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Hannah Jones Apr 7
Careful, love,
that you are not
too well-guarded,
sounding high alerts
until no one
dares approach
your gates.

Mind not to wind
yourself too tight
out of fear
to let loose
some brittle flaw
until you splinter
and shatter.

A closed fist
a lover never made--

Loosen your grip
on your expectations
of the audience,
and simply play
your part.

Come curtain,

we may
each other.
Just wondering if my friend/coworker finally got the stick out from wherever he stored it during our time together.

Those jagged edges hurt both ways, babes.
Ry Dec 2020
You can build them if you need. But don't scream behind them when another being sends letters through the holes you made to seek what you needed all along.
SA Szumloz Jul 2020

My affection doesn't show like stripes on a Zebra
It's hides it's flesh like birds with their feathers
I would love to shed my black plumes for you
However, if I do, I know I'll fly away from the fear
Fear of getting hurt like a million times before
Trust me, it weighs my heart down like pouring rain
I know how much you want to see me smile
Wrap my wings around you like it's the end
I just can't love the way you do



I have such a hard time expressing physical affection to people. Even if they're my family. I am just not that kind of person to give hugs.
Dani Jan 2020
It's been storming for a while
Can't you hear the window panes shaking
Can't you feel the house shivering
From the bitter wet cold...
I think something is leaking
My heart has a crack
Now it's dripping onto the floor
It's been storming for a while in there
I feel the thunder roar
The howling of the wind
I can feel my heart freezing
Then I feel that strike of lightning
One sharp crack
Breaking down the roof of my heart
Pouring rain
Maybe that house needed to burn down
In the howling rain
I can build it up again
Better than before
A warm place inside
During any weather
Even the worst storm
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
She dresses in black,
smudging eyeliner on
her soft eyes.
Applying dark shades of lipstick
and leave her black hair to be caressed
by the ice cold wind.
She wears a cold attitude
and turns her kind heart
to stone, all to resonate intimidation
just to avoid being hurt.
Nicx May 2019
Eyes ache with loads of uncried tears
As my chest caves with the weight of
A heart that can't live freely
I just want to live
I want to be alive
I want to be free in this life
To have one at all
Because I'm so stuck right now
Trapped behind my own mind
And I'm grateful that it's protected me
But I am safe now
I don't need such high security
I don't need to be on guard with everyone
It's ok to be afraid and to not trust
But it doesn't help if I can't open up
I feel so alone
Yet I maintain that same state
I have people that truly care and love me
But I don't let them see me
My mind doesn't want to be vulnerable
It thinks others will see it as a weakness
And the weakest are the easiest to break
I'm afraid to get hurt again
I can't handle becoming another target
Which is extremely ironic considering
I'm the one the aiming the gun
At the most genuine piece of my soul
Esther L Krenzin Apr 2019
I am the girl who brings the rain
I am the girl of many floods
so be wary
I don a cloak of thistles
and thorns when

-Esther L. Krenzin-
Under the sheets of emotional armor,
A shy little girl masquerades as a martyr.
She’s the Queen of Deceit with her lies getting smarter,
While every tale told draws her self even farther
From finding out why she’s emotionally bothered
By all of the men in her life: like her father
Who only was trying the best for his daughter
And striving to be something more than a pauper
But coming up short. Who knows how much harder
He’d try if she wasn’t an argument starter?
The guilt and the shame from the family slaughter
Has made her insane and continues to bar her
From finding out just what the world has to offer.

Luckily she won’t have to be here much longer;
In fairy-tale land, there's nothing can harm her.

She suddenly finds herself all alone
With nobody’s thoughts to address but her own.
This is the time when she’d pick up the phone,
Demanding a savior to hear her bemoan
About all the problems that she’s ever known,
But what she doesn’t know is a friend can’t atone
For the lack of a man with his patience to loan
To a lost little girl whose bad temper is known.
All she needs is a strong one that doesn’t condone
All the treacherous lies and the hatred she’s shown.
It’s hard to deny all the reaping she’s sewn.
She’ll have to tread soft lest her cover is blown
And everyone finds out she still hasn’t grown
Through the hundreds of tempers and tantrums she’s thrown.
Hopefully soon she can bury the bone
And calm herself into a nostalgic zone
Where smiles and candles were filling her home
And love and affection were all that was loaned.

Enlightenment comes when you realize you’re prone
To the wrath of the heartache that comes with the throne.
Damsel in distress
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