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Poetic T Oct 11
A whisper within the tall reeds,
                          as hollow words

echo though those static.

Yet ever word has motion
             on those unmoved.

Yet words can collect upon the cracks.

Weaving untruths between each,
              caressed form.

And still though unmoved.
      I heard the lies that started

as a ripple in a pond.

But made there way through
  the reeds that stood tall.

And I just gazed as the wind told me,
          that no matter the ripples.

A breeze is still made,
      and will pass through,
           the reeds of static


I cried on the edge,
             that I neither had thrown
                                  a stone of lies within

or that I had breathed untruths
that were
                wavering between static reeds.
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
What did i do. What did i say
That made you want to stay away
I know you were just being kind
Trying to spare my fragile mind
You said that I did nothing wrong
Yet from my chats you are now gone
You said you would never ghost me
But now you will not talk to me
I think you thought if given time
I would forget and be just fine
I fear that I have lost my friend
I miss my muse and good dear friend
What did i say. What did i do
To lose your trust or offend you?
You inspired me to read and write
To not give up and see the light
So many poems I've shared with you
Hurts me to think our friendship’s through
The bad thing i had said or done
Wish it could all just be undone
I hope someday to hear from you
And for our friendship to renew
What did i do. What did i say
That made you want to walk away
Written for my friend qho decided she didnt want to be my friend anymore
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Why am i always losing friends
When will this cycle ever end
Abandoned by most of my friends
Feeling undesired yet again
Written after being bandomed and diacarded by another friend
Oindrila Sarkar Oct 2016
Crossfire of words;
Goodbyes unsaid.
Conversations nullified;
Increasing distance.
A disappointing ending;  
Another promise broken.
Another bullet taken;
Another friend unfriended.
Yume Blade Sep 2015
Does someone  care  of you ?
if care means ask me if I'm ok
than yes , he does

Does someone  like  you ?
if like means smile at me
than yes , he does

Does someone  talk  to you ?
if talk means comment everything
than yes , he does

Does someone  listen  to you ?*
if listen means just hear my voice
than *yes
, he does
There is a someone ??
is this someone is you ?
I guess not.
Dolores L Day May 2014
I've known you for five years.
We were best friends for four.
You were older by fifteen years.
But even at thirteen I loved you more
than any man I've ever met.
And I still do.
And I know that with each still birth your heart broke off another piece.
And I am sorry.

But that doesn't mean that I don't think about you every day.
And wish that eventually you will come out and say
I love you.

Because I will never stop loving you too.
Even if you never told me your last name.
Oh broken man that has broken me.
I will never stop searching for you.

— The End —