, talk.
You, and I will never be the same.
Has it's name.
You cannot claim
Please let me be sane.
My teacher just asked for me to show one of my poems to the whole class! I am so scared and super super nervous. Please help me
I’m barely alive, been up since five
And I can’t fall asleep
I can’t remember last night, got too high
Now she won’t even talk to me
I know I can’t hide, been trying to run
These thoughts just follow me
Can you save my life and make it right?
Or is it just all of me?
hey, i saw your bio ig bio. im here. im may not be the person you want to hear these from, but please do know that im always someone you can lean on. ill be strong for the both of us
Alphia Dec 2020
I can't breath I can't sleep all the way thru the night . I'm sad I miss you I hate what I did I wish I could go back but I must face forward and go away !.....

Pain is numb now you act like you don't care I don't know how to read you it's hard to read you. What's on your mind baby? Can I call you baby?

No response is a response I keep telling myself. Maybe he is done and I should be too hope needs to die out my life again. I love you or maybe I'm confused? Gosh I think am I ever gone get over this obstacle one day?
Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
What it really means is

Feeling I'm Nothing to Everyone
It means that I need someone,
anyone to help get me out of my own mind.
Trinity Rivera Jun 2020
i just wanna take a moment to take off my disguise so you can look into my eyes and see inside my mind. tell me what you see. i bet it was a surprise. i bet you saw hidden cries and things that i’ve denied. there’s a thousand tears welled up my eyes but i’ll never show you, i’ll just let my feelings continue to fly to place that’s s•cked my heart dry. i must advise against it but if you wanna act like spies, go ahead, undo the ties i’ve put in place to keep you from the “prize”. i’m impossible to analyze. let me emphasize, i’m not something to be centralized, at the end of this all you can say is “at least i tried”. everything you see inside, please don’t try and memorize. i don’t want my thoughts supervised, they’re hard enough to hard i feel immobilized. perhaps this is a silent cry; i’ll let you decide.
Hunter Green Jul 2020
I feel like I made a life altering mistake.
Normally I believe everything happens like it’s supposed to,
But this just feels wrong,
I’ve never not felt a pull between us,
Maybe somehow someday it will all be rectified,
But I just can’t get our story out of my head.
I’m scared of you, I’m scared of being near you but near you nonetheless is where I wanna be.
What did I do, what did I do, what did I do?
Did I not listen?
Did I not care?
Did I jump in too fast?
Where were you?
Where was I?
Did I say yes to her too fast?
I didn’t even look for her love but I had  always had my mind on yours.
This was the worst case of bad timing,
I’m afraid I ran away,
Even in college,
Maybe I was ashamed,
Maybe I was too immature,
Maybe this is all in my head,
All I know is I’ll know someday.
Even if I have ruined it all.
Charlotte Ivy Jun 2020
Mirror mirror on the wall I’d give anything to be small.
Feeling like the hippopotamus waiting to be kissed by the prince. Are little girls supposed to hate themselves like this.
I want to lead, be a Princess a Queen? Someday I’ll be what the people demand of me.
Adjust the corset, tighter ... tighter. Stomach acid rises, my crown slips off.
I am slowly decaying, the Princess of rot.
Anastasia Red May 2020
If everything will come to an end
My past self will come back
I dont want it to happen
But its happening
I dont want to be colder
I dont want to be a numb
Please help me. Save me
Make me stay
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