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Xant Sep 2019
If I were to say
about my day
There need only three words
And three words only

Such an outburst of profanity,
but they keep me away from insanity

So if you ask me "How was your day?",
there'd only be three words for me to say;



        Guacamole :D
How was your day, everyone? :)
Mine's been very... Crazy
Chris Feb 2019
Feelings are like ****.
I tried to flush them, gin, Jack, ***,
but **** is **** and with enough liquid it doesn't sink.
It  comes to the surface.
Fenixx Menefee Nov 2018
I feel like I'm made of cheap glass
I have no purpose, I'm not of high class
And even though I'm of no use
That will never make a good excuse

Pardon my outburst, I'm containing my thoughts
And each one that goes can never be caught
They all burst from my mind like a brilliant volcano
Each one setting off a light and faint glow

I feel like I'm absolutely fake
I put on a smile because if I'm happy, that's all it takes
It doesn't hurt them if I'm sad, no one even cares
Because when I'm sad, they just feel the need to stare

I don't pay attention to them because I know deep in my mind
All of them have no idea of the things I think of, they're blind
Each thought darker than the last
Remembering all the bad times in the past

Each thought bubbles up and creates paranoia
Each one branches out like a giant sequoia
I hate each and every one for they swarm me like flies
I can't explain how much it hurts, but each sharp sting of pain I despise
Brainstorm cometh, damning frontal hemisphere
jamming lookout, noggin perched, roiling thinking
uber wayfaring zealot, drills legendary phalanx.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Writer's block afflicts Das scribe,
     who **** now stricken supine
     adept dull livery sub par excellence
     his gold standard worse

thus, another day
     to slog thru arduous process
     crafting admirable verse
wrestling behemoth loosed ******
     dodging enfilade broadcast sos terse.

N'er easy chore to fashion
     acceptable word worth poem to whit
staring at flickering
     accursed cursor doth blank stare visit

flash flooding warning saturated
     gray matter fist sized unit
groundswell burgeoning leveed banks
     barging signals transmit

urgent army corps of engineers
     to reroute via sluice, sans surfeit
apprentice longshoreman
     doth double duty

     as grammarian sought to retrofit
arduous struggle ensues, where drowning
     affects consummation
     strong temptation quit

ditch ching progress made,
     thus far in hot pursuit
mind comfortably numb
     stream of consciousness

     submerges concentration
     entrenched deep posit
craftiness sentenced to punctuate
     disequilibrium doth outwit

venerably beaded trademark
     Scottish matted flair
     abandoned unfinished poem
     left forever stranded orbit
     zero escape velocity

zinging, unsprung,
     pinging mindscape nonprofit
able endeavor reflecting zeitgeist
     bombarding Messerschmitt
undermining, strafing, disabling
     cutting crew rescue outer limit
faint feint blinking in the twilight zone.
Elena Basophil Aug 2017
No need for *****,
Just chaos,
For it drowns us in passion.

No need for dope,
Just chaos,
For it makes us high.

No need for peace,
For Chaos,
Brings our hearts together.
Mida Burtons Jul 2017
Circulating around our bodies.
Emanating within us.
Blood contains the action of life as without death becomes apparent.
It's otherworldly appearance striking fear to the eye.
A distance remaining as hot blood can so easily turn cold.
Temper unpredictable, no reason for its outburst.
But still the desire lets itself be known.
Amounting to more than your will, the crave, the hunger, the need and the unhealthy obsession.
But always the danger, the lust and the calming comfortable ambience it presents with its presence.
Jay Ojha Jan 2017
Once, a thought went past my mind
Which was to leave the past behind.
I thought if it would be of any gain
But all of it was in vain.

Somehow I got over it
Just to find myself in an empty pit
To witness the darkness all around
Until in her, a light I found.

A glimpse of her
Would make my heart pound
As if I was a free bird flying high in the air
Invisible to someone here on the ground.

Seeing her secretly all day
Gave me happiness profound.
They said I was deeply in love,
Love, way out of bounds.

Her eyes had a pious look
A look so serene
Splendid as they were
No less than the Irish meadows green.

