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SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Why am i always losing friends
When will this cycle ever end
Abandoned by most of my friends
Feeling undesired yet again
Written after being bandomed and diacarded by another friend
SomeOneElse Jul 2019
Another weekend home alone
Another weekend gone and blown
Another weekend i'm up late
Trying to find myself a date
Another weekend all dejected
Feeling lost and so rejected
Another weekend full of tears
The same as it has been for years
Another weekend in my head
So ******* completely wasted
Another weekend gone and blown
Another weekend all alone
Another poem about feeling alone
SomeOneElse May 2019
All alone, nobody's type
My depressions it's so ripe
Can't escape this downward spiral
All alone cause I'm so sad
And oh so sad cause I'm alone
Wish I knew how to fix me
Find a way to be happy
Wish could end this downward cycle
All alone because I'm sad
Yet so sad cause I'm alone
Wish I could end all this pain
And my happiness regain
But I feel my fate is final
Oh so sad cause I'm alone
Yet all alone because I'm sad
I really need to find a way
To no longer be this way
To finally end this downward spiral
But I'm Still sad cause I'm alone
And all alone because I'm sad
Written to explain how I feel
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
This is the age of alternative facts
Where many believe the earth is flat
Fighting against all logic and reason
Science, knowledge considered treason
Propaganda machines spreading their lies
Enough to make a journalist cry
Humanity void of all common sense
Controlled only by dollars and cents
People now see what they want to believe
Instead of believing what they see
This country’s future is now in question
All of our progress now in regression
Society dealing with cataracts
Now in this age of alternative facts.
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
I'm in the dark, my sunshine gone
I lost my spark so what went wrong
Cant see the light and feel like dying
No end in sight i sit here crying
Can't find my smile or where it went
Searched for a while and now I'm spent
My mind’s messed up, I have no clue
And I ****** things up like i always do
Still crying inside , no end i can find
An emotional landslide all in my mind
So much pain and im still crying
What’s wrong with my brain
Just feel like dying
Written to express how my anxiety fuels my depression and for me what it is like to deal with both at times.
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Your beauty i cannot resist
As i lean in for a french kiss
Your so soft skin i do caress
As we both start to undress
I kiss your neck and behind your ears
Exploring your body from front to rear
I lay you down nice and slow
Kissing you from head to toe
I kiss your legs and inner thighs
This is where my heaven lies
I wrapped your legs around my face
And long to taste your sweet embrace
My hands caress your perfect ****
My mouth enjoys your tasty ****
I can hear you start to moan
As my tongue begins to roam
Loving every smell and taste
I take my time and never haste
With every kiss your body  shivers
And every lick just makes you quiver
My lips and tongue they are not done
Just because I've made you ***
I keep probing every nook and cranny
Moving down to lick your *****
My mind and body on cloud nine
While i rim your great behind
I can feel your knees go weak
As you hit your second peak
Now that you are wet and ready
I enter you slow and steady
Starting slow then speeding up
I kiss your ******* and lick them up
With every ****** our bodies kiss
Completely lost yet nothing missed
Our bodies joined we shake and tingle
And as we kiss our tongues do mingle
Now in such euphoric state
As we both *******
Both exhausted from the night
We start to spoon, i hold you tight
Kissing you till we pass out
Dreaming when we’ll next make out
Written as a fantasy
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
To have your *** upon my face
I long to taste your sweet embrace
It's so soft touch and perfect shape
It's beauty no one can escape
To gaze upon your gorgeous ***
My mouth does water, i want me some
Lay me down on any bed
And sit that *** on to my head
How I long to worship it
Kiss it, lick it, tongue massage it
There I'll stay and eat you out
For hours on end til we pass out
And in the morn when i wake up
Your *** I'll rim til you wake up.
I'll kiss and lick your pretty ****
Until you say you've had enough
Written as a challenge/request
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
You've got a great smile
And your eyes are to die for
They're beauty defined.
A senryu on beauty
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
How I'd love a kiss
It would make me feel so bliss
Just to kiss your lips
A senryu aboutva blissful kiss
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
I made a friend who helped me out
One day when i was blue
She made me laugh and made me smile
On days when i was  blue
She gave me hugs and soothing words
On days when I was blue
Her number she did give to me
For days when i when I was blue
The greatest friend I thought i had
For days when I was blue
We'd chat for hours with secrets shared
On days when I was blue
The time we shared and showed she cared
Some days when I was blue
Wrote me a poem said things were fine
One day when i was blue
The friendship meant so much to me
For days when i am blue
Now chats are rare, i fear her gone
These days when i am blue
I fear I lost my special friend
Most days now i am blue
I wish i could, mistakes undo
These days that i am blue
I miss my friend, will to the end
On days when i feel blue
Written for a friendship I lost
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
I know you are mad And feeling betrayed
Might even be sad Or feeling afraid.
I have no excuse For what I have done
Your trust I did lose Wish could be undone
Mistakes i did make Regrets i have much
Now i lay awake For all my dumb stuff
You wrote me a poem And said things were fine
Now i feel alone Sitting here crying
I Patiently wait Its all i can do
Pray it's not too late Hope to hear from you
I've broken your trust And lost your faith to
Regain it i must I really miss you
I know you are mad You're feeling betrayed
Might even be sad And feeling afraid
There is no excuse For what I have done
The faith I did lose Wish could be undone
Written after a friend had ghosted me as a way to appologize.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
-. -.  - - -   -,  .. -.  .. -  …  .   -..

