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Ashwin Kumar Nov 24
You may think you are special
Because you are rolling in money
And have lots of boyfriends
But the reality is as different
As chalk is from cheese
A person is special
Due to his/her character
Or what s/he does
You have a personality that is so shallow
That it would put even the Kardashians to shame
And that is saying something
You do not know the first thing about friendship
And yet consider yourself an ideal friend
To one and all
While you proceed to ghost someone
Whom you've known for years and years
All because of a silly comment
On a photo of yours on social media
Someone may be your BFF one day
And turn into a mere acquaintance the next day
For you, people are like bubblegum wrappers
To be used and thrown at a moment's notice
Of course, as we all know
There's no point in breaking your head over people
Especially in a our rather fickle-minded society
But when you act all high and mighty
As though you're always right
And everyone else is wrong
It really gets my goat
Again, you may think you are special
Based on money, good looks or the number of boyfriends you have
But all these will get you nowhere in life
Because, there will be a time
When you are in desperate need of help
And you will find
That the only people who can be of use
Are the ones whom you've already chucked
A rant against one of my former friends from Graduation.
LostinJapan Jun 9
sometimes I picture you
on epic adventures
battling to save the world
maybe lost in time
with no battery or reception
fighting to get back home
to wrap me in your arms
and tell me all about it

it’s more comforting
dressing you up as a hero
shining and beautiful
charming and loving
as you always were
denying the reality
that you walked away
without looking back
I'm not ashamed to
admit that I've been sick since
the day you left me

You thought you had Me
Broken, discouraged and sad
jokes on you I’m not.

Yes you hurt me bad
But I overcame the pain
I am better now

However you still
Are truly a worthless *******
Karma is a *****
I started this in 2020. I’m so glad that I’m over it now. Ghosting is the worst thing that you can do to someone. It broke my heart and changed me, ultimately for the better; though I am a little less trusting now.
Anna Patricia Mar 2021
Early on, you already knew
That for me, this is the worst way
To lose a person –
Clueless, oblivious,

Hey, don't go disappearing. ​
You swore you wouldn't.
But you left without a warning,
Just like everyone else
who didn't have the guts to explain.

Are we over?
You've been missing for days now.
I'm going to walk away.
Enough, I tell myself.
Enough, I repeat it all over again.

I'm no longer nurturing the flame.
It will take a single breath to blow it out.
I'm leaving.
I'm going.
After this, I'll be gone.

Hey, this is goodbye.
I guess.
Can we please stop normalizing ghosting?
Sura Sep 2020
you said,
“it’s killing us mentally”
but what was it exactly?
was it the fact that you waited
3 long days to explain yourself?
or the fact that you were scared
of all the good that I gave you?
Pusang Tahimik Jul 2020
Nariyan ka nanaman
Parang kabuteng sumusulpot sa kawalan
Pakiwari'y sa tagal ay lumisan
Ngunit heto't muli nagpaparamdam

Mainit kung aking natatandaan
Ang pagsuyo sa aking isipan
Ano't tila naglaho sa kawalan
Ang anino mo sa aking kamalayan

Tugon niya sa akin kamakailan
Na waring mauulit ko nanaman
Sapagkat tila ba ay nakagawian
Ang lumisan ng hindi nagpaparamdam

Babalik naman ako sunod taon makalawa
At pangako, ako'y hindi nag-iiba
Masanay na lamang sa aking ginagawa
Sapagkat natural na yata sakin ang mangaluluwa
the day you left,
you forgot to close the door

you didn’t say goodbye,
and you left my heart sore

I’ve kept on wondering
why, from you, I got no consideration,
why you had to leave me in devastation

first, it seemed obscure
but now I see, you’re just a boy
trying to grow up, so immature

and I might push other men away
because of the scars you’ve left on me
because I’m afraid that just like you, 

they will use my feelings to play

so, in order to give myself some closure
I’m going to close that door
and you might have won the battle,
but I have won the war.

- gio, 16.06.2020
John Reilly Jun 2020
writers block
sooner or later
it happens
to all of us
a story ends
an ending
words fall
having no where
to go
they will do
no harm
nor will they
do any good
let’s speak of it no more
ghost in machine
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