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Creator Sun Sep 22
If you're reading this,
Which you shouldn't be,
I just wanted to say,
You don't need me.

You don't need me.
I don't need to be here.
I'll just drag you down,
With my flaws and I-
I'll cause you to drown.

In loneliness.
With me.
I don't want you to suffer.
I don't want to suffer.
With you.

Is it normal to feel like
Someone else's shadow?
Is it normal to feel like a ghost
An ethereal spirit, disconnected.

I'm lost.
At a loss of words,
lost in this game called life.
And I don't even know why
I'm pulling out this knife.

To hurt myself.
Ghosts can't bleed, can they?
Ghosts don't feel, do they?
Ghosts shouldn't matter, should they?
I'm not making sense, am I?
A continuation of the previous poem, I'm not sure if I like this. It turned out different then expected. Oh well.
Creator Sun Sep 22
If you're reading this,
Which you shouldn't be,
I just wanted to say,
You don't need me.
I really want to write more but I should try limiting the words and see where that brings me ahhhhhh I will write another poem that continues this but this will be set aside as the paragraph that should be said for the trials of the Voice Acting in the project that I will be opening in October.
She was the favorite
The baby of the family
Even when she no

She was special
Clearly it showed
In her soft skin
Or her glowing

And the spirit caught
Her nearly from birth
She kept her feet
In both

Which she still does
To this very day
Staying afoot
Here and
The Spirit Catches
Me and
I Fell
RBWhite Aug 23
I ****** you so hard that I no longer remember who you are,
I treated you as bad like a dictator falls over Holy Lands,
I never thought for once of your tears falling like wound's blood,
And when it came to say goodbye,
I dissappeared like a ghost into the dark,
Never knowing how to love,
Always going back to hurt your soul,
For once,
For twice,
You reached out to the Moon in a desperate cry,
You pleaded to the Sun for one more night,
But I found out of your needed lies and for the first and last time,
I finally ran out of your life.
Ghosting was something I did with many of my past lovers and is not something good or even sane for a person to suffer. I regret nothing I lived but ghosting the people that loved me is not a good way to go.
sadbadhabits Aug 9
you say you sleep better alone.
you told me you couldn’t sleep
until i was by your side.
i cradled your head
so close you could hear my heart beat for you.
i played with your hair,
i traced the outline of your face
gentle enough to not wake you
i played my favorite songs for you
and you slept for hours in my arms.
when you woke up you said,
“i thought i was dreaming of having you
in my bed,
but then i realized it wasn’t a dream,
and it made me so happy to pull you closer.”
the sun was shining differently that day.
you smiled more bright that day
our love grew more that day.
but now you sleep better alone
for joshua
M e l l o Jul 28
lulubog lilitaw
haharap sa'yo
tila kahapon
hindi nagkasakitan
mangangamusta ngayon
bukas wala na naman
ang gulo mo
ano ba talaga ang sadya mo?
andito ka na naman
babalik na tila
parang wala lang
maawa ka naman
utak ko naguguluhan
mga mensahe kong iyong binabalewala
kahit seen hindi mo magawa
parang tanga nag-aantay
may pag-asa pa ba o wala?
kaya ako'y titigil na
sa kahibangang kay tagal kong inalagaan
tatakbo palayo
sa anino **** nagmistulang
naging multo na ng nakaraan ko
Poem of the day. July 28
Thank you to my new officemate her stories inspires me to write this poem. Sabi ko na sayo isusulat ko to.
isabel Jul 27
did it make you laugh? seeing how stupid i looked knowing i’ve fallen for your games?

did it make you sleep better at night? knowing you had lead me on, thinking there was something between us?

did it ever cross your mind? the pain i could possibly feel after you played with my feelings?

did it hurt? when you stopped talking to me out of nowhere, leaving me hanging? no explanations, no anything. did it?

i guess it didn’t.
it’s been a while since i wrote something.
Oh how respected!
How brave your soul is.
How marvelous you’ve been,
To me who’s despair ridden.

You of nobility or so it seems.
Of an esteemed Catholic family,
But alas you’re no queen!
Of procrastination maybe.

You whose ire knows no bounds.
Of your shrapnel-made tongue!
Remember those times, love?
Of how you hated social media!

Your hatred and trust issues,
How valuable they are to you.
Hatred of guidance counselors,
Led to hatred of God himself!

Oh how brave of you to oppose!
How mighty you are in your stand!
I don’t mean to judge, love.
You’re free to believe, or not.

You’ve become a pitiable ghost!
I suppose, maybe it’s just me…
You disappeared, love.
Where have you been?

From admiration and care,
To admonishment and hate!
You who left me in August!
Are striped of that description!

These aren’t anger filled lines.
It’s of disappointment, love.
We’re both cowards, right?
But why leave me alone!

I’ve been there for you in May!
Remember the ninth of eighteenth?
With you eating frozen watermelons,
While it rained ever so gently?

You cried and cried,
Shouting “I’m okay.”
I lied and lied.
Saying “No, you’re not.”

Why’d you become my August ghost?
Did you regret crying that night?
Why’d you leave me all alone?
It’s better if I just died…

Because I was just a friend.
Not even worth your words.
Because you left me hanging.
On the twenty-second of August.
Another poem about her. I’m tired.
I used to wait for a letter
But no owl ever came
After waiting for forever
My own owl I became

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