Confusion’s to blame
          For all of this pain
That's inside my veins
Like a runaway train
          Or jet engine plane
It's killing my brain    

It's eating my veins
          My strength it does drain
I'm becoming lame
          And going insane
I can't take the strain
          Of all of this pain

There’s a fiery flame
           That's kept me refrained
While frying my brain

It must me contained
It must be refrained
My soul to regain
          My body to reign
And end all this pain

The answer is plain
I must stop the train
By destroying the flame

This disease I'll then mame

But this dark evil stain
          I've put too much strain
And as for the train
I still do not gain
An old poem written back in college meant to covey how i felt.
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
As i gaze with wanting eyes
My mind begins to fantasize
In your thighs i long to be
My lips to roam them endlessly
Starting low then moving high
Intoxicated by your thighs
Caressing your perfect hips
While teasing your sweet ***** lips
This is where my heaven lies
My face in between your thighs
Oh so soft and lubricious
Unbelievably delicious
I could spend eternity
Just worshiping your thighs with glee
Oh how happy I would be
To have your thighs, my fantasy
Just another ****** fantasy poem
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Oh how i long to be desired
A feeling which we all require
Wish i could have that great physique
Makes women stop to take a peek
Or maybe have that *** appeal
Makes women give that lustful squeal
To be wanted in every way
And really be someone’s dream lay
To be somebody’s fantasy
Would leave me in such ecstasy
Instead i’m just an average guy
Just very nice and very shy
I do not have the perfect ***
Nothing anyone would applaud
I wish the women thought me hot
But in my heart i know I'm not
A *** symbol I'll never be
No one will have wet dreams of me
These feelings they are not required
But i still long to be desired.
Written as a wish to be desired and wanted in a way i havent felt in a lonv time
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
If i died today
Would you even shed a tear
Did you ever care
Written after friemds who told me they would always be my friends, lied and left me all alone
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Do you ever think of me?
And the friendship that we shared
And when the next Dr. Who’s aired
Will you ever think of me?

Do you ever think of me?
When you're playing on your phone
When sitting in your room alone
Will you ever think of me?

Do you ever think of me?
When you're playing with your toy
And when the dragon you employ
Will you think of me?

Do you ever think of me?
When you read or when you write
When there's a poem within sight
Will you ever think of me?