I dived deep into those beautiful eyes
Wondering if the secret they did hide had even been seen.
They were like an unread book
Seeking to be looked within.
To find a picture of mine in her eyes that gleam
Was the blissful moment of which I would dream.

At times, I saw her make a sad face
When she felt all troubled
And in my mind prayers for her happiness
Was all that I mumbled.

Her beautiful smile had a touch divine
So lovable that even words can’t define.
I wish I could tell her what I felt for her
Afraid if she would be friends ever after.

I wished to run away
Wanted those feelings to disappear
But by then, I already knew the way
A part of my soul would be with her
Always here.

I wonder if I could tell her some day
That I thought of her night and day.
I was so attached to her
Like the cold icy winter and shades of grey.

So this happens to be my life-story,
Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry.
I just hope she will someday be mine
Only then I would believe
That up there beyond the clouds there is some power divine.
Surprise surprise you'd think so

Sorry I dont think I said it right
You think you know me?
Surprise surprise you thought you did

You talked to me for a bit
Learnt my name
What I like and who I am
Dont demean our relationship with pathetic lies
Saw what I wanted to show you
Know all in which I've told you

Surprise surprise

* don't...
You have no idea what it's like to be me
To wake up, knowing this is who you are
Powerless, helpless and pathetic
You, think you know me
But you don't
James Gable Jun 2016
I’ve come to realise
That I find Lake Klinwel boring;
Ignoring the skies,
The flight of birds
And their curving dives.
This lake, drowned by eyes,
Instead choosing to reflect static towers
That are monuments to Machiavelli,
Where the financially ambitious
And their crisp paper voices spend
Their days, evenings.
Money in the bank for tomorrow
Plan ahead, plan ahead
That what the lake said
When I visited.

What freedom
Such a wonder of nature
Has to manipulate and
Reinterpret the harshness
In lines that ascend until they
Scrape the sky,
That tears, simple as tissue.

And all the while,
Cigarette butts,
In an abstract delinquency,
Revise community buildings and council offices
Where surely they dream of hole punch
And green lights and confirmation and deadline for appeal
Whilst bureaucrats administer more paper cuts to the teal-blooded sky and Risk Assessments have given a score to death—
Awarding it a number five.

The lake can surely stay awake
Just long enough to show me ripples
And normality when I drop in a stone,
Just a sound that
Confirms this mind is still my own,
That the waking world is known to me,
Dreams are dreams alone,
They are the ripples reaching the sea
From my daring stone.
To be beside a lake, lyrically alone,
Brings a pain that is most obvious and physical
And so I ask once more for the
Most minute of tides for my sore, tired eyes—
Just a ripple of two to the other side
Where I see a figure,
Where I see blue eyes,
Where I see extravagant dress and
Hair so shapely they say and yet
I couldn't care less.
It could be a wig
But the wind tells me it is not,
And her nose sits among a gang of features,
Knowing surely it turns heads—
Growing heavier with each turned.

The lake spat on my shoe and continued
To reflect the tall commercial towers
Whilst this green space is vast,
Boasting bowers where I sit with a pencil
And I see the birds of paradise
Impressively dancing and dancing impressively.
Sublime in fact!
But I think they are trespassers
We should kindly send them back
Their hearts are excessively small
And no longer in paradise,
Not close to it at all.

I’m done with you, lake!
Lake Klinwell, lazy deceptive mirror!
Are you depressed?
Do I notice how you are growing ever thinner?

I heard news that our
Town is crumpling in certain corners,
It’s folding in two like a map closing.
People are dreaming with recurring themes
And the flowers bow their heads
Just in case.

Oh, you are a soft, sensitive lake,
Let me dip my feet.
Do not fear for the town we share,
Do not quake, dear lake,
And enjoy your daylit hours
In the company of the trees and flowers.

I beg you though:
One day,
When I need it most,
Reflect for me a memory:

Diana and I on the corrugated coast,
Careless on the rocks,
I failed to enjoy it at the time through fear
but she leapt, crossed a gap to get to me.
She landed with a kiss.

And if you could add a sunset,
The weather was terrible.
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