Do you ever think of me?
If you do what are your thoughts
Are they of a friendship lost?
What do you think of me?
I wrote this for a friend who had ghosted me as a way to help deal with that loss
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I'm drowning in my tears
What am I doing here
Feel like I don't belong
Wish I could fix what's wrong
I rarely feel happy
Instead  feeling ******
I don't know what to do
Afraid I'm losing you
This world can be so cruel
I'm running out of fuel
I wish I could give up
Emotions all mixed up
My soul’s about to break
Much more I cannot take
Please won't you help me friend
And make all this pain end
Just another poem about how I feel a lot
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
My life would be so much easier
Without all my emotions
To get in the way
Of my life
Contemplating how complicated my life is because of my emotions and feelings
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Falling deeper through the abyss
Just cannot face the truth of this
I'm losing faith and any hope
And I don't know just how to cope
You told me that it all was fine
Yet haven't seen you in some time
You told me that we were still friends
But seems like it's come to an end
Your photo used to make me smile
But haven't seen you for a while
Our little chats would make my day
Though now I cry my days away
Can't reconcile what’s in my head
All of the things you did and said
I thought you were my special friend
A friend I'd have until the end
I did not care about your past
Just wanted our friendship to last
But somehow it all went wrong
And now i fear our friendship gone
I miss those times so very much
And how I'd love to stay in touch
I highly doubt it’s in the cards
Losing your friendship’s very hard
Still falling deeper through the void
So much pain i can't avoid
I think all day and wonder why
The friendship lost still makes me cry
Just another poem about being depressed and pushing friends away while feeling alone and rejected
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
How do you fight the darkness
When you've already lost your light
How do you keep from drowning
When you can't even stay afloat
How do you keep on going
When you've already lost the fight
How do you keep on moving
When you already missed the boat
How do you fight the darkness
When you can't even find your light
How i feel dealing with depression and anxiety
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Rejected by a few more friends
Just thrown out like the trash
I'm falling and i see no end
Expecting a big crash
They used to all give me support
They used to to have my back
And now the facts they do contort
They stabbed me in the back
I am so sad and ******* mad
Why can't they let me be
I didn't do anything bad
Yet they've abandoned me
Bad enough that i was ghosted
And left without my group
Now I'm left to be composted
While trying to recoup
They used to like my company
They used to sing my praise
Now most of them won't talk to me
Alone in my malaise
I keep losing so many friend
Forgotten, lost in time
I really wish this **** would end
But ghosted one more time.
Written after my mental health support group ghosted me because i was sad.
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
What i wouldn't do
Just to get a hug from you
That would be my wish
A senryu about wanting a hug
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I don't belong
I never did
This world's no place for me
I'm all alone
Inside my head
Waiting to be set free
I'm sick and tired
And so confused
Who is the real me
Why am I sad
Why am i down
Why do I have to be
Wish it would stop
And go away
This pain inside of me
How I currently feel
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I had a dream I was desired
And for our bodies to perspire
With lustful passion, a wildfire
My soul and body was required

I had a dream of ecstacy
I wanted her, she wanted me
All inhibitions were set free
For one night of intimacy

I had a dream erotica
And positions exotica
Turned my bedsheets Aquatica
From such hot dreams erotica

I had a dream i was on fire
With naughty thoughts i had inspired
Instead i Dream to be desired
So tired of feeling undesired
Just how I have been feeling lately
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
The night was cold yet you were hot
I did not care if we were caught
We start to cuddle, then we kiss
Oh my god! now this is bliss
I am yours and you are mine
I tell you dear you are so fine
Taste so good, won't miss a drop
Feels so good, i cannot stop
I want you now! I want you bad
You are the best I've ever had
Are naked bodies are as one
As we both begin to ***
In my arms i hold you tight
As we make love into the night
One of my older poems
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Is it wrong to want to die
To just give up, no longer try
Or to dwell and wonder why
I feel alone and always cry

Why am i always so sad
Always down and rarely glad
While many times everyday
For an end I often pray

Why do I still feel this way
Wish these feeling I could stray
Instead I feel like dying
Too tired from all the crying
Just how i often feel
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Your heart and kindness know no bounds
A better friend could not be found
I was low, in a dark place
You put a smile back on my face
When i was sad and feeling vile
You found a way to make me smile
And now I'm rarely ever blue
And i owe it all to you
I'll never forget that special day
When we first met, my friend Ismae.
A poem written for a friend who helped me when i was very depressed.
SomeOneElse Feb 2019
It's been raining all night and day
And I know just what you'll say
You won't go out when it rains
Except to hike a mountain range
But I long to be with you
Hold you tight the whole night through

I want to be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
I long to be your fairytale
Let you explore in all detail
Just want to be your hiking trail

Forecast says rain again today
So in your house you decide to stay
Won't go to parties, run errand or shop
When outside there are raindrops
When it Rains you go on strike
Cept maybe for one of your  hikes

I want to be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
I long to be your fairytale
Let you explore in all detail
Just want to be your hiking trail

Doesn't matter rain or shine
I just want to make you mine
We could go out or just stay in
Either way with you I win
I just want to be with you
To hold you tight the whole night through

So let me be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
And let me be your fairytale
To explore in all detail

I just want to be your hiking trail
My first attempt at writing a country song. Written for and inspired by a friend.
SomeOneElse Jul 2019
I really want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Cause i just want to be with you

Take you out on a date
And stay out really late
For the chance i cannot wait
For i know it would be great
Does not matter where we go
Be it high or be it low
Be it sun or rain or snow
There's just one thing you need to know

I really want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Cause i just want to be with
Yes i just want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Just so long as I'm with you

Let me sing you something sweet
Le me write you poetry
I would be oh so happy
Just as long as you're with me
Won't you please give me a chance
Maybe go and visit France
Or even take you out to dance
Your beauty has me in a trance

I really want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Cause i just want to be with
Yes i just want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Just so long as I'm with you

Yes i just want to talk to you
And get to know all about you
It doesn't matter what we do
Just so long as I'm with you
My newest song but I don't have music for it
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
My unwanted friend
Why won't you let me be
Try as i may
With all my charm
No one desire me
Stop feeding me
You're not my real friend
You feed me lies
And cost me much
I wish you would just end
My sadistic boss
Always knocking me down
Take my smile
Turn it upside down
In emotions i do drown
You're killing me
Keeping me from my sleep
Try to relax
And meditate
But all i do is weep
High functioning
Autistic traits
Personality crash
Try as i may
To just fit in
I'm still abandoned trash
And undesired
Can't help the way i feel
No matter what i do or say
My fate it seems is sealed
My unwanted friend
Why won't you let me be
Written to express how i feel dealing with my mental illnesses and feelings of rejections
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
What did i do wrong this time
I'd really like to know
Where did I go wrong again
To lose another friend
Were my feelings just too strong?
Maybe yours were too?
Did i somehow lose your trust.
It never was discussed
I now feel lost and somewhat used
Now abandoned and confused
Thought you were a special friend
You told me that time and again
Where did i go wrong again
To lose another friend?
Wrote this after finding outvanother friend left me.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Freshly trimmed so nice and wet
Image i cannot forget
Silky smooth so soft and sweet
Wish it my delicious treat
May i please gaze upon it?
To my eyes it's hypnotic
I would love it oh so much
If my fingers you let touch
Can I have a little smell?
You've got me under a spell
Love to have a little taste
Promise I would not make haste
Take my time enjoying you
You are a ******* come true
An image was put in my head and i couldn't get it out to i wrote this
SomeOneElse Feb 2019
Met a girl sweet as hell
with her charm, could enchant anyone
Looks could **** what a thrill
where do i begin she is second to none

Can’t take my eyes off her as she cast her spell
Ma-ri-bel, how I fell
Can’t dispel , I’m in trouble can’t you tell

her brown eyes mesmerize
And with but a glance  I just don’t stand a chance
With her smile and her style
i’d go the extra mile She has me so beguiled

Can’t take my eyes off her as she cast her spell
Ma-ri-bel, how I fell
Can’t dispel , I’m in trouble can’t you tell

(Spoken like a prayer)
Roses are red be violets blue( backup voice repeat)
I rewrote this song for you (backup voice repeat)
Hope you like it yeah I do (backup voice repeat)
And wish I could spend time with you (backup voice repeat)

Her-beauty-could make me drop dead
Can't get her out of my head
Youth you must see for yourself
And how I want her for myself

Ma-ri-bel cast a spell, in my mind
Ma-ri-bel how I fell
Can't dispel, I'm in trouble can't you tell
A song I wrote usin the music from Metallica's Enter Sandman for a friend of mine.
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
12 more people dead today
Did it have to be this way
Heard it on the news today
It's a very sad day
Someone's just lost a loved one
Father, mother, daughter son
What could motivate someone
To shoot up everyone
What's wrong with society
What's wrong with our country
Need to change priorities
The truth we need to see
Time to say enough’s enough
Time for lies to be rebuffed
Time for us to end this stuff
If you don't like it tough
How many more dead loved ones
Til we control our guns
Written after the latest mass shootong
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
I hope you've not forgotten me
Or the friendship that we shared
I hope that you are still my friend
And I hope that you're still there
I know that you are  very busy
With your work and with your school
You're still my very special muse
And i still think you are cool
I think about you everyday
And when I'll see you next
I cherish all the memories
Can't wait for your next text.
I've missed you oh so very much
And wonder how you are
I ponder how your week has been
And how you are so far
I often wonder how you are
And what you've been up to
I hope you're really doing great
Know i still dream of you
I hope you've not forgotten me
I hope that we're still friends
Just know that i still care for you
I will until the end
A poem about missing a friend i haven't sssn on a while because of her busy schedule
SomeOneElse Jun 2019
Am I the creep everyone says
Or just misunderstood instead
Just what the hell is wrong with me
And why won't anyone date me
When I try always rejected
I'm so alone and dejected
It's been so long since I've been held
Instead I only get expelled
I'm tossed out like unwanted trash
Or just avoided like some rash
Just what exactly did I do
I'd love to know, I have no clue
I only know that I'm alone
In my emotional war zone
Am I the creep everyone says
Or just misunderstood instead?
Feeling lost rejected and dejexted
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
My Head hurts, my throat is sore
And i can't take it anymore
All the darkness and the pain
Stirring up inside my brain
So confused and very low
Lost within the undertow
Wrote this after a night of crying hard for hours.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
My morning sun
My stunning one
The sunshine of my day
My starry night
My night's delight
The moonlight of my night
My burning fire
My heart’s desire
The one I'm aching for
My beauty queen
My real life dream
Can't stop thinking of you
You're my heart’s home
My love be known
The reason for my poems
My bright sunlight
That shines so bright
I long to hold so tight
My dream chateau
My graceful doe
You're my avocado
My loving sigh
My reason why
The apple of my eye
My dream come true
My feelings true
My heart belongs to you
You are my friend
Hope til the end
For you my love i send
My second attempt. It has some flaws i need to figure out how to fix
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
No beauty in this world exists
Can match your heart and soul
No prettier morning sunrise
Can match your stunning eyes
No more spectacular eclipse
Can match your sweet soft lips
There is no grandeur mountain peak
Can beat your great physique
No sexier evening sunset
Can match your perfect *******
Not even mom’s great homemade pies
Can beat your tasty thighs
There are no poems that can convey
No words that i can say
There simply is no scenic view
That can compare to you
No beauty in this world exists
Can match your heart and soul
My attempt to try and write the ultimate poem
SomeOneElse May 2019
No one to hold
Or cuddle with
And no one to
Share this life with
No one to laugh
Or to talk to
And no one to
Come running to
No one to touch
Or be touched back
What I long for
I really lack
I'm falling down
And can't get up
How I wish i
Could just give up
Growing bitter
With every day
I'm like a ghost
And all is gray
No one to hold
Or cuddle with
And no one to
To just be with
Where I am and how I feel right now at this point in my life
SomeOneElse Apr 2019
Once upon a starry night
You inspired me to write
Though you're way out of my
You're beauty had me so intrigued
Couldn't stop staring at your thighs
Or your big beautiful eyes
Your stunning looks and friendly smile
Had me utterly beguiled
Gazing on your **** legs
My heart was a powder keg
Luscious lips and long blonde hair
I just couldn't help but stare
Wish I could hang out with you
Would love to get to know you
Wish someday to hold you tight
Once upon a starry night
Poem inspired while I was waiting to sing karaoke
SomeOneElse Jul 2019
On the outside looking in
How I wish I could fit in
But no matter how I try
I don't fit in and don't know why
I'm the one that you all tease
All because I try to please
I'm the one always excluded
Though I wish to be included
I'm the ****** you call creep
And the one that no one meets
I'm the one no one talks to
And I don't know what to do
A poem about feeling isolated and unwabtes
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
Your perfect breast
Your perfect thighs
Are simply candy to my eyes
Your perfect waist
Your perfect hips
Would taste so great upon my lips
Your perfect skin
And perfect hair
I just can't help but sit and stare
Your perfect lips
Your perfect eyes
Makes me give a loving sigh
Your perfect face
Your perfect smile
For you I'd go the extra mile
Your perfect wit
Your perfect charm
I want to hold you in my arms
For this and more
My morning star
I love you just the way you are
Written for a crush
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
My head is a mess
Cluttered with random ideas
Wanting to come out
My first attemp at  senryu. Just a thought i had
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
I'm Someone, no one
Somebody and nobody
I am SomeOneElse
How i feel or describe myself
SomeOneElse May 2019
Stunning eyes of olive green
The  prettiest I've ever seen
Can't help stare into their beauty
Into your eyes, I'm lost completely
There are no stars up in the sky
That hold a candle to you eyes
And as I gaze into your soul
Your beauty to me they extol
I long to someday be with you
And someday make my dream come true
To look into your eyes for real
For my heart yes they did steal.
Stunning eyes of olive green
The prettiest I've ever seen
A poem written for a friend
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Thank you for letting me share
Showing me you really care
Opening your heart to me
As i shared my history
Listened with an open mind
Never judging always kind
Thanks for showing that you care
With compassion that is rare
Being what i needed friend
As my soul you tried to mend
thanks for being who you are
A thank you poem to a friend
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Thank you sis for being there
Showing me how much you care
Always there to cheer me up
Telling me not to give up
Making sure that I'm all right
Encouraging me to write
Sending wisdom and kind words,
Pretty pictures, trees and birds
Never judging me at all
Making sure i do not fall
Thank you sis for being there
And for showing me you care
Written for an indian lady who adopted me as her little brother even though I'm sure she is younger than me
SomeOneElse Jan 29
The crickets have stopped chirping
I don't hear them anymore
My heart now lies here broken
Scattered all across the floor
Thought you were the one for me
As i fell for you so hard
Really hoped you'd be the one
But my heart now lies here scarred
Friendzoned into the abyss
Preventing all advances
Wish I knew where I messed up
I just never stood a chance
Follow up poem after being friendzoned
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Sitting at the restaurant
Eating with your friends
Suddenly you realize
You're in for a surprise
Hiding under your table
Hiding from your friends
I'm hoping to have some fun
Trying to make you ***
You try not to make a face
You try not to grin
Hope no one will make a fuss
If someone catches us
As i start to spread your legs
And kissing your thigh
My tongue moves to lick your ****
Can't get enough of it
You begin to lose control
As I'm eating you
Trying not to come undone
As you begin to ***
I am still not done with you
After you have cummed
I continue licking you
Until ****** two
Time to leave the restaurant
And to start act 2
In the limo off we go
You're my girl, I'm your beau
You take off all of your clothes
And kneel before me
Seeing just how hard i am
You stroke me with your hand
You then start ******* my ****
Making me feel great
Pleasing me until I'm done
You swallow all my ***
Both of us in ecstasy
Living out this fantasy
Just another fantasy put to pen and paper to get it out of my head